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MTV Ratings

by Cheryl Lakes

Tiffany Haddish As Host Shoots Up Ratings:  The MTV Movie & TV Awards got a big ratings boost from host Tiffany Haddish and a savvy scheduling shift.   Variety reports that the Monday-night telecast drew 3.371 million total viewers across 10 Viacom-owned cable channels, including MTV and VH1 — up 21% from the 2017 installment — according to Nielsen live-plus-same day. Monday’s show was also up 20% from last year in the 18-34 demo with a 2.39 rating, and up 21% in the 18-49 demo at 2.21.  Viewership was more concentrated this year on core channels MTV and VH1. Total viewership on the two networks was up 37% from last year, while ratings grew 30% in the 18-34 demo and 35% in 18-49.  Looking at the seven channels that aired the telecast this year and last, the show was up 27% in total viewers, 25% in 18-49, and 21% in 18-34.  Nielsen also dubbed the show the most social television program of the evening. According to MTV internal data, the awards show was streamed 83 million times, more than double last year’s show.  Tiffany also won the award for Best Comedic Actress In A Movie.

Jesse Williams’ Expensive Divorce:  TV’s Jesse Williams’ divorce just got WAY more expensive, because a judge has just doubled his monthly nut.  Jesse has been ordered to pay $50,000 a month in child support to estranged wife Aryn Drake-Lee.  He had previously been ordered to pay over $50k a month in spousal … that was upped from $33k.  Jesse and Aryn have 2 kids, and the boom was inevitably going to be lowered on Jesse in the child support department. His lawyers had argued the $50,000 a month in spousal support should cover child support expenses, but that’s not the law. Courts separate child from spousal support.  According to court docs, Jesse pulls in $521,000 a month.  The support orders are temporary until the couple either reaches a final settlement or the court imposes a final order.  Daily Mail first reported the change in child support.

Blac Chyna Explained Why She Dumped Teenage Boyfriend:  Chyna is fed up with YBN Almighty Jay‘s shady ways … and that’s why she dumped him.  TMZ reports:  “Sources close to Blac Chyna tell TMZ … she felt disrespected because the 18-year-old rapper was slipping into a few girls’ DMs. She also claims he was hanging out with several chicks after performances.  Did we mention he’s 18?  On top of that, we’re told BC and YBN got into lots of arguments lately.  We’re told that — along with his wandering eye — is why Chyna broke off the relationship about a week ago.  And there’s this … our Chyna sources say she thinks YBN knocked up a chick too. A source close to Jay tells us there’s no confirmation yet that he’s got a kid on the way.  Baby or not, we’re told Chyna had enough and pulled the plug.”


I overheard a woman talking about her “boyfriend” who also turned out to be my boyfriend.

by Sarah Smart

Q.  I was sitting in the beauty salon the other day and overheard a woman in the next chair discussing her new boyfriend. I felt myself straining as she described the flowers and the cozy dinners, but I practically fell out of the chair when she mentioned his name and he turned out to be my boyfriend.  I’m crushed, but also confused on whether or not I should confront him.  I know he will deny any knowledge of this woman.  But I have to let him know I know.  Even though he has never treated me in a manner even close to what she described, I need him in my life.  I was alone too long before I met him.  What would you suggest I do?  I didn’t even get her name.   MORE

The Dating Chronicles

The Party


Rod had seen Donna when she entered the party.  He had come in hopes that she might be there.  It was an annual party that she never missed, but he was unprepared for the large lump that came up in his throat and the soft punch that dropped in his stomach.  His hands shook as he walked toward the bar.  She was talking to another woman.  He relaxed from the inside as he watched her greet others warmly.




How Free Are You?

by Theo McNee

I felt pure sympathy as I listened to my co-worker vent in profane language her f frustration about what just happened to her in a meeting.  Another co-worker in the same meeting had not only stolen her idea, which the boss praised as a good one, but when co-worker #1 tried to stop her by asserting herself, co-worker #2 called her a stupid liar in front of her peers.  The problem was that co-worker #1 said nothing.  She just stormed out of the conference room in tears, and co-worker #2, who was considered the office bully got away with deceit and intimidation AGAIN!.    MORE

Single Scenarios

Confessions From The Front…

  • “I recently experienced the callousness of two men who separately spurned my love and devotion for the flailing arms of another woman. One ended our relationship by leaving a message on my voicemail, and the other sent me a text.”


7 Surprising

Facts About

Domestic Violence

FACT:  More Men Are Victims Than Ever Before.

by Coco Diong

FACT #1:  Singles (men and women) often suffer silently in abusive relationships and no one really talks about it.   I discovered this when I recently attended a singles women’s conference and one of the speakers called for those in the room who had suffered physical abuse in non-marital relationships to stand.  I was shocked when at least half of the women in the room stood, including my friend who was sitting next to me.  (There were over 300 women in attendance)  It turned out that she had been in an abusive relationship for over two years and was too embarrassed to tell anyone.  She confessed she was too scared to end the relationship because she was afraid he would kill her.  MORE

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