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40th B-Day

by Cheryl Lakes

Usher Celebrates 40th Birthday With Celebrity Friends:  Usher rang in his 40th birthday Sunday night with Diddy, Kevin Hart and other celeb buddies at Delilah in LA. Page Six reports… “Kevin and Diddy both separately did a birthday speech with a toast wishing Usher happy birthday and for ‘blessing this Earth’ with his talent,” said a spy. “[Diddy] said he was very proud to have known him since he was a teenager.”  The DJ played several of Usher’s hits and guests were given baseball caps with the letter “A” as party favors — a reference to the singer’s hometown, Atlanta.  Tyler Perry, Shaun Ross, Kelly Rowland, Luka Sabbat, Kendall Jenner, Chris Brown, Tyga, Alicia Bell and Justine Skye all partied with the singer.

Lil Wayne’s Ex-Wife Warns DaughterLil Wayne’s ex-wife Antonia “Toya” Wright wants their daughter to stay away from rappers.  “I really like him. He’s sweet and livin’ life. Living our best life,” Reginae Carter told Wright of her boyfriend YFN Lucci in a sneak preview of “T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle” obtained by Page Six.  “I don’t like the age difference,” Wright begins to explain while playing with her infant daughter, Reign Ryan Rushing. “I don’t like the fact that he has four kids because I mean you trying to be stepmom, honey?” Carter, 19, reassured Wright, 34, that she wasn’t trying to step into that role just yet, but that wasn’t enough to ease Wright’s mind.  “You know how I feel about that whole rapper thing,” she continued. “I dated your daddy when I was younger than that and there’s a whole lot that comes with that lifestyle. And that’s the last thing I want or any mother wants.”  The two then got into an argument, with Wright telling her daughter that she doesn’t want her to get involved in any of 27-year-old Lucci’s business that could hurt her image.  Carter then told her mom that she makes her own decisions, and likes to follow her boyfriend around.  “I used to go out of town with your daddy. I [went] to all these after parties and stuff, concerts, back to the hotel,” Wright explained.  Wright was just 15-years-old when she became pregnant with Carter. Lil Wayne was only 16.  The two married on Valentine’s Day in 2004, but divorced in January 2006, with them blaming his lifestyle on their split.

Fan Throws Beer At NFL Player:  A New England Patriots fan has been charged with disorderly conduct and throwing an object at a sporting event, according to Foxborough police, after Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill was hit with a beer on Sunday night at Gillette Stadium. The 21-year-old Mansfield, Massachusetts  resident threw the drink at Hill behind the end zone after his fourth-quarter touchdown, police said.  The Patriots responded by identifying the man, turning him in to law enforcement and banning him from Gillette Stadium.  Hill told reporters after the game that he wasn’t mad about the gesture. However, he and his agent Drew Rosenhaus want to take legal action against the fan.


I’m dating a guy who lives in my building and I feel like he’s spying on me because he tells me every time he sees me from his window.

by Sarah Smart

Q.  I am currently dating a guy who also happens to live in the same building I do. The problem is that he seems to watch my every move through his window.  Then he tells me every time he sees me, which is driving me crazy.  I think he’s jealous and spying on me.  He is very easy to anger, and I don’t know how to mention it without setting him off.  What would you do?      MORE

The Dating Chronicles

The Other Side

Of Chance…                            

Kelly had been planning for this event for the last two months.  Her dress had been especially designed for the occasion and between her hairstylist and the mirror, she had spent seven hours preparing for this big night.  She had hoped that by the time this party rolled around, she would have a date to escort her, but she didn’t.  She glanced at her friend Nan sitting beside her in the car, also going alone to the biggest party of the year.  She hated going out with women, because she didn’t like to compete for male attention, but she didn’t want to go alone.  As they got out of the car, she knew Nan would probably not dance all evening because guys didn’t usually gravitate to her.



8 Steps To

The Double Take

by Gloria Gibson

The way to beautiful skin begins with what you eat.  You are indeed, what you eat, and there are certain foods that enhance the appearance and texture of your skin. Spinach, Peaches, Eggs, Broccoli, Bananas, Okra, Cabbage, Green Peppers, Lettuce, Yellow Turnips, Brussels Sprouts, Zucchini, Carrots, Peas, String Beans, and Apricots.  Potatoes with the skin, will improve your complexion in ways unimaginable.  At least two of these foods should be included in your daily diet.  A vegetable a day does wonders for your skin and its texture. Along with a good diet, one should never let a day go by without at least eight oz. glasses of water, one vitamin E tablet and one Omega 3 capsule.  MORE

Dating Data

Why Be The

Other Woman?

by M.K. Allison

On our very first date, the handsome guy sitting across from me in the dimly lit bar candidly expressed “his truth.”  He was already dating two women, but he enjoyed making “new friends.” I was disappointed because I had high hopes for this encounter.  I smiled and told him I had enough friends.  As I stood to leave, I felt powerful.   MORE

If You Feel His

Interest Fading…

Take These 7 Steps

by Jake Manerhon

If  your guy appears to be losing interest, there could be several factors involved.

  1. He has met someone who momentarily seems more interesting than you.
  2. He’s running scared because he feels himself falling too fast, too soon, and/or he’s not ready for a commitment. (Many men cannot bear the unloosening of their emotional strings, because it invokes such a feeling of vulnerability).
  3. He is bored.  In his opinion, you have failed to keep him stimulated and interested through your conversation or lack of imagination.   MORE

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