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Chyna Gets


In Court

by Sierra Silverspoon

Blac Chyna Got Slammed In Court:  TMZ reports that Blac Chyna just got nailed by the judge in the lawsuit she’s filed against Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner… the judge has tentatively agreed to dismiss them entirely from her lawsuit claiming the Kardashians torpedoed her reality show.  Chyna’s lawyer, Lisa Bloom, squared off in court Thursday with Kardashian lawyer Shawn Holley.  Holley was gunning for the judge to get her clients dismissed from the case, and the judge saw her point.  The best part … the judge reacted to Chyna’s claim that E! dropped “Rob & Chyna” because the Kardashians painted her as a bad mother. The judge confessed he didn’t watch the show, but said it’s hard to imagine E! wouldn’t do a show where the woman is a bad mother!  The judge scoffed at Chyna’s claim that the Kardashians interfered with her E! contract, saying Chyna was only in negotiations with the network and didn’t have an enforceable contract.  In the end, the judge bought the argument that Kim and Kris did not interfere with Chyna’s contract with E!, but did give Chyna the right to a second bite of the apple where she could try and create a new case against the two women.  She’s still suing Rob for torpedoing the show, and he maintains the main reason the show was canned was because Chyna got a restraining order against him and it’s impossible to do a reality show about two people when they’re not allowed to interact.

Is Black Hollywood Failing The Black Press?  Check out this article written by BOSSIP staff writer and producer Keyaira Kelly. (The women in the photo are ladies from iOne digital)  It was originally published by the  iONE  site Hello Beautiful.  “I was a budding journalist nervously going over my iPhone notes for my first red carpet interview when I noticed it. I was proudly standing on the HelloBeautiful place marker waiting for the behind-the-scenes chaos to begin, when I spotted around my feet the strategic placements of almost every other Black outlet in the space. It doesn’t take a veteran to realize the Black press cluster at the end of red carpet lineups makes Black reporters susceptible to the brush-by of celebs and publicists who politely quip, “sorry, ran out of time” as they scurry out of view. Black media often receives rushed statements, or no comment at all, even though that same Black celebrity stopped for E! Online just moments ago.”  The women in the photo are ladies from iOne digital.   Read More  

Watch Joy Reid Of MSNBC Slam Trump Supporter On Video Of The Week Below.


My boyfriend refuses to introduce me as his girlfriend when we’re in public.

Q.  I love my boyfriend, but he insists on introducing me as his friend, and I resent it.  When we argue about it, he says he’s too old. (He’s 37) to be referring to someone as his girlfriend.  To him, that’s a term for teenagers.  When I suggested that he refer to me as his woman, he said that word wasn’t his style.  (He’s a well-respected attorney who is very image-conscious). What would you do?  I feel reduced and embarrassed every time he says it and he refuses to compromise.    MORE 

The Dating Chronicles

Caught In

The Act

It was loud and noisy as they pushed through the crowd.  Val held tight to Don’s hand as they looked for a table.  She didn’t see Johnny until she sat down.  And then, there he was, out on the dance floor oblivious to her and his surroundings – enjoying himself as only Johnny could…happy, carefree and at peace with the world.  At first, she was embarrassed, because she was out with another guy and had canceled their date.  But as she watched him dance in his usual awkward style, she suddenly felt relieved.


Dating Data

8 Ways

To Capture

His Attention


by Terri Smith

Despite the opinion of many, believe or not, there are a great number of guys out there who are faithful, and only have eyes for one woman.  There is a reason for it and here’s the secret.   You can have true romance the way you want it, if you’re willing to employ the following tips.  It took some bangs and scratches along the way to finally grasp these points and apply them, which involved crying my heart over many a “star-studded jerk.” But I finally got it…and they work like magic.     MORE

How book banner

Sure Ways

To Blow The

 First Date

by M.K. Allison

OK!  So…the last two dates either never called again or refused to answer your calls.  You ask yourself…what could be the problem?  Who knows?  Maybe, the following tips might better prepare you for the next date encounter, and improve your chance at being sought out again.  1.  Your personality plays a large role in influencing the “enchantment” factor.  If you’re gorgeous, but dull, your phone will most likely ring for one reason only.  Be clever, funny, and uninhibited.



Love Lives

What To Do

When The

Heart Is Broken…

by M.K. Allison

So… it finally ended and you think life is so cruel, but time will teach you a valuable lesson.  For that same man or woman that you thought you couldn’t live without, will one day be a shadow of a memory.  Unfortunately, hurt and pain is a part of living that must be conquered each time it’s encountered.  So, stop feeling sorry for yourself and take a good look at the relationship.  Did it really have a chance?  Were the two of you really compatible?  Was it fulfilling for you as an individual?  Ask yourself these questions honestly and objectively and then write the answers down and while writing, make a note of the good times and the bad times and see which outweigh the other.    MORE



Students Are Using

PORN To Pay Tuition

 By Abigail Dye

Young women at the University of Cincinnati are coming forward and admitting to engaging in online Internet porn to pay for tuition.  Yes, pornography has worked its way from the sets of Hollywood to dorm-rooms…specifically,  the dorm-rooms at UC.   According to Covenant Eyes, an online internet and accountability company, the United States generates $13 billion a year in porn revenue. That is over $1 billion more than the total revenue of the NFL in 2015, calculated by Jackie Wattles of CNN.



Dating & The

Money Issue 

Who Should Spend What?

by Jake Kyles

For the last two months, I had been going out with a woman who chose me on a day when I felt like being chosen.     I was sitting in a club nursing a drink after a heated breakup with a girlfriend, when this statuesque woman with long flowing hair, came over and asked me to dance with her.  She claimed it was to win a bet with her friends.  But I didn’t believe her because women hit me on all the time, and the gleam of interest in their eyes is always the same. MORE

Video of the Week

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