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This Week

Tisha Campbell

Suing Hubby

Over Money

by Cheryl Lakes

Tisha Campbell Martin Claims Husband Hid Huge Cash During Marriage”  TMZ reported that former “Martin” star Tisha Campbell-Martin is accusing her ex-husband, Duane Martin, of hiding money during their marriage and she wants him to pay up.  Tisha reportedly filed legal docs claiming Duane was “hiding and misappropriating money” while they were married. It’s unclear how much money she claims he was hiding from her, but it seems to be a substantial amount.She’s begging a judge to take action against Duane for hiding the funds. The couple recently filed for divorce after 20 years of marriage. She wants him to pay spousal support and also to block the court’s ability to award him spousal support.

Murdered Rapper Urged to Obtain Security:  According to Page Six, rapper XXXTentacion had been urged to consider security before he was shot dead in Florida this week, his lawyer said.  “We talked about him needing security,” lawyer David Bogenschutz told the Sun-Sentinel on Tuesday. “That he was past the point of being a kid making melodies on the street.” The 20-year-old, whose real name was Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, experienced a meteoric rise from underground SoundCloud rapper to having his second studio record “?” debut at No. 1 on Billboard’s 200 album chart in March.  He was gunned down in front of a motorcycle dealership in Deerfield, Fla., on Monday in what law enforcement think was a botched armed robbery. No arrests had been made as of Wednesday.  A friend of Onfroy’s also said the rapper had been taking steps to stay safe by not traveling alone when he could.  “Through the years he’s gained some enemies and it’s hard to speak right now but he did not travel alone,” his pal and producer Zxflo told the Daily Mail. “He knew that he has enemies obviously. He would not go places alone.”  While detectives are investigating the shooting as a random robbery, they are not discounting any theory.

Sarah Sanders Asked To Leave Restaurant: She made the following statement, “Last night I was told by the owner of Red Hen in Lexington, VA to leave because I work for @POTUS and I politely left. Her actions say far more about her than about me. I always do my best to treat people, including those I disagree with, respectfully and will continue to do so”  Here’s what happened…A restaurant owner in Lexington, Virginia kicked Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her party out of her restaurant … “on moral grounds.”  The waiter at The Red Hen said, “I just served Sarah Huckabee Sanders for a total of 2 minutes before my owner kicked her out along with 7 of her other family members.”  Others say the owner didn’t want Huckabee Sanders in the restaurant out of “moral conviction.”  Later, her dad, Mike Huckabee, tweeted, “Bigotry. On the menu at Red Hen Restaurant in Lexington VA. Or you can ask for the “Hate Plate”. And appetizers are “small plates for small minds”  Three days ago, it was reported that another one of Trump’s team, DHS Secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen was asked to leave another restaurant because of who she is.

IRS Is After Lil Kim Again:  BOSSIP reports Lil Kim continues to be besieged by bad news about her seemingly crumbling finances.  The star, who filed for bankruptcy last month, has been accused by the feds of dodging the tax man yet again. The “All About The Benjamins” rapper has just been slapped with a federal tax lien for $188,016, according to the lien, which was obtained by BOSSIP.  The outstanding tax debt is slated to income for money the rapper – whose real name is Kimberly Jones – pulled in for income she made in 2006.  The federal tax lien is the third in as many years that the “Queen Bee” has seen from the IRS.  In January, the IRS hit her with a lien for $211,529 for not paying taxes on her 2016 income, and in 2016, the state of New Jersey filed a lien against her for nearly $40,000.  However, as of June 21, there was no record of Kim paying back any of the tax debt.  The IRS will go to great lengths to collect on debts owed and will go as far as to seize property and money. However, it’s unclear whether Kim has either: she filed bankruptcy court docs last month saying she owes her creditors millions and offered to sell her foreclosed home off that she no longer owns in order to pay down her debt.


I just found out that I’m dating my cousin’s ex-boyfriend and she’s angry about it. Should I stop seeing him?

by Sarah Smart

Q.  I am dating a guy who has proven to be a real gem.  But I found out recently that he used to date my cousin some years ago. He ended the relationship and she’s still bitter about it.  My cousin learned about us over the holiday and has stopped speaking to me.  My mother thinks I should stop seeing him for the sake of “family peace,” but my sisters feel I should be unaffected by my cousin’s behavior because the relationship is done.  What do you think?


The Dating Chronicles

The Perfect Exit

Sandy was trying not to look bored, but she was about to go to sleep over candlelight.  She had been listening to her date expound about his accomplishments, his importance in the community and his many admirers.  She shook her head in sad regret, when he asked the waiter if he had ever heard of him.  This was their first date, and Sandy’s fourth blind date in a row.  She had been a social recluse since a bad breakup eight months before, but had decided to try the dating scene again with the insistence of friends.




How Free Are You?

by Theo McNee

I felt pure sympathy as I listened to my co-worker vent in profane language her frustration about what just happened to her in a meeting.  Another co-worker in the same meeting had not only stolen her idea, which the boss praised as a good one, but when co-worker #1 tried to stop her by asserting herself, co-worker #2 called her a stupid liar in front of her peers.  The problem was that co-worker #1 said nothing.  She just stormed out of the conference room in tears, and co-worker #2, who was considered the office bully got away with deceit and intimidation AGAIN!.    MORE

Single Scenarios

Confessions From The Front…

  • “I recently experienced the callousness of two men who separately spurned my love and devotion for the flailing arms of another woman. One ended our relationship by leaving a message on my voicemail, and the other sent me a text.”


Campus Scenes

Dating is Dead

by Dani Phillips

In college, it’s conventional for one to meet their significant other at a bar or frat party. They exchange numbers and maybe go home together. He might text her, “hey did you get home okay,” afterwards, to which she would respond, “yeah thanks see you around!” A week or so later one might text the other asking if they’re going out tonight, they meet up, and so it goes. Eventually, after painstaking weeks or months of ‘what are we.’ the couple finally defines the relationship. And that is just the way things are.


Dating Data

The Hard To

Please Woman

by Ethan Kyles

For the last three months, I have been dating a woman, who I must admit, chose me on a day when I felt like being chosen.  I had just broken up with a longtime girlfriend and was ready for a new encounter.  I was sitting in a club nursing a drink, when this beautiful woman with long flowing hair, came over and asked me to dance.  After the dance, she went back to her seat without a word.  By this time, I was impressed and intrigued, because it would have been in keeping with what I was used to, if she had sat down next to me without an invitation.    MORE

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