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 macys 7617

                                THIS WEEKgirls trip 2017

thinktanklogoimageonly-150x150‘Girls Trip’

Shakes Up

Box Office

by Cheryl Lakes

The “Girls Trip” Movie Is A Hit!  The premise of the movie features best friends Ryan, Sasha, Lisa and Dina, who are in for the adventure of a lifetime when they travel to New Orleans for the annual tiffany and jimmyEssence Festival. Along the way, they rekindle their sisterhood and re-discover their wild side by doing enough dancing, drinking, brawling and romancing to make the Big Easy blush.  The movie stars Queen Latifah, Jada Pickett Smith, Regina Hall and breakout star,Tiffany Haddish.  Tiffany has been branded by Vanity Fair  as “the funniest person alive right now.”   Haddish steals virtually every scene in the comedy and nabbed the hearts of fans throughout the film’s publicity tour.  (In case you missed it, Haddish told Jimmy Kimmel a must-hear story about taking a Groupon swamp tour with co-star Jada Pinkett Smith and her husband Will Smith.  Right now, it’s the the hottest thing trending on the web.  Check it out!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2PneBztZ3g    Just so you know, “Girls Trip” came in second at the box office this weekend and earned an estimated $30.4 million domestically in its debut showing — double what experts had expected and topping the film’s slightly less than $20 million budget.  Talk about Black Girls Rock!

The  Bachelorette Dilemma:  Rachel Lindsay might berachel and bryan falling head over heels for contestant Bryan Abasolo on “The Bachelorette“..or so it appears, but her family sure ain’t.  Rachel brought her remaining three suitors to meet her family on Monday’s episode, but when it came to Bryan …Mom and Co. were quick to call out his glib answers and arguably premature proclamation of love.  It was a pretty awkward interaction, as they grilled him with fairly reasonable questions and he ended up excusing himself from the table and the interview.   rachel and peterInterestingly, Rachel ended up bumping heads with her mom over the family’s hostile reaction. Meanwhile, Rachel got a reality check from one of her favorite suitors … with him telling her he won’t propose if he isn’t ready.  For the second time, fan favorite Peter Kraus got brutally honest with Rachel on Monday night’s episode — first telling her a super sad story about his last girlfriend, and then saying if he felt any doubt about proposing come game time … he would let her know.  However, Rachel seemed to appreciate the truth more than the possibility of being left hanging by the end of the show.   Bachelor#3, Eric also told her last night, he has fallen in love.  Wonder what his chances are?…

Must Be Nice!  Blac Chyna’s New Car:  According to TMZ,blacs new car Blac Chyna is sending a message to Rob Kardashian that she don’t need him financially.  Chyna just purchased a 2017 Ferrari 488 Spider. “The whip’s starting price is around $334k, but Chyna’s is customized with Forgiato wheels, so it’ll cost way more.  Chyna got the new wheels Monday, a few weeks after Rob took back both the Ferrari and Lamborghini he bought her after the revenge porn fiasco, and ultimate breakup.  It’s interesting Chyna rushed to pick up the new luxury ride. She just appeared in Yo Gotti‘s “Rake It Up” video alongside Nicki Minaj, who has a line on the track where she raps: “Brought out the pink Lamborghini just to race with Chyna.”

nenes partyMore RHOA Drama:  After Kim Zoliciak’s daughter tweeted out that Kenya Moore was “ugly and evil,” Kenya addressed Kim Zoliciak’s beef with her and said that Kim tried to put her paws on her!  She says that all of Kim’s claims are “all lies!”   Reportedly, Kim claims Kenya said something crude about her son who was recently injured by a dog, at a “white party” at Nene Leakes’ home over the weekend. That’s when Kim went berserk. TMZ reported the story earlier, saying: “We’re told Kenya and Kim were throwing shade as soon as they saw each other — but when things got personal, it got out of hand.  Kim made comments about Kenya’s new marriage being fake … and Kenya fired back that Kim had pimped out her daughter to get John Legend tickets. Everyone we spoke to agrees to that much, but here’s where it gets messy.  We’re told Kim thinks Kenya said the Legend tix were for “your injured son.” Others in the house say they never heard Kenya say the son part. Doesn’t matter … Kim was convinced and lost it … rushing at Kenya, knocking over and breaking glasses on the way.”

macys 43

SingleScenesnew couple 1917

Love At War

Tales From The Front

When Tammy got married, her husband-to-be surprised her and broke tradition by carrying her down the aisle of the church to the altar and the thunderous applause of the guests who stood and cheered. They divorced eleven months later when she came home and caught him in bed with her step-daughter.  MORE 

The Datingblack man on phone


The Phone Call

Sarah heard it.  But she didn’t want to.  She had entered the room silently in an effort to surprise Todd for his birthday and he was on the phone.  He had been in the hospital a week now with a fractured hip, and she had charmed the nurse into letting her come in to decorate his room before visiting hours.  It was like Sarah to always be stretching her day to do something that she thought would please him.  They had been engaged now for two months and the wedding was only three weeks away    MORE

The Drama the drama dude

Dude: Why We

Want Him…

by Coco Diong

Some years ago, I was quite taken by a guy I met at a Super Bowl party.  He was tall, fine and aloof.  Therefore, when he chose me out of the crowd of beautiful people, I was very flattered.  (I later learned that you should never begin a relationship feeling flattered by the attention of your partner.)  We began dating and he started out as a bad boy, by not showing up when he said he would, and being evasive about who he was.  But I plodded along, treasuring every moment that hinted of real interest, until he became bored and disappeared.


8 Things new couple 72

To Know

Before Your

Next Date

by M.K. Allison

What’s he thinking? The average guy’s mind is like the tide when it comes to his feelings…Sometimes they come and go.  So, never assume you really know him.  Trust your instincts for the truth and take what he says with a grain of salt, until he proves otherwise. Don’t cling to his every word like it’s a life raft.      MORE

The new couple 74



The Battle For Love

by Jovan Tahale

Not too long ago, my cousin and I were sitting in a very upscale restaurant enjoying lunch with a mutual friend.  Ironically, we were in the middle of a discussion on how smart women do dumb things, when we heard a loud noise that had come from a table behind us.  When we turned around and looked, we saw a very well-dressed woman, standing over another woman whose face she had just slapped.  The man at the table was in the process of trying to keep them apart, as the “slapper” screamed insults and obscenities at the woman for being out with her man.


Beware!black couple talking76

Danger On The

Dating Scene

by M.K. Allison

I ran into a college friend recently, who told me she had recently lost her sister who was found murdered.  She told how her sister had naively left one party with a handsome stranger to go to another party, and was found two days later in a faraway suburban park.   Ten years ago, after attending a friend’s college graduation party, another friend split from our group to catch a ride with a gorgeous guy she had just met at the party, and had spent the entire evening talking to.  Two of the women in the group tried their best to talk her out of getting into a stranger’s car, but she was too giddy and excited to heed their warnings.  The next day she came up missing and hasn’t been seen or heard from since.. MORE

Girlfriends:Laughing Women

A Most Valuable Asset

by Loris Stone

I used to do alright being single and unattached, until a crisis popped up in my life.  Then I’d invariably fall to pieces and bemoan my singleness and the lack of male attachment.  The burden of having no one to help me make decisions about my life seemed to loom larger and I’d end up miserable and envying all my “got them somebody” friend.


reeds 2


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