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Kodak Blackthinktanklogoimageonly-150x150  
Arrested On
Drug Charges

by Cheryl Lakes

Kodak Black Arrested:  Kodak Black is currently behind bars after getting busted while traveling into the U.S. to try and make a scheduled show in Boston.  The Niagara County Jail confirms Kodak is still in custody on a $20,000/$40,000 cash bond on charges of criminal possession of a weapon and unlawful possession of marijuana.  Kodak was taken into custody on Wednesday while crossing the Queenston–Lewiston Bridge into the US.   MSNNews reports… Kodak was driving a Cadillac Escalade with two other men when it was stopped by border officials.  Kodak was found to be in possession of marijuana, and a Glock 9mm pistol was also discovered. None of the occupants in the vehicle declared the gun, so they were all busted for it.

A Porsche was also traveling with the Escalade and was found to have two loaded handguns, and a third in the trunk, along with more marijuana.  The “Wake Up in the Sky” rapper had a scheduled performance Wednesday evening in Boston at the House of Blues, but after two hours of waiting, the concert was canceled. The crowd was not told why the hip-hop star no-showed, and they were obviously very upset.   Apparently, the crowd became so unruly that the Boston Police Department actually put out a notice to avoid the area due to the crowd getting “out of control.”  The arrest for Kodak is the latest bout of controversy after the rapper has been taking major heat for his insensitive comments about Lauren London in the wake of Nipsey Hussle‘s death.  Update:  Kodak was released late Thursday night.

Travis Scott Loses Suit:   According to TMZ, Travis Scott’s gonna be a little lighter in the pockets … after a jury just awarded the company suing him for skipping a Super Bowl gig. A jury decided Travis has to pay the prominent  entertainment events company PJAM $382,932.79 after it sued the rapper back in March 2018 claiming Travis skipped out on a concert in Minnesota the night before the Super Bowl.  Travis’ attorney, Howard King, tells TMZ, “The jury verdict of $383k is disappointing, but far less than the seven figure demands made by the promoters. We believe the verdict will be substantially reduced or overturned in subsequent proceedings.”

As TMZ reported … PJAM claimed it paid Travis $150k upfront and provided him with a private jet but then, hours before the show, he backed out.  A source close to Travis said at the time it was due to weather and logistics, but according to the lawsuit … PJAM says Scott “refused to show up to the event.” Travis did, however, make other scheduled appearances on Super Bowl Sunday.  Travis just finished his hugely successful Astroworld Tour, which hit 55 stops and made millions of bucks.

Russell Wilson Is Now In The Money:  Now that Russell Wilson is officially the highest-paid player in the NFL, his wife Ciara is ready to spend some serious cash.  Page Six reports…The pop star, 33, appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen on Wednesday night, where the Bravo host asked her about what she planned to purchase now that Wilson, 30, has signed his $140 million contract with the Seattle Seahawks.  If you recall, there was a time when he was the lowest paid quarterback in the NFL. “That’s a good question,” the “Level Up” singer responded. “I want an Hermès bag.”  Of course, this wouldn’t be the Grammy winner’s first luxury buy from the brand; she’s previously been spotted carrying both a light tan Birkin as well as a darker brown crocodile version.

Did Dr. Dre Sexually Assault Journalist Dee Barnes?  Dee Barnes has always been candid about experiencing physical abuse at the hands of Dr. Dre, but while appearing on “The Wendy Williams Show” on Thursday, she appeared to imply that the former N.W.A rapper may have sexually assaulted her as well.  While recalling the now-infamous 1991 fight between her and Dre at a Def Jam Records party, Barnes described Dre following her into a bathroom while physically assaulting her. Williams then asked if Dre also sexually assaulted her.

Taking a long pause, a teary-eyed Barnes responded, “I’m not comfortable talking about everything right now.”  “Your silence is speaking volumes,” a shocked Williams responded. “Dammit, man.”  Dre, whose real name is Andre Young, was charged with assault and battery after Barnes pressed charges. He pleaded no contest.  He was fined $2,500 and sentenced to two years probation and community service. She also filed a $22 million lawsuit against Dre, which was settled out of court in 1993.  Until Thursday morning, the famed hip-hop journalist had never referenced any sexual assault.

The music mogul apologized for his past behavior in 2015 shortly after the release of the N.W.A biopic “Straight Outta Compton,” which didn’t address allegations of abusive behavior.  “I apologize to the women I’ve hurt,” he added. “I deeply regret what I did and know that it has forever impacted all of our lives.”  Last month, Barnes revealed that she was homeless and launched a GoFundMe campaign to help raise money to find a new home for her and her daughters. On Thursday, she said she was still homeless and rotating between staying with a friend and renting Airbnbs. She’s raised more than $30,000 so far. “I had several jobs, but I couldn’t keep the rent up,” said Barnes, who’s now penning a book. “The stuff I was trying to do on the side — the freelancing — that wasn’t coming through.”  She added, “I just wanted to stop the eviction.


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