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                                THIS WEEK

thinktanklogoimageonly-150x150sophieSophia Richie

Talks About

Racist Remarks

by Cheryl Lakes

Sophia Richie: “Few people know I’m black.”  Sophia Richie may not look black, but that doesn’t make the racist comments she hears any less offensive.  “I’m very light, so some people don’t really know that I’m black,” the 18-year-old mode and the daughter of musician Lionel Richie, told Complex. “I’ve been in situations where people will say something kind of racist, and I’ll step in and they’ll be like, ‘Oh, well, you’re light.’”But that isn’t a valid excuse, she said.  “That still doesn’t cut it, buddy,” Richie told the magazine. “It’s 2016 — you better get your s–t together before you get slapped out here.”

cavaliersCavaliers Refuse Stay At Trump Hotel:  The Cavaliers have made other arrangements for players who do not want to stay at a New York hotel branded by President-elect Donald Trump.  LeBron James and several teammates have decided not to stay at Trump Soho in lower Manhattan this week. The Cavs have booked rooms at the luxury hotel for two days as the team will play the Knicks on Wednesday.  Cavs general manager David Griffin told The Associated Press that the team has made plans for a “group that wants to be elsewhere to be together elsewhere.” Griffin did not say where the players will be staying.  James publicly endorsed and campaigned for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.  Several of his teammates, including Richard Jefferson, Iman Shumpert and others have expressed their disappointment over Trump’s win.  The Cavs were honored by President Barack Obama last month at the White House for their title, the first for any Cleveland team since 1964.

Jayson Williams Says He Was A Coward:   jayson-williamsEx-New Jersey Nets star Jayson Williams says that he was “a coward” the night he fatally shot a limo driver and tried to cover up his crime.  The New York native served a year and a half in prison for aggravated assault after the shotgun he was holding, which Williams thought was unloaded, went off and killed Gus Christofi in 2002.  He was also convicted of trying to cover up the shooting, and admitted to “60 Minutes Sports” that he was cowardly following the “terrible accident.”  “The cover-up was selfishness…me trying to protect myself,” Williams retired from the NBA in 1999.  The years after his release have not brought stability for the former All-Star, who was arrested for a 2009 North Carolina bar fight and served eight months of a year-long sentence at Rikers Island for a 2010 drunken driving crash in New York, for which he still owes the city $16,000 for crashing into a tree.   Now 48 and living at the Epiphany Treatment Center in Florida, Williams told “60 Minutes,” in an interview to air on Showtime Tuesday evening, that he is focused on being sober.  Williams, who said that at his peak he drank a “fifth of moonshine,” originally went into the rehab center for 30 days earlier this year, but never left.  He said that he wanted to speak out in order to take the stigma off rehab and encourage those fighting opiate addiction.

woman-policeAnother Deadly Domestic Violence Puzzle?  Cops are searching for a contract killer suspected of fatally shooting a rookie correction officer in Brooklyn, police sources said Monday.  Correction Officer Alastasia Bryan, 25, was shot in the chest, stomach, right forearm and right hand as she sat in her parked 2016 Infiniti making a phone call.   Cops recovered security video that appears to show the gunman reverse his car into a parking spot and then lay in wait for about an hour until ambushing Bryan when she got into her car, the sources said.  The shooter fled the scene in his car after pumping five rounds into Bryan’s driver-side window. She died at the scene.   Bryan, who was still in training and did not even carry a handgun, was posted in the Anna M. Kross Center at the jail complex where she did administrative work. Sources said she didn’t have enough contact with inmates to have made any enemies inside.  Her ex-boyfriend, however, had extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system, having been arrested 31 times, including twice in May 2015 for domestic incidents involving Bryan, the sources said.


The Singles Scene

My boyfriend has neverblack-couple-talking2 bought me a gift.  Should I get him one since it’s Christmas?

by Sarah Smart

Q.  I’ve been dating this guy for the last year and he has never given me a gift.  Last Christmas, I bought him a gift, and he showed up with nothing for me.  I was really hurt, but I said nothing.  My birthday was four days after Christmas, and he still gave me nothing.   MORE

The Datingblack-couple-eating-5


Love Gone Bad

When Terry first saw Mimi, he fell head over heels in love. She was cautious, because she was recently divorced and was not ready to be involved so soon, but her reserve was no match for his charm. Eventually, she too fell in love with a willing spirit. He courted her in a way that he knew she could not resist, with flowers, romantic evenings and expensive gifts. They even talked of marriage and children since she didn’t have any. Terry was passionately in love, and he bragged about his new love to everyone.    MORE


Why He black-couple-at-dinner

Doesn’t Fit

The Mode

As it happens…often in the World of Dating,  potential lovers are suddenly “dropped” for no apparent reason and it usually happens after the second, third or fourth encounter.  Unfortunately, this action can sometimes be devastating, particularly when no reasonable explanation is given and seldom is there.  It is understandable that few people wish to face an individual either on the phone or in person and tell them why they can no longer tolerate their company.  MORE

What Would You Do?married-couple

The Power

Of The


by Coco Diong

So many people are under the impression that when two people decide to marry, a pre-nup agreement is only necessary if you have huge assets, but that’s not true.  Pre-nups are very necessary if you have any assets, such as savings accounts or property, but everyone doesn’t agree that this is a smart move before you walk the aisle.  Here are a few voices on the subject.   MORE

The Womanblack-beauty-2

For Him…

by Dale Smith

It had happened again.   I had grown bored and dis­illusioned in yet another relationship, and as usual, I had taken the coward’s way out.  Instead of explaining to my last encounter that for me the chemistry had petered out, I just became unavailable.  I stopped calling and I avoided her calls, emails and text messages. When she finally caught me at work one day, and demanded to know what my prob­lem was,  I felt like an idiot, as I stammered through a fake explanation.   MORE

Love For The Holidaysblack-couple-at-dinner5

Christmas Stories

You Don’t Forget

Suzanne – “Two years ago, my husband moved out on Christmas Eve.  I came home from work with his favorite pizza in hand, to find his closet empty and a note that read “I’m sorry, but I love another.”  His move was unexpected and I was haunted by his note for over a year, but the pain of his departure eventually faded away. I didn’t hear from him for over a year. Then last Christmas Eve, he showed up unexpectedly at my door with flowers and candy.   MORE

The Diaryblack-couple-on-date2

Of A Blind Date

by Jake Harris

It was a small but popular bar and I was there waiting on a woman I had never seen.  It was a blind date arranged by a friend and I was very excited.  As I scanned the room,  I spotted a very tall woman in a red dress, fiddling over a drink that had not declined in volume.  Her eyes were fastened on the door, as she clutched the glass with long red fingernails.  Though heavily made up, her plainness was still visible through the paint on her face.  It was obvious she was there to meet a man, and I was glad it wasn’t me.    MORE

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