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This Week

Diddy Is


By Death

by Cheryl Lakes

Diddy Mourns Ex-Girlfriend:  Diddy is destroyed over the death of his ex, Kim Porter … because even though they broke up years ago they were still a very tight family. Sources close to Diddy say he never stopped interacting with Kim, despite breaking up way back in 2007. We’re told their connection went beyond the fact they were co-parenting 3 kids … they genuinely had love and affection for each other.  They celebrated holidays as a family, vacationed together and just hung out … and there was never an extended period where they were at odds with each other. As an example of their ongoing union … they never had a formal custody agreement. They accommodated each other’s schedules when it came to the kids — and it always worked.   TMZ broke the story … Porter was found dead at her Toluca Lake home Thursday, and the emergency dispatch revealed a call came in for a patient in cardiac arrest. A source told us Porter was recently sick with pneumonia.  She leaves behind their 20-year-old son, Christian, and twins 11-year-old daughters Jessie James and D’Lila … as well as 27-year-old Quincy whose dad is Al B. Sure!. She was 47 years old.

Nelly Being Sued For Sexual Assault After U.K. Show:  Nelly told TMZ, “The truth will come out, and I will be vindicated. These types of false allegations undermine real claims of sexual abuse/harassment by real victims.”  He’s also defending his GF, Shantel, saying she’s been through enough. “I am a father to a beautiful strong woman. I was raised by a strong single woman. I love them all very much. I own my actions and take responsibility for my conduct with Monique Greene. We had CONSENSUAL sex after meeting in a club. Period. And for that I had to deal with the repercussions of my poor choice. I am repairing the trust that I broke with Shantel, I have apologized to my family and friends for the embarrassment I have caused them. And, I am committed to be a better man.”  Nelly adds, “I do NOT plan on walking away quietly. I have to speak up for my family and for the real victims strong enough to come forward and face people that have actually assaulted them.”

Don Lemon Doesn’t Find Dating Easy:  “I’m never sure why people are interested in me,” the CNN anchor told Metrosource magazine, in their People We Love issue. “Is it because of me? Is it because of what I do? Is it because they think they’re gonna get some sort of fame, or … I have no idea.”  Before meeting his boyfriend, real estate agent Tim Malone, Lemon said he was “probably not so trusting of people wanting to get into a relationship with me.”Lemon and Malone met several years ago at a Hamptons restaurant.  “He was seeing someone and I was playing the field,” he confessed. “They broke up and we got together, but we knew each other as friends for a year and a half.”  The couple, who have been together for two years, took their relationship public when they were photographed walking hand-in-hand to a “Saturday Night Live” after-party.  Lemon often shares photos from the couple’s vacations and adventures on social media. If there was any doubt that Lemon is in love, in August he shared a group shot with their pup with the caption “#modernfamily.”


I’m dating a guy who doesn’t know I have two children because I’m afraid to tell him.

by Sarah Smart

Q:  I have been dating a guy for two months who doesn’t know I have two children.  On our first date, he mentioned he did not date women with children and because I was so impressed with him, I didn’t tell him.  Whenever he comes over, I send my kids to the babysitter and when he spotted a picture and asked who they were, I lied and said they were my sister’s children.  I’m miserable and I feel guilty.  I love my children, but I’ve fallen in love with this man.  Could you please tell me how to get myself out of this mess?


The Dating Chronicles

The Seduction

Jill closed the door quietly and leaned her back against it.  What she had feared most, had finally happened.  Steven had come to say goodbye and had left without looking back at her.  Though they had dated a long time, she had never felt the intensity of romance that she so longed for.  He had always emanated an aloofness that forged an implied distance between them.


Dating Data

Now That

You’ve Met Him

12 Things To Watch For…

by Jovan Tahale

  1. Pay close attention to all things he says or does. It’s healthy to be paranoid, until you know him better.  Be sure to let him know you’re cautious and leery of people you don’t know well.
  2. Develop an “Intimacy Principle” and stick to it. Sex in these times should no longer be a frivolous act.  Sexually transmitted diseases and domestic violence acts too often occur two-three months after initial meeting.   MORE

Beyond Buddies

Can Friends

Become Lovers…

Tom & Barbara

Tom and Barbara had been close friends since high school, and Barbara had always had a secret crush on him.  However, she disguised her feelings as platonic and they went all the way thru college as best buddies.  He would tell her about other girls and she would pretend to listen, but deep down she kept her real feelings a secret.  When Tom got ready to marry, he confided all of his fears and anguish to her and as usual she listened and offered advice though her heart ached with envy.  MORE


From Rejected

To Selected…

One Woman’s Story

by Callie Springs

I remember it well.  The night my life changed.  I was out on a blind date with a guy my sister had hooked me up with.  When I stepped out of my car and saw him, I was thrilled and intimidated at the same time.  He was a star and I knew I wasn’t.  He was polite and accommodating throughout dinner, as he talked and I listened, but he looked at his watch so much that I almost became nauseous with nervousness.   MORE

Our Annual

Sex Survey

Attitudes, Actions, Etc…

by Vern Anderson & Isaac Salem

Confession:  “I find the competition out here to land a committed relationship is so tough that a woman almost has to settle for a casual encounter to feel like a woman.  In most relationships I’ve experienced, where the sex was emotional for me, it was seldom mutual.” We had questions about your sex life and we got some answers.  Over 475 single men and women responded to this survey.  They ranged in ages from 21-39.  We wanted to know if the attitudes among singles had changed since sexually transmitted diseases are more prevalent than ever among singles, especially women.  We asked about their lifestyles, as it related to casual sex, one night stands, the “friends with benefits” package, abstinence, etc.  Here’s what we found out:    MORE

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