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                                THIS WEEK

thinktanklogoimageonly-150x150NFL Playersnfl 92417

Show Trump


by Cheryl Lakes

Trump Causes Another Uproar:  Twitter was on fire this weekend after Trump got mad and disinvited the Golden State Warriors from The White House.  But the highlight of all the tweets slamming Trump, was the one by LeBron James when he  blasted Donald Trump for comments the president made about Steph Curry.  The Golden State Warriors star said he would skip the team’s White House visit for them winning the national championship.  Trump responded by saying Curry was uninvited, so he couldn’t come anyway.  The NBA superstar James tweeted Trump was a “bum” and his logic made no sense.   “U bum @StephenCurry30 already said he ain’t going! So therefore ain’t no invite. Going to the White House was a great honor until you showed up!”  By Sunday evening, most of the NFL teams that played Sunday showed solidarity against Trump’s comments either with kneeling or locking arms when the anthem was played.

jason deAnother Celebrity Robbed:  Jason Derulo is the latest Hollywood celebrity to be targeted by thieves.  TMZ reports that police took a burglary report after it was discovered things were missing from the music star’s Los Angeles home on Sept. 22.  Jason, 28, was out of town when the robbery occurred.  According to law enforcement, TMZ reported on Sept. 24, “multiple people forced their way into Derulo’s home, possibly breaking a door and window.”   The burglars then headed to one specific room where they found and took $300,000 in cash and jewelry.  “At some point later in the day, the maid discovered something was amiss,” TMZ added, explaining that police believe it could have been an inside job since one specific room was targeted.  There might be surveillance video cops can use to help identify the criminals.  Jason is just the latest celebrity to be hit by thieves in 2017.

Drake Is Pallbearer At Friend’s Funeral:  Drake helpeddrake 92417 lay his longtime friend and OVO affiliate, Anthony “Fif” Soares, to rest this weekend …this after the guy was brutally gunned down in Toronto.  Drake attended Fif’s funeral service Saturday at the Ogden Funeral Home chapel in Scarborough, Ontario … and later traveled to the Duffin Meadows Cemetery where he served as one of the pallbearers for the casket.  Eyewitnesses told TMZ, Drake did not speak at the procession, and mostly kept to himself. You can tell from the photo he’s in deep mourning over Soares’ death … who was just killed a couple weeks ago.  As was reported … Soares was gunned down in his apartment lobby bytwo unidentified men. Police released surveillance video of the murder … and it graphically shows him being shot.  Police are still investigating the crime … they had no suspects as of this writing.

SingleScenes a black couple 62

I’m engaged to a guy who I think is secretly obsessed with my best friend.

by Sarah Smart
Q.  I have a dilemma.  I’m engaged to a guy I’m very suspicious of.  I often catch him staring hungrily at my best friend, and she is very nervous around him.  I believe in my heart that he’s obsessed with her.  But when I confronted him about staring at her, he called me paranoid and childish.  When I asked her if he had approached her inappropriately, she denied it, but she couldn’t look me in the eye.  My gut tells me that I can’t trust this man, and I’m ready to call the wedding off.  My mom thinks I’ve overreacting to a suspicious nature.  What do you think?



The Datingsad black-woman 9-5-17


A Change Of Heart

Amy sat in the dark and contemplated her choices.  After careful deliberation she realized she had none.  Hank had layed the cards on the table.  She could either go on without him, or continue to see him at his leisure.  The wedding was Sunday, and she knew without thinking that she would ease into the back of the church to finally get a glimpse of the woman she had competed with for the past two years.


The Date black couple 83117

You Will

Never Forget

Ed. Note:  There are some dates you will never forget for one reason or other.  Here are but a few.

Jack – “I was out on a first date once with a woman and we were having dinner in a very fancy restaurant when she spotted her boyfriend at a nearby table with another woman.  She left our table with the explanation that she wanted to go to speak to her cousin, but she never returned.  She ended up joining the other table and creating a scene.  She called me the next day with the truth.  Of course, I lost her number.”    MORE

Single Parentingsingle parenting

Are You Putting Your

Child In Harm’s Way?

by Coco Diong

In the state of Illinois, a man was recently convicted of killing his 17 year old stepdaughter, three weeks after she told her mother and the authorities that he had raped her in their home.  It is a tragedy that stunned everyone who read about it.  Of course, many of us are wondering why the stepfather remained in the home after the reported rape, but few are surprised.  In Chicago alone, it seems there are weekly accounts in the newspapers, of boyfriends and/or stepfathers murdering the infants or small children of their live-in lovers.  In addition, there are countless cases on the books around the country where single mothers are allowing boyfriends to baby-sit and/or chastise their children and the results are disastrous. MORE

Is He Worth black couple 831-2

Seeing Again?

5 Ways To Tell…

by Lisa Lombardi

We’ve all had them—those “I can’t believe he did that!” moments on first dates.  I went on a dinner date once with a guy who took a 10 minute call from his mom during our meal.  Another real cute guy invited me out for coffee and asked for my share — all of $3 — when it came time to pay the bill.   First dates are great for spotting character.  We polled experts and frequent daters to help you detect early tip-offs that he’s got serious boyfriend potential.  Here’s what to look for.   MORE

Love Lessonsblack couple 831-3

Teaching Him

How To Treat You

by Coco Diong

It all begins with self-esteem.  You either have it or you don’t…and the more you have the better your relationships will be.  Whenever the phrase is used, “so and so is lucky in love,” it usually means that this person is viewed as someone who scores high on the relationship monitor.  He/she is known for having either one great relationship experience or many.  However, I personally believe that luck has nothing to do with love, I think it’s all about how committed a woman is to feel special in a relationship.  Here some good examples…MORE

The STD Watchblack couple in bed 2

Are You At Risk?

by Jan Pitts

After the Usher scandal came out, the convo for a minute, was back on sexually transmitted diseases and who’s vulnerable.  Recently, a friend found out she had contracted the AIDS virus and she was HIV positive.  To her, it was a death sentence.  She was inconsolable because she thought she was in a monogamous relationship.  But was she?  Unfortunately, she was not, and everyone close to her knew a truth she had been denying for months.      MORE

Take Our Quizblack couple 9117



What Would You Do?

300 Singles Polled:

· If you saw your best friend’s significant other out with another man/woman, what would you do?…and who would you tell? 84% would say nothing to the friend.  16% would tell him/her.  Best Answer: ”Say nothing to no one.  It’s not your life.”   MORE

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