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 On Smollett


by Cheryl Lakes

Taraji Refuses To Comment on Smollett Drama:  Despite all of the drama, unwanted media speculation and legal quandaries surrounding Jussie Smollett in recent months, Empire star Taraji P. Henson says it hasn’t done much to disrupt the feeling of being on set.  “It’s a great atmosphere,” Henson told ET while promoting her upcoming drama The Best of Enemies in New York on Sunday. According to the 48-year-old Oscar-nominated actress, the mood on set during the production of her popular Fox series really hasn’t changed much in the wake of her co-star’s high-profile legal scandal. And while she refrained from commenting directly about Smollett’s situation, she said she’s excited for what is coming throughout the rest of season five of the series.

Jocelyn Savage Confesses On Tape That R. Kelly Had Her Lie About Her Age:  The Blast has acquired audio of 17-year-old Joycelyn Savage talking to her voice coach about her and R. Kelly’s relationship — and the details she gave are damning!  On the 7 minute call,  Joycelyn is seeking advice from her friend who happens to be her voice coach. She tells her friend that Kelly is angry she revealed to her family that they “like each other” and were being intimate, while she was only 17. Kelly in return threatened to “cut her off.” BOSSIP reports…Joycelyn tells her R. Kelly demanded she texts him “I lied to my family about us having sex” to cover himself in the future, in case he was caught for statutory rape. She also revealed that the singer may have given her an STD (herpes), and she was nervous about her father finding out if she tested positive for anything.  Joycelyn’s friend tells her that Kelly is just using her to cover his sick azz!  “In reality, you shouldn’t have told him anything. You have your family and your family will stick by you. He’s trynna get into your head. At the end of the day, he knows he’s done something wrong.”  Click here to listen to the audio!  Reportedly, the clip has been provided to a team of Federal investigators.  Meanwhile, TMZ reports that R. Kelly denies having sex with Aaliyahs mom. He says it’s total BS and a desperate attention grab from one of his accusers.  Lisa Van Allen — who accused Kelly of abuse in “Surviving R. Kelly” — said Kelly told her he and Aaliyah’s mom, Diane Haughton, had several sexual encounters. Van Allen claims Kelly stayed at Aaliyah’s home in Detroit in the ’90s and after she’d fall asleep, he’d wander into the living room and perform various sexual acts on the couch with her mom.  Sources close to R. Kelly say he absolutely denies he and Diane had anything but a friendly relationship. We’re told Kelly believes the only reason Van Allen made those claims in the Vlad TV interview is to further smear his name and grab headlines for herself.

Paris Jackson Denies Suicide Attempt:  Paris Jackson’s fans took to social media Saturday to express their support for her after TMZ reported she had attempted suicide.  However, Paris, Michael Jackson’s daughter, quickly tweeted a profane denial that she’d tried to kill herself: “f–k you, you f–king liars.”  Soon, after some 10,000 Twitter “likes” were recorded, fans started trashing the website.  But, later reports cited the Los Angeles police confirming that they’d responded to an attempted suicide at her home at 7:28 a.m. Saturday.  She was transported to a local hospital; TMZ reported that she had slit her wrists.  They also cited “law-enforcement sources” who said Jackson, 20, was being treated by psychiatrists at an LA hospital after slitting her wrists, but was in stable condition.  Meanwhile, other gossip outlets claimed she would be kept there for up to 72 hours. But only hours later, photographers snapped her outside her home wearing a jacket reading, “I’m fine.”  She posted a selfie in her car to her Instagram account with the note: “f–k you i’m chillen like bob dylan.”  The TMZ report blamed her supposed suicide attempt on the fallout from “Leaving Neverland,” the HBO documentary in which two men claimed her late superstar dad molested them when they were kids.


My friends think I’m crazy because I don’t like to frequent clubs/bars because of the element of people who go there.  I believe people with real goals in life don’t frequent these places.

by Sarah Smart

Q.  My friends think I’m ridiculous, because as a single, I don’t like to frequent clubs or bars because the element of people who go there.  Based on my experience, the clubs are filled with guys without a mission in life, and I also think a bar is not the place for a lady.  I believe people with real goals in life don’t frequent these places.  I have a lot of respect for your opinion. What do you say?   MORE

The Dating Chronicles


Ken, a busy attorney, was speeding as usual down the street one day to an important meeting he was late for, when Marva and her small son stepped from the curb out of nowhere and he hit them both.  After the police and ambulance came, he went on to work, but he couldn’t get the mother and child off his mind.  He felt terrible about what happened and was worried sick about their conditions.  When he left work that evening, he went by the hospital to check on them, and was shocked to learn they had no family and that they lived in a shelter.    MORE


Female Fury:

Women Who
Turn Violent…

by M.K. Allison

Several weeks ago, I was having lunch in a local restaurant when a woman walked in and attacked a very pretty woman sitting at a nearby table with a very well-dressed man.  They appeared to be on a date, but it turned ugly fast.   The two women fought furiously while the guy tried to intervene.  They knocked over tables, as the dining crowd scattered and scrambled to get out the way.  Through the screams and shouting, it was clear that the fight was over the guy.  When the police came, both women were bleeding profusely as they were pushed into a squad car.  The object of their melee drove off in his shiny BMW.    MORE

5 Things That

Make You


by Lisa Laird

It is sometimes hard, when getting to know someone, to find things to talk about that would prove to be interesting to the other party.  Interesting people are usually good listeners, who respond with appropriate sounds that indicate they are good listeners who are attentive to what’s being said.  They ask questions that reveal a sincere interest rather than a selfish curiosity.  They seldom speak of themselves in a complimentary manner or talk incessantly about what’s going on in their lives.  They speak earnestly about what they feel and think and convey a concern for the other person and what’s going on with them.  MORE

Point Of View

  • Lila – “I’ve learned that usually when a man asks a woman if she loves him, he is actively searching for an adequate reason to state his true feelings. When some men begin feeling a sliver of emotion, they can feel very vulnerable.  Despite opinion to the contrary, men can be just as silly and emotional about love as women can.  It is not always apparent because they’re so afraid of revealing feelings that make them feel stupid and easy to take advantage of.  But a smart woman can tell when a man loves her, and when he doesn’t.  It does not have to be stated.  It remains in his eyes until it dies.”      MORE

Flop Dates


by Cheryl Lakes

When you’re single and dating, there are moments that happen during the course of time you wish to forget.  Here are a few examples…

  • Candy – “On a first date with a very exciting guy that I had been working hard to impress all night, I removed my eyeglasses for vanity purposes.  Forgetting that I could barely see without them, I struggled ordering from the menu and got lost coming back to the table from the ladies’ room.  But the worst happened, when I ended up getting in the wrong car, with the wrong guy, when my date pulled up to retrieve me in front of the restaurant.  My excuse was that the two cars were the same color.  But apparently, he didn’t buy it, because he never called again.”   MORE

Dating Data

Entertaining At Home
How E-Quipped Are You?

Studies show that singles don’t do as much home entertaining as is commonly thought or have the necessary essentials to be considered a fine host.  A poll of 100 men and women revealed some interesting facts:    Women  33% had entertained at home in the last 6 months•44% owned matching crystal stemware
57% did not own any fine china•53% had mismatched wine glasses•26% owned a linen or dinner tablecloth•67% owned formal candle holders, made either of glass, crystal, silver or brass•75% owned scented candles•     MORE

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