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                                THIS WEEK

thinktanklogoimageonly-150x150 Did Omarosa

Get Fired

From WH?

by Cheryl Lakes

Did Omarosa Get Fired?  Omarosa Manigault Newman, a White House aide and infamous former “Apprentice” contestant, resigned Tuesday evening, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told NBC News, “to pursue other opportunities.”  Her departure will not be effective until January 20, 2018, the White House said.  Newman has a long history with Trump, beginning with her time as a controversial contestant on several seasons of Trump’s reality TV show, “The Apprentice.” Her brash and manipulative persona on the show both endeared her to Trump and made her a must-watch character.  During the 2016 presidential campaign, Newman rallied crowds ahead of the then-candidate, traveling the country with an informal group of other “women for Trump” to make the case for the candidate. (Lara Trump, pro-Trump surrogate Katrina Pierson, and YouTube stars Diamond & Silk were also part of the group, who sometimes sported matching, pink jackets with “women for Trump” logos on them.)  Omarosa was one of his highest profile African-American female supporters and one of the few black women in Trump’s West Wing.  Her title during her year in the White House was assistant to the president and communications director for the Office of Public Liaison.  Rumors flew that Chief Of Staff John Kelly kept a rein on her and her movements in the White House.  Update:  It is now confirmed that Omarosa’s departure was rumored back in September following a number of controversies.  Sources told the Daily News in September that White House chief of staff John Kelly was unhappy with Manigault’s oversized influence on the President and her ability to get him worked up over hot topics.  Kelly did the firing and Manigault “acted very vulgar and cursed a lot and said she helped elect President Trump,” sources told American Urban Radio Networks’ April Ryan.  Manigault had to be escorted from the building after Kelly told her she was out, Ryan said.

Tavis Smiley Show Suspended Due To Sexual Misconduct:  “Effective today, PBS has indefinitely suspended distribution of ‘Tavis Smiley,’ produced by TS Media, an independent production company,” an announcement from PBS, obtained by the outlet, said. The company made the decision after an investigation into Smiley’s behavior “uncovered multiple, credible allegations of conduct that is inconsistent with the values and standards of PBS,” the statement said.  According to Variety, sources said PBS hired an outside law firm to conduct the investigation, which consisted of interviews from 10 employees of TS Media, some of which were past employees. The interviewees were reportedly of different genders, races and employment roles within Smiley’s production company.  Smiley allegedly had sexual relationships with multiple staff members, some of which reportedly felt that their relationship with the TV host was connected to their employment status.  Some said Smiley’s behavior generated a hostile work setting, Variety reported.  A representative for Smiley could not be reached by Fox News for comment

Simone Biles Debut As A Houston Texans Cheerleader:  People reports that The Team USA gymnastics superstar grabbed her pom-poms and hit the sidelines with the team on Sunday as the very first “honorary” member of the squad.   Biles did pretty well outside of missing a couple of steps …  but given the fact she only had a few days to practice, it was super impressive.  Biles trained with the team AFTER gymnastics practices, where she’s putting in work for the 2020 Olympics. Biles slipped on the iconic red boots, that were custom-made for her, along with her very own uniform and pom poms. While thousands cheered for Biles from the stands, no one was more supportive of her than boyfriend and fellow gymnast Stacey Ervin   “I had such an amazing experience cheering at the Texans Game Definitely a memory to last forever!” Biles wrote for one of her series of behind-the-scenes photos shared on Instagram, also calling Ervin her “right hand” in a photo of the pair.

Idris Throws Christmas Party In London:  Actor/heartthrob Idris Elba and his girlfriend of seven months were spotted together at his Christmas Party celebrating the upcoming holidays. We hear that the event filled with local British celebrities inspired Idris to put on his DJ Dris hat and put some spin on the turntables.  He held the party at Kadie’s Cocktail Bar & Club with his 29-year-old honey, the former Miss Vancouver Sabrina Dhowre at his side.   We’re glad to see they’re still together and they appear to be booed up.

                                                  See Video Of The Week Below


I caught my fiance`out with his ex-girlfriend four months after he proposed to me.

by Sarah Smart

Q.  My boyfriend proposed four months ago and we set the wedding date for February.  Two weeks ago, I ran into him in a club dancing with an ex-girlfriend.  After an angry confrontation, he confessed that he still loved her and he called our wedding off. A week later, he came back begging and apologizing, saying he realized the only woman he loved was me and asked me to forgive him and to go through with the wedding.  I’m confused as to what to do.  I have never felt so hurt in my life.    MORE 

The Dating


Two Sides Of A Story…

Her Side:

Sharon shifted her body uncomfortably in the passenger seat of the car.  The ride back to her place was long and the conversation had dwindled to polite grunts.  She glanced over at the driver without turning her head to gauge the potential for closeness…but she saw none.  This was their first date, and she was thrilled to be out with him.  She wondered what he was thinking.  They worked in the same office and she had finally got enough nerve to approach him and invite him out to eat.      MORE

The Holiday Rush

For Romance

7 Success Stories

 by Cheryl Lakes

I usually begin to get nervous about the holidays on Halloween night after I give out the last piece of candy to the last batch of kids and realize that the real holidays are coming and I have no one to cozy up with…again.   As has been my pattern for the last two years I get busy the next day with a new quest to find a “holiday love.”  I do this because the thought of spending the holidays alone is overwhelming, especially the Christmas season.  There is just something about the chimes and sounds of Christmas that causes me to long for someone to enjoy the holidays with.


8 Ways To

Conquer The

Holiday Blues

by Coco Diong

For six years straight invariably, I found myself alone (meaning no romantic connection) on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.  The irony is that all these days seem to flow together in a patch that leaves me feeling slighted by the hand of Fate.  On Thanksgiving, I would begin the day with a morning marathon of whatever movies were on cable, then dress in old jeans, and lop lazily to my mother’s for the annual family gathering.  This was always my worst holiday, because it seemed every year there were more cousins showing up with new husbands and/or boyfriends.  MORE

5 Dating



by Laura Gilbert

It’s no secret that the language of love isn’t always the most, well, direct.  That’s why so many single people spend hours analyzing emails from dates trying to figure out if “I’m busy at work” is a brush-off, or wondering whether that invitation of “I’ll make dinner for you” indicates a desire to share a whole lot more than a favorite garlic chicken recipe.  How can you figure out what someone’s really trying to say?  To help you out, we got a bevy of dating experts to decode eight common lines so you’ll spend less time scratching your head and more time communicating.    MORE





by Jake Leland

I had been dating this woman for four weeks, when my friend Ed asked if I were taking her to my mother’s house for the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  Suddenly, my head was in a turmoil.  We had been dating pretty heavy since we’d met and I liked her.  But I wasn’t ready to expose her to my family.  For the last two years, in my search for the right woman, I had brought two different women under the scrutinizing eyes of my four sisters, and I wasn’t about to go through that again, until I was sure of the quality of the relationship.  Plus, I wasn’t ready yet to have her see the intimate side of my life, and I expressed that to Ed.


Your Best Life This Year

How Did

You Do?

Your Annual Report

by Jan Pitts

Take a look at this year and a close look at your journey.  Compare it to the year before.  Was it better or worse?  This is a great way to examine your life’s activity over the past eleven months and measure your progress and/or growth.  See what applies to you as you reflect over the year.  Hopefully, this will allow you the opportunity to evaluate what you need to do different (if anything) in the upcoming year.


Video of the Week

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