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This Week

Drake Blows

$200,000 In

Atlantic City

by Cheryl Lakes

Drake Blows $200,000 Gambling In Atlantic City:  It was easy come, easy go for Drake in Atlantic City — when the rapper pulled in big bucks for a nightclub performance, then blew up to $200,000 gambling at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino with his entourage.  After playing in Philly on his mammoth Aubrey & the Three Migos tour, Drake arrived at packed Daer Nightclub on Sunday to play five of his hits at about 3 a.m.  He apologized for being nearly an hour late to the stage.  Spies told Page Six that Drake and his crew then headed to jiggle joint Scores inside the Hard Rock, but when they got up to the door, Drake decided not to head in as it was too full.  The source told us the star then headed to a private high-rollers area, which was cleared out for Drake and his crew to have a private party.  Sources said that the casino even opened up restaurant Sugar Factory after-hours for the rapper and his party to nosh on “mini burgers, chicken fingers and french fries,” as well as a colossal cocktail dubbed “The Drake,” served up in 60-ounce goblets and composed of the rapper’s Virginia Black whiskey, peach puree, sweet tea, Sour Patch peach gummies and cotton candy.

Denzel Washington Got Kicked Out of Seat In Vegas:  A Las Vegas high roller had some words with Denzel Washington before the Gennady Golovkin-vs.-Canelo Álvarez middleweight championship fight because the movie star was in his seat.  In front of such boldface names as Will Smith, LeBron James, Dave Chappelle and Latina actress and singer Greice Santo, the gambler had trouble convincing Washington, who was sitting with Lakers legend Norm Nixon, to move. “I love you, but you’re in my seat,” the man said. “This isn’t a movie. There’s no stuntman. This is real life.”Denzel gave up the seat.  After Denzel left, Mexican bigwigs Carlos Bremer and Carlos Slim, who witnessed the kerfuffle, invited the high roller to the after-party for the victorious Álvarez at the Mansion at the MGM Grand, where Paul Anka sang with a mariachi band.  No word on where Denzel ended up.

The Singer The Weeknd Is Being Sued:  The Weeknd and his producers Daft Punk are being sued over his hit song “Starboy” by a fellow songwriter who claims they ripped her off. Yasmin “Yasmina” Mohamed’s Manhattan federal court lawsuit claims that “Starboy” is so similar to her 2009 song “Yooho” that the internet is lit up with snarky comments about it.  “Weeknd EXPOSED! Starboy Melody Stolen. Weeknd needs to give credit where it truly belongs. This girl sang the song in 2009,” one YouTube poster wrote, according to the lawsuit.  Mohamed, who describes herself as “a Somali-American poet, singer, and songwriter,” says The Weeknd became familiar with the song because it was popular with the “East African diaspora of which The Weeknd is connected.”  To prove it, she cited a Twitter post by the singer, whose real name is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, talking about missing “my somalian goons.  Starboy’s hook is a virtually identical copy of Hooyo’s hook. The material repeats every two measures during Starboy’s eight-measure verse,” Mohamed’s lawsuit claims.  Mohamed is also suing her own record label, The Squad, and producers William Uschold and Tyrone Dangerfeild, saying they settled with The Weeknd over “Yooho” — and then cut her out of the deal.  “The Squad owns the music, Yasmina does not,” lawyer Nai’il Benjamin told TMZ.

Travis Scott Spends Big On 15 Carat Ring:  Scott recently commissioned a 15-carat ring by the New York City-based jeweler to celebrate the release of his album “Astroworld,” Page Six can reveal. The yellow diamond ring — which was for Scott and not his baby mama Kylie Jenner — cost between $100,000 and $300,000, we’re told.  “I made the same ring about a year ago in a smaller version,” Richie Rich told Page Six. “He wanted a bigger one, so he kept the smaller one. It says ‘Cactus Jack’ on the bottom in diamonds and then it has small cactuses placed around the ring because that’s his thing.”


I’m a schoolteacher dating a janitor at my school who has become starstruck. How can I bring him back to where he used to be?

by Sarah Smart

Q.  I’m a schoolteacher, who recently became involved with a guy who works at my school as a maintenance worker. I was initially attracted to him because of his good looks, confidence and sense of humor.  However, when we began dating, he became Mr. Klutz.  He acts star-struck and suddenly ridiculously inhibited.   He can’t seem to get over the fact that I could like him.  I would like to see him act his old self again.  He refuses to be seen with me in public and it’s driving me crazy.  Any suggestions on how to get us back on the same track?    MORE

The Dating Chronicles

How They Met…

Shari and Frank first met in a long lottery line, and by the time they got to the cashier, they had made a date for lunch the next day.  They agreed to meet at a local restaurant, but Frank didn’t show up.  Shari was disappointed, but unfazed.  One year later, she ran into Frank in the same lottery line again, and pretended not to see him.    MORE

Dating Data

The Dilemma

One Ring…

2 Women

by Carl Gitland

It had been a tiring drive from the airport to my apartment because I had allowed non-stop thinking to completely exhaust me mentally.  I had a problem and the need to solve it was pressing heavily on my mind.  Angela, the woman beside me had gone with me to Jamaica and it was pleasant being with her.  But I had not enjoyed her this time, like I usually did.  She loved me and everything to her was beautiful and awe-inspiring.  But it was Karen, the woman I loved, who had occupied my mind on what seemed like a long drive home.  I had lied to get away with Angela and I had lied to get back home to Karen.    MORE

14 Things Guys

Wish Girls Knew…  

by Jake Landis

  1. Don’t take everything we do so personally.  We cannot behave, feel, think or talk the way you think we should. Believe it or not, we are not the same.  Please allow for the fact that our brains work on a different scale.
  2. When we want to tell you something, we’ll tell you.  Don’t badger us about what’s going on in our heads when we’re quiet.  Silence could mean a lot of things.  We could be savoring the relationship or be pre-occupied with a personal dilemma we don’t wish to discuss.


13 Things

Girls Wish

Guys Knew

by Coco Diong

  1. Never quote on a sporadic basis, various statements or comments from others made favorably regarding your qualities. Let us find out for ourselves.
  2. We always want to hear what you find special about us. Words are very important to us.  Use good ones…liberally.
  3. Never compliment another woman about her hair or dress, when you are out with us…and never let an evening end without you telling us how beautiful we look.    MORE

The Date

by C. Mathias

When he walked in the door, I chuckled softly to myself at the sight of him and gritted my teeth.  His face was one I could never forget.  It was a handsome face with thick black eyebrows, high cheekbones and gorgeous eyes.  It was also a face I had hoped to never see again.   I had first seen it five years before at a birthday party, which had been given in my honor.  He had come as the guest of a mutual friend, and I noticed him when he walked in the door.  He had an air of distinction, which separated him from every other guy in the room.   MORE

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