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This Week

Kelly Didn’t

Like Dave’s

Comedy Skit

by Cheryl Lakes

Kelly’s Goons Confronted Dave Chappell Over Comedy Skit: R. Kelly’s “goons” confronted Dave Chappelle over an infamous “Chappelle’s Show” skit, according to the comedian’s former writing partner. During an interview with “The Breakfast Club” this week, the show’s co-creator, Neal Brennan, described the embattled singer’s reaction to a sketch that poked fun at his legal troubles in the form of a fictitious music video called “Piss on You.” As the writer tells it, Kelly did not take kindly to the parody, which made light of his 2002 indictment on child pornography charges after a video surfaced in which a man believed to be the singer allegedly urinated on an underage girl. He was acquitted of all 14 counts in 2008.  “R. Kelly wanted to fight Dave,” Brennan said. “Literally, his goons stepped to Dave in Chicago and Dave’s goons intervened. The goons negotiated.”

Ray J Spends Over 400,000 On B-Day Cars: Ray J rang in his 38th birthday with the best gift possible — a couple of new 4-wheel treats for himself and his wife, Princess Love … for which he spared no expense.  Sources close to the R&B singer tell TMZ … Ray went car shopping Wednesday at one of the best pit stops for the filthy rich — Barrett-Jackson Auction Co. in Scottsdale, AZ, where he was given the VIP treatment by none other than CEO Craig Jackson. Jackson guided Ray on a tour of the facility along with his movie producer pal, RD Whittington, where they saw just about every type of classic car you can imagine. By the end of it, Ray was ready to buy like a 2018 Mercedes-Benz Maybach and 2019 Lincoln Navigator! Total cost … a cool $410,000. TMZ sources say the Maybach was the pricier whip of the two, running him $320k, while the Lincoln cost $90k.

Common Speaks Out On Travis Scott & Super Bowl Furor:   Common has never been one to shy away from speaking his truth on social issues, so it’s only right the people over at TMZ asked him to share his thoughts. The rapper was stopped on Wednesday and asked what he thinks about an artist of Scott’s current status making such a move.  “Man, that Super Bowl, I ain’t with supporting the NFL,” Common explained. “When I say they don’t support black people, Kaepernick said he was standing up for people who are being shot down, black and brown people, the NFL basically blackballed him. They’ve shown how they feel about us for real. I respect the NFL players but the owners, man, they ain’t shown nothing. Look, I love Travis Scott,” he continued. “He’s a dope dude but I really don’t wanna support none of that stuff. More than anything, I respect people like Rihanna that said they didn’t wanna do that and they ain’t gonna support that. But Travis is doing what he gotta do, doing what he feels. I feel like, man, I wish he wouldn’t, to be honest [but] it’s his own choice though, man. I love him . . . but all I know is I’m supporting Kaepernick. I want you to know that.”

Morgan Freeman’s Grandaughter’s Killer’s Mother Blames Him For Killing:  In an emotional sentencing of the man who killed Morgan Freeman’s granddaughter, the defendant’s family screamed that it was all the famed “Shawshank Redemption” actor’s fault, alleging that he sexually abused the victim when she was younger.  According to Page Six, “Morgan Freeman molested her and he caused this. He did this,” Lamar Davenport’s mother yelled to a reporter as she was ushered out of court for shouting to her son when the judge handed down a 20-year sentence. “He’s innocent! It was an accident!” she insisted. The allegations of an affair between Freeman and his step-granddaughter E’Dena Hines were made by the defense during Davenport’s murder trial in Manhattan Supreme Court. Freeman has strongly denied the allegations.  Davenport was convicted of stabbing Hines, who was his girlfriend, more than 25 times Aug. 16, 2015, on West 162nd Street.  He was in the throes of a PCP-induced rage when he slaughtered Hines in full view of neighbors and pedestrians.  In a partial win for the defense, Davenport was found guilty of the lesser included charge of manslaughter. He waived a jury trial, leaving his fate entirely in the hands of the judge.


An obnoxious girlfriend flirted and slipped her business card to my date in front of me.

by Sarah Smart

Q.  I was out the other night with a new date and ran into a couple of girlfriends who are untrustworthy. Both of them gushed over the guy like he was a movie star and I saw one of them slip him a card, which he hurriedly put in his pocket and never mentioned. i thought the act was very disrespectful.  I’m furious.  But I don’t want to come across like I’m paranoid and jealous, so I’m afraid to say anything to him.  But I’m so angry I must do something.  What would you do?  Should I speak to him or her or both?


The Dating Chronicles

The Reversal

Celeste was feeling sad and daydreaming as usual while listening to her friend Marie’s chatter about the new club they were going to.  She was thinking about Brad and their last night together, and how much she’d been hurt by his words.  “I’m just not ready to be in love right now and you are…and I don’t think it’s fair to you for me to feel something different than what you feel.” The phone rang and she let Marie answer it.  She didn’t feel like moving or going out.  She was tired of clubs and men-scouting, and she wasn’t in the mood for loud music.


For Men Only

Love Language 101:

by Cheryl Lakes

Female Phrases – Here’s What A Woman Means When She Says…

“FINE” – This is the word we use at the end of any argument that we feel we are right about but need to shut you up.  NEVER use fine to describe how a woman looks.  This will cause you to have one of those arguments.    MORE


If He Leaves

His Wife For You…

Can It Work? 

by Lyn Cardin

There are so many single women out here hooked up with married men who are promising to leave their wives.  But they never do…really.  I ought to know.  When I first met Clyde, he was charming, handsome and immediately upfront.  He had a wife and three children.  I was very lonely at the time and tired of looking for love.  So, what originally began as an alternative to a hermit-like existence, evolved into a torrid love affair, as a secret meet became a way of life for me.


Dating Data

Your Relationship…

Is It A Good One?

We Dare You To Take Our Quiz!

by M.K. Allison

Think about your current relationship.  Are you really getting the payoffs from the time and effort you put in it?  Are you really happy?  Or, is it one-sided with him/her reaping all the benefits, while you float in and out of misery?  Check off the following statements that apply to you and see for yourself if this is where you ought to be!


In Search Of

The Perfect Guy

Profiles In Courage

Sarah married the same man twice, because she was unable to “luck up on anything better.”  She is currently divorced. She had been in and out of several relationships with guys that were unfulfilling and extremely disappointing.  Her words…”I am thirty six years old, and I often wonder will I ever come across a relationship where I will feel loved, trusting and comfortable.  I am a school teacher and I prefer men who are ambitious, exposed and intellectually compatible.  But lately, I’ve been trying to expand my horizons by being more open to dating guys who are not necessarily on my social plane.  But that has not worked either.  I’ve found that men from a different social strata have a tendency to be overly sensitive about our differences as it relates to taste, friends and social pursuits.


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