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                                THIS WEEK


John Gets


by Cheryl Lakes

Another One Bites The Dust:  “Shark Tank” star and FUBU exec Daymond John put a ring on the mother of his six-month-old daughter Thursday, according to Page Six on the set of his show.  John’s rep, Zach Rosenfield, told Page Six the FUBU founder and CEO proposed to Heather Taras at the start of lunch: “It was the last day of shooting for the season, and he had asked her to come to set.”  “Everyone was very excited and happy for him,” his rep said. “There were streamers and champagne.” Shark Tank” co-stars Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec and Kevin O’Leary were all on set when it happened.  John gave US Weekly the scoop on the proposal and the 9.5 carat ring emerald cut ring he custom designed for Heather:  “I was a little nervous,” John, 47, says of proposing. “I had to create a speech. I knew a lot of people were looking at me. You know, you never know how someone is going to react, of course. She could always say no, and that’s the first time that I’ve been on the carpet pitching somebody! So, a little nerve-racking, of course.”

nene-l-926Say What! Whose Idea Was That?  Nene Leakes, who is considered by many TV viewers as the personification of nasty and rude is featured in The New National Museum Of African-American History & Culture and according to BOSSIP, several folks are upset about it. Now that the NMAAHC is officially open and the talk of the town, people from across the country are visiting the historic Washington D.C. landmark. However, one exhibit in particular has caught many people off guard…it’s dubbed the “Gestures Of Dismissal” and it features NeNe Leakes from a past RHOA reunion with her up in dismissal mode. What do you think?

Presidential Fuzzy: Speaking of which…At Saturday’s openingmichelle-and-george-2 of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, First Lady Michelle Obama gave former President George W. Bush a warm hug, which has gone viral.  He appeared to enjoy the embrace, and, once the image of the moment between the two hit social media, Internet users joined in on the fun with a flurry of supportive and animated comments.

brody926And He Says He’s Not Racist: Caitlin Jenner’s son Brody Jenner blames Keith Lamont Scott for his own death.  BOSSIP reports the following…Yet another privileged white celeb has decided to weigh in on why they think Black folks should just stop whining and “just comply with the cops.”In a since-deleted IG post, Brody backed up one of his “I’m not racist–BUT” dude-bros’ sentiments blaming Keith Lamont Scott for his own death, and wondering why on earth anyone would think an unarmed Black man being gunned down by police could have anything to do with race…

Bizarre Story Of The Week! Cops believe it was an roofgirl926accident when a 27-year-old beauty fell to her death off a Midtown building’s roof while she was drunk, as new details of the tragedy emerged. Elena Gladkikh, had been sitting on the fifth-story ledge of her rooftop complex, watching the sunrise Sunday with her boyfriend Thomas Stabb, sources said.  At some point, she realized they were locked on to the roof, so she called her husband, Daniel Hazar, to bring her the keys, sources said.  She also asked Stabb to move to the other side of the roof out of respect for Hazar.  Earlier that night, Gladkikh and Stabb met up at a bar in Chelsea where she worked as a bartender. They went out for drinks before she invited him up to her roof to continue the party, police said.  She told him she was married but in an open relationship.  Gladkikh was not romantically involved with her husband Hazar, sources said.  He told police she was free to date whom she pleases, sources said.  Gladkikh plopped down on the ledge, but immediately lost her balance and fell off the building at about 8:35 a.m., sources and police said.  Witnesses heard someone shout “Elena! Elena! Elena!” in the moments afterward.  She plummeted five stories and became stuck in a crevice between her building and an adjacent one.  Stabb and Hazar then encountered each other on the roof in the tense moments after she fell.  Stabb confirmed that Hazar was married to Gladkikh and then gave him the horrifying news, sources said.

The Singles Scene


My new boyfriend lives with  another woman.

Q.  I have been dating a guy for three months, who has turned out to be the best boyfriend I’ve ever had. He claimed to be single and unattached, but I found out recently that he lives with a woman he has been engaged to for almost a year.  Everyone says I should leave him alone, before I end up getting hurt.  MORE

Find Out What The Stars Say About You This Month…


The Datingdating-couple-4


The Turnabout

Jeff and Marie hooked up after being on a double date with other partners.  They exchanged glances all evening and ended up exchanging numbers under the table, while their unsuspecting dates chatted away.  When they began seeing each other, Marie dropped her longtime beau and told him she had met someone else.  Jeff, however, continued to see his girlfriend along with Marie.  MORE


Overheard Over Dinner…

“Some women make guys lie by insisting on having their way.  If a man doesn’t call, they call him persistently and insistently.  When they do this, they force us into a corner where we either have to lie to get out or be hurtfully blunt.  Most of us choose to lie.”   MORE

The Date black-couple-talking

You Never


Chavion – “So far this year I’ve gone out with three guys in a row who ‘left their wallets at home.’  The first guy discovered his error on our way into the theater.  The second guy discovered his mistake on our way into the restaurant.  The third discovered his after the check came after dinner.  I’m happy to say that in each case, I refused to help out and I never heard from any of them again.  But the date that stands out the most was the guy who took me to the movies on a first date and got up during the showing to go to the men’s room.  MORE

The Relationship

Mid adult couple on armchair in new home

10 Ways To

Keep It Tight…

by Jake Stoner

There is a lot to be learned about relationships.  However, I’ve discovered that good relationships come from an acquisition of personal skills that are necessary to fully enjoy the company of someone who has captured your heart and mind.  The following are some steps that have been tried and proven to cut frustration, stress and aggravation down to a minimum and replace them with cool, unruffled behavior that is guaranteed to prolong the interest level on both parts.  MORE

Betrayal Or Not?couple-flirting-1

Is Your Friend’s

Ex Fair Game?

When a friend confessed that her new secret lover was actually the ex-fiance of one of our best friends, I was shocked.  We had all been close friends since high school, and I couldn’t believe it.  We were at lunch when she whispered, as if someone else might be listening, that she had been dating him for the last eight months, and hadn’t told a soul.  MORE

In The Wrongblack-couple-713


14 Ways To Tell

by Theo McNee

Think about your current relationship.  Are you really getting the payoffs you want?  Are you really happy?  Or, is it one-sided with him/her reaping all the benefits, while you float in and out of misery?  Check the following statements that apply to you and see if you’re where you ought to be!   MORE

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