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This Week

Simone Wins

All Four


by Cheryl Lakes

Simone Biles Sweeps All Four Olympic Events:  In Boston, Olympic champion Simone Biles easily won her fifth US women’s gymnastics title Sunday night, winning all four events as well as the all-around in a dominant performance that showcased the ever-widening chasm between Biles and the rest of her sport.  The 21-year-old posted a two-day total of 119.850, more than six points ahead of reigning world champion Morgan Hurd and a full seven points clear of Riley McCusker. Biles’ margin of victory was greater than the gap between Hurd and 11th-place finisher Jordan Chiles.  Biles is the second woman to win nationals five times, joining Clara Schroth Lomady, who won six between 1945 and 1952. Biles also became the first woman since three-time Olympian Dominique Dawes in 1994 to wind up first on floor exercise, balance beam, vault and uneven bars.  A year ago Biles was wrapping up a post-Olympic whirlwind in which she basked in the aftermath of her glorious run at the 2016 Olympics in which she brought home four gold medals, five overall and entered the “first-name” pantheon in gymnastics, a club that includes Nadia Comaneci and Mary Lou Retton.

Lauryn Hill May Lose Mansion To Foreclosure: Once again Lauryn Hill is facing major tax trouble.   The Fugees singer has been put in default in a foreclosure lawsuit over nearly $1 million in back taxes on her mansion in New Jersey, BOSSIP has learned.  Rothman Realty LLC sued the hip-hop singer late last year to foreclose her mansion after the company bought the tax certificate on her suburban property.  According to the suit, Hill didn’t pay the taxes on the property back in 2003, and plaintiff Rothman Realty LLC bought the tax lien and began paying the tax bills, which swelled to a total of $993,901 as of April 2018, according to court papers obtained by BOSSIP.  The singer never responded to the foreclosure suit, so Rothman Realty got a judge to officially put the home in foreclosure, court papers state. Now, the realty company wants Hill out of the mansion and the complete ownership and control of the property.  The home is now set to be sold at Sheriff’s auction, and the proceeds will be used to pay Rothman Realty back, according to court papers.  Hill bought the 5,000 square foot mansion in South Orange for $430,000 in 1997 – during the height of her fame with the Fugees, according to public records. The property, set on half an acre, is now worth an estimated $1.06 million.

Britain’s ‘You Got Talent’ Finalist Killed:  Britain’s Got Talent finalist Simonne Samantha Kerr has died at age 31 after being stabbed to death in London.  According to the police, law enforcement officials were called to a residential address just after 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday, August 15. Kerr was found with a stab injury and pronounced dead at the scene. On Thursday, August 16, 40-year-old Desmond Slyva was charged with her murder. He appeared at Wimbledon magistrates court on Friday, August 17, where The Guardian reports that he did not enter a plea. Police are not investigating any additional suspects at this time.  Kerr performed on the show April as a member of NHS choir group B Positive, which is made up of vocalists aged 22 to 62 who either have sickle cell anemia or have loved ones with sickle cell anemia. The group’s performance of “Rise Up” had judges, including Simon Cowell, in tears. Though they made it through to the show’s finale in June as the chosen Wild Card Act, they were ultimately bested by Lost Voice Guy.

Nicki Minaj Stopped By Mob Scene:  A mob scene prevented Nicki Minaj from appearing on famed rapper N.O.R.E.’s podcast at Jue Lan Club this week to promote her new album “Queen.”  “She arrived with music blasting on a promo tour bus, and people started gathering around and she drove off. It was a mob scene outside,” a source told Page Six.  Another source added, “She saw everyone, and was not into it. She said she was sick and rescheduled.”  Meanwhile, sports stars Carmelo Anthony and CC ­Sabathia were in the restaurant’s private “forbidden room.” No comment from Minaj’s rep.


After two years of being engaged, my fiance`called off the wedding and wants his ring back.

by Sarah Smart

Q.  I was recently engaged to a man who suddenly announced out of the blue that he didn’t want to get married, and he wanted his ring back.  We had been engaged for two years and he kept putting the wedding off.  When I asked for an explanation, he slammed out the door and I haven’t heard from him since.  I am very angry and I refuse to give the ring back because I feel he owes me.  Everyone in my life thinks I ought to move on, and give him the ring back.   What do you think?  I am so stressed over this that I’ve had suicidal thoughts.   MORE

The Dating Chronicles

Two Sides

Rod had seen her when she entered the room, but he looked away.  He had come in hopes that she might be there.  It was an annual party she never missed, but he was unprepared for the large lump that came up in his throat and the soft punch that dropped in his stomach.  His hands shook as he walked toward the bar.  She was talking to another woman.  He relaxed from the inside, as he watched her greet others warmly


Dating Data

What To Do

When You See Him

And Want Him…

by Lisa Laird

I once saw a guy in the supermarket, who took my breath away because he was absolutely gorgeous.  I was in real estate and I quickly came up with a way to introduce myself.  I walked up to him, handed him my business card and told him that he looked like the type of guy who could use a mansion, and I had some for sale.  He laughed and we began a conversation that lasted over an hour in the cereal aisle.    MORE

Are You A

“Lazy Lover?”

by Jovan Tahale

“Lazy Lovers” are people who settle for lackluster romance and have never really experienced the excitement of real love, because they lack the energy or stamina to keep looking until they find it.  What we enjoy helps define who we are.  Common pleasures are essential to any healthy relationship.  When the fun stops, regardless of the commitment, the relationship is usually over, whether there’s an actual severance of ties or not.   MORE


When Your ”Friend”

Goes After Your Man

Chloe:  “I’m currently going through a divorce and I just found out that my best friend is now dating my soon to be ex.  I caught them in bed together at a friend’s home, and I have never felt so betrayed.  When I confronted her about it, she was arrogant and unapologetic.  She informed me that she had been sleeping with my husband throughout our five years of marriage under my ‘ignorant nose.’  I threw a bottle at her and it hit him in the head instead.  They both filed charges against me for assault.


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