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Vthinktanklogoimageonly-150x150ictoria Rowell Is
Back With “The Rich
And The Ruthless.”

by Cheryl Lakes

Victoria Rowell Returns For New Season With “The Rich & The Ruthless.”  BOSSIP reports…Bringing more meltdowns, mischief, and masterful manipulation, Victoria Rowell’s Daytime Emmy nominated soap opera comedy series, “The Rich and the Ruthless” is returning for a third season on UMC (Urban Movie Channel). Starring Richard Brooks (“Being Mary Jane”), Alesha Renee (“Giants”), Dawnn Lewis (“A Different World”), Robert Ri’chard(Coach Carter, Chocolate City), Chrystale Wilson (The Player’s Club) and more, the series is a behind the scenes soap opera that follows the fictional story of the first black run daytime drama in the entertainment industry.  Have you checked it out yet? You can tune in this Thursday!

Foxy Brown Gets Booed Again On Stage:  Unfortunately, it seems like Foxy Brown is gaining a rep for herself with her lackluster performances.  According to Madame Noire, the New York rapper was invited to Kandi BurrussWelcome to the Dungeon Tour stop in NYC and things did not go well.  According to clips from social media, Brown was booed off stage after performing her 1996 hit “I’ll Be.”

In the clips, Brown was skipping over many of the lyrics during the song, and she wasn’t able to keep the energy high during her run-through. After she performed, instead of the harmonious sound of cheering fans, she was showered with boos from the audience. Brown then abruptly exited stage left.  Burruss tried to save the situation by telling the crowd “ya gotta respect my girl, ’cause she kills sh**.” But the crowd definitely wasn’t trying to hear it. To put more sauce in the mess, the DJ even tried to hype up the crowd by playing hits from Brown’s adversary Lil’ Kim.

Louis Vuitton Is Fighting Sexual Harassment Claims:  Page Six reports…Luxury goods conglomerate LVMH has reacted with disdain after a senior legal exec in its NYC office sued for sexual harassment. Andowah Newton, who works in LVMH’s New York office as vice president of legal affairs and litigation counsel, said in an April Manhattan Supreme Court filing that she was harassed by an unnamed “senior level management employee” who ogled her and “lunged” across her desk, “thrusting his pelvis and genitals into her face.”

Newton says she is taking legal action in “hopes to promote change to the culture,” after the firm tried to convince her that “the harassment was just a byproduct of being an attractive woman who works at a company with a French culture.”  But — even as Newton remains as head of litigation, managing the company’s most complex litigation — Paris-based Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton insists that her lawsuit is “meritless and frivolous,” stating in new court papers that an “impartial and unbiased” investigation conducted by a New York state judge found that Newton “was not sexually harassed” by the employee whom LVMH says was a “subordinate.”  Meanwhile, Newton contends in her court filing the company conducted a “sham” investigation and seemed more concerned with protecting its own glossy image.  Plus, she adds, the company further retaliated by suddenly promoting the man in the wake of her sexual harassment claim.


I’m in a very casual relationship with a woman who has a friend I’m very attracted to.  Do you think it would be wrong to pursue the feeling, which appears mutual?

by Sarah Smart

Q.  There’s a woman I’ve been dating on an infrequent basis, who recently introduced me to her best friend who just moved here from out of state. It was chemistry at first sight for me and it appeared to be mutual.  The air was so strong between us that the sparks went jumping as we tried to play off the attraction.  My problem is that I want to pursue the feeling, but I am concerned about hurting the other woman’s feelings.  We don’t have a serious relationship and she knows it.  But I am miserable, because I feel if I advance on her friend, she’ll be devastated.  Should I care more for her feelings than I do my own?  At the moment I feel noble, but deprived.  What would you suggest?    MORE

The Dating Chronicles

The Substitute

As Dee walked up the stairs of the church, she felt foolish.  But she had to see for herself.  She had heard that her ex-boyfriend John was getting married to the same woman who had been her nemesis for years, and she felt that the only way her heart would be mended was to witness the act, so she could once and for all be released from the bondage that had kept him on her heart for too long.As she sat in the back of the crowded church, she pulled out some tissue in anticipation of the tears she expected to shed. However, when his friend Steve took the seat next to her, she suddenly lost interest in the wedding, as he began flirting with her in whispered tones


Personal Finance
8 Tips To
Avoid Dollar

by Susan Freedman

Single people are usually the hardest hit when the economy is like it is right now.  When the job is gone, there is often little or no backup on the home front.  If you don’t bring it in, it doesn’t get there.  Therefore, singles everywhere need to begin an income-sustaining program that can kick in if needed.  Good income today does not necessarily mean good income tomorrow.  In these times, it is highly intelligent to prepare for the worst employment scenario by adhering to the following tips:  MORE

One Way To Tell
He’s Mr. Wrong

by Jovan Tahale

I was divorced almost a year and missing the warmth of a relationship when my phone rang at work one day and this melodious voice inquired about the cost of a computer system.  His voice was so magnetic that I intentionally prolonged the conversation.  When he became a regular client, we talked regularly, but it was always in relation to business.  I would often make up an excuse to call and flirt with him, but he blocked all my passes by skillfully changing the subject. MORE

10 Ways To
Be Seen At
The Next Party!

by Gloria Gibson

Do you go out often to parties or group gatherings, but never seem to click with anyone in particular?  Are you right there when all the best parties are thrown, but you still leave alone and discouraged?  Then take heed, follow these ten tips and tape them to your bathroom mirror in anticipation of the next event you wish to star in.   1.  Make sure you look like a fashionista in something so unique that everyone in the room will compliment your look.  2.  Wear a makeup and lipstick that’s ultra flattering.    MORE

Drama Dating
Who Does It And Why

by Marissa Lockhead

Do you have more drama than joy in your relationship?  Too few women understand that they have the power to change their circumstances if they would intellectualize their involvement instead of romanticize it.  If you know you’re where you shouldn’t be…get out now!  Don’t hang on like this is the only guy in the world.  You won’t know if the grass is greener until you take a look over the fence and you’ve got to get out of your misery patch to look.  The following stories put this theory in perspective.   MORE

 We Present…
The Best
Boyfriends Ever!

by Coco Diong

For many single women, there are one or more guys who have crossed their idealized paths and left indelible impressions of love, tenderness and romance, but some have also encountered enough scandalous behavior from lovers to fill a thick novel.  Here are but a few.  This week, we bring you the good guys.  John The Hero – Julia was running out of a dark parking lot after a robber had snatched her purse with her car keys and cashed paycheck inside, when John drove by and heard her screaming.  He stopped to help and then drove her to the nearest police station to report the crime.  He stayed with her until she finished the police report, and then drove her home. MORE


Eliat, Israel – is on the southern tip of Israel and is a unique metropolis that sits on the coast of the Red Sea.  It is known for its breathtakingly beautiful Coral Reels and its wide variety of marine life.  Thousands of visitors come from all over the world to enjoy magnificent dining andpleasant summer weather year round.  The King Solomon Palace Hotel and The Herods Palace Hotel are both five star Hotels situated on beautiful beaches.  It is also the home of The Red Sea Star Underwater Restaurant, which is located 16 feet deep in the Red Sea.  It has full-view windows that rim the perimeter of the restaurant, which also has a surrounding observatory and features an exotic menu, bar and dance floor.  (see photo)     MORE

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