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This Week

Beyonce Makes

History Again!

by Sierra Silverspoon

Beyonce Makes History Again!  Beyonce is now the Queen (Bey) of YouTube. Her Coachella performance was the most streamed in YouTube history.   The singer set a YouTube record with 458,000 simultaneous viewers. TMZ pointed out that it’s the most ever for a single Coachella performance since YouTube started streaming the festival eight years ago.  She shattered the previous record, set last year, by Lady Gaga.  Coincidentally, Gaga only played Coachella last year after Bey canceled because she was due to give birth to her and Jay-Z’s twins. Beyonce’s streaming audience was 75 percent larger than Gaga’s.  TMZ said the festival did insanely well, in general having generated 43.1 million live stream views in 232 countries. This year’s Coachella is now the most-viewed live music festival ever on YouTube. One of those viewers was none other than Adele, who happily let the world know that she was watching her “idol” Beyonce.   Adele posted a series of brief videos on Instagram that show her watching Beyonce’s performance — which also featured appearances from husband Jay-Z and Destiny’s Child members Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland.  BTW…Wendy Williams, who has often been a ridiculous critic of Beyonce, devoted a great portion of her show on Monday to discussing admiringly Beyonce’s performance at Coachella.  She went so far as to name her “the greatest entertainer who ever lived.”  She said Beyonce was even better than Michael Jackson.

Paula Patton Declares Love For Married Man:  Is Paula Patton having a moment to match her new hair color.  Girlfriend has found love with another woman’s husband, according to Page Six and she announcing it to the world..  The actress spoke candidly about her new “boyfriend,” Zachary Quittman in a recent interview with Essence, calling it a “suburban romance” that blossomed while their kids played after-school sports together.  The only problem? Also apparently present at those after-school events was his wife.  Patton “paints herself as the jilted woman who was left for another woman,” a source says, referencing Patton’s split from ex Robin Thicke. “But she’s doing the same crap.  She’s a hypocrite.”  Despite reports that Quittman is a single dad, he’s in fact reportedly a father of two who’s been with his wife for 20 years. They have not legally separated nor has he removed any of his items from their shared home since moving in with Patton. He relocated to Patton’s place when they began dating one month ago.  “When you know, you know,” Patton told Essence. “I love him.”  Quittman’s now-estranged wife, who “thought [Patton] was nice,” having spent time with her in social settings with other moms, “has just been shocked.”

Fake Starbucks Coupons For Blacks Circulating:  Bogus coupons for a free beverage exclusively for African American customers are circulating on social media.  The ads claim to offer free drinks for “people of color” or those of “African American heritage.” The counterfeit coupons appeared a day after Starbucks announced it would close more than 8,000 locations on May 29 for a day of “racial-bias education geared toward preventing discrimination in our stores” after an incident that ended with two black men being arrested at a Philadelphia location last week. “We’re sorry,” the faux voucher reads. “We know we can do better. Starbucks values all people of color, and we are working on employee sensitivity training. The best dialogue starts over a cup of coffee and we’d like to buy you one.”  Starbucks denies the authenticity of the ads. “This is completely false and in no way associated with Starbucks,” a rep for the coffee chain told Business Insider.

                                                     See Video Of The Week Below


My boyfriend is 10 years younger and I don’t trust he’s sincere because of the age difference.

by Sarah Smart

Q.  I am currently dating a guy who is ten years younger than me, and I’m very paranoid about it. I don’t trust him, and I’m afraid to let him out of my sight.  Whenever I see him talking to a woman his age, I feel sick inside.  I really like this guy, but I’m miserable when he’s not around.  I can’t figure out why he’s with me and it’s driving me crazy.  He drives my car (BMW) and whenever he returns it, I go over it like a detective looking for evidence of another woman.  What can I do to stop being so suspicious?    MORE

The Dating Chronicles


Maria had been dating Bill for awhile, but she didn’t like taking Bill around her friends because he lacked the credentials required to be in their circle. Though he was a good-looking guy, he was a mechanic and Maria was a schoolteacher.  She liked Bill because he was a good companion and very dependable, but she longed for a more suitable mate– she could be proud to be with.



10 Ways

To Live

Your Best Life!

by M.K. Allison

Recently, I came across some great life tips by the motivational speaker, Anthony Robbins, which offered a new perspective on living that I found life-changing.  Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.  Last year, at Christmas time, when I pulled the name of a longtime enemy out of the grab bag at work, I decided to exceed the $15.00 gift rule, and gave her a $25 cash card.  When she opened the card, and came over and hugged me, I knew our feuding days were over, and I felt wonderful.   Later, she became my best ally at work.  MORE

Dating Data

Single SnapShots

The Things We Hear…

  • “My sister had been separated from her husband about four months, and had no idea where he was. That is… until she anonymously received some wedding photos of him and another woman via the mail.”
  • “When I go in a woman’s home, I am consciously checking for her cleanliness factor, and the bathroom is the perfect place to tell how clean she is.”
  • “I hate to take a woman out to a restaurant who does not ask my permission to order expensive items on the menu.”


Smart Women

Senseless Choices

by Jan Pitts

Last year, a former college classmate, who is a very successful businesswoman, asked my advice about marrying a guy, fifteen years younger, who showed up drunk at their engagement party, and earns $24,000 a year as a store clerk.   Needless to say, she didn’t take my advice, which was to dump him.  Six months later, it was over, when he moved out of her luxury apartment and took her furniture with him while she was at work. However, her story is not unique. The following are some poignant examples of how far some women will go to be joined emotionally to the opposite sex…and I’m talking smart, accomplished women who are attractive, yet lonely.  The names have been changed (naturally) and these are all true stories.     MORE


14 Top Reasons

To Exercise Daily…

by Porter Shimer

Exercise is more critical for basic survival, both physical and mental,  Only 30 minutes of moderate physical activity each day are needed to help unleash the cellular angst brought on by inactivity.  Bear that in mind as you review the following summary of the proven benefits of exercise:  1.  Exercise increases circulation by widening blood vessels and even creating new ones, thus reducing risks of heart attack and stroke. 2Exercise lowers blood pressure, a major risk factor for heart attack, aneurysms, glaucoma, and stroke.  3. Exercise improves the ratio of good (HDL) to bad (LDL) cholesterol in the blood, thus reducing the risk of heart attack due to arterial blockage caused by the accumulation of plaque on artery walls.     MORE


Hooked Up?

8 Things To

Do When It’s

Not Good…

by Jovan Tahale

  1. Speak out openly about what’s bothering you. State what it is you don’t like.  Stop accepting what you don’t like.  2. If you’re doing a lot of complaining and nothing changes, then you must change. Move away in active pursuit of happiness.  3. Remember, if you continue to settle for less than best, your partner will have no motivation to change. Don’t be afraid of a “time out.”  Sometimes being missed works wonders.  MORE

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