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Retort Costs

Co. Millions

by Sierra Silverspoon

Rihanna, The Power Girl:  RiRi caused Snapchat to lose $800 millionThe singer tore into the app on Thursday for allowing an offensive ad to appear on its platform. Her remark sent Snap’s stock down nearly 4%, erasing nearly $800 million from its market value. Snap’s stock opened slightly down Friday.  The ad in question was for the mobile game “Would You Rather?,” and it presented users with two options: “Slap Rihanna” or “Punch Chris Brown.” Brown pleaded guilty in 2009 to beating Rihanna during an argument while they were dating. Rihanna issued a statement on her Instagram account calling out Snap for the ad.  “Now SNAPCHAT I know you already know you ain’t my fav app out there!  But I’m just trying to figure out what the point was with this mess!” the singer wrote.   “I’d love to call it ignorance but I know you ain’t that dumb. You spent money to animate something that would intentionally bring shame to DV victims and made a joke of it.”  She added: “Shame on you.”  Snap issued a statement to CNN calling the ad “disgusting.” “We are investigating how that happened so that we can make sure it never happens again,” the company said.   The incident highlights the dangers of self-service ad platforms, which lets companies buy and submit ads without human negotiation. Many social networks use this method. In its ad policy, Snap says ads submitted to the platform are “subject to our review and policy” and doesn’t allow content that depicts “excessive violence.”

Is Eddie Murphy A Cold Papa Or What?  It seems Hollywood star Eddie Murphy is ‘not interested’ in seeing his 10-year-old daughter Angel, the child he has with America’s Got Talent star Mel B, a Los Angeles court was told Wednesday. The Spice Girl’s ex-husband Stephen Belafonte – who helped raise Angel during his 10-year marriage to Mel – is trying to persuade a judge to grant him step-parent visitation with the child, whom, he says, “has called me dad since she started to talk.” Mel, 42 – who showed up at LA Superior Court wearing a green silk shirt, flowered pants, yellow spike heels and a new flowing hairdo – is vehemently opposing his efforts, refusing to let him see her daughter.  But Belafonte’s lawyer, Grace Jamra, said that she had been trying to reach Murphy, Angel’s biological dad, to discuss Belafonte’s step-parent request, but to no avail.   Jamra said she was told by his lawyers that Murphy is simply “not interested.”   Mr Murphy has had no contact with the child,’ she told the court.’

Toni Braxton (The Future Mrs. Birdman) Owes IRS Big:  As you all know by now, Toni is engaged to the rap mogul, but according to BOSSIP, Toni might want to get on top of her tax liens before jumping the broom with Mr.Birdman. The singer owes almost $1 Million in back taxes from 2015 until now. According to The Blast, Four tax liens have been filed against Braxton recently; two from the State of California and two from the federal government. This is how it breaks down: State of Californa-2015: $113,500.93-2016: $116,870.07-Federal-2015: $310,223.28-2016: $240,214.01   This federal debt Toni has acquired totals to $780,808.29.

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I overheard my girlfriend telling one of her friends things about us that I consider private.

by Sarah Smart

Q.  Recently, I stopped by my girlfriend’s house unexpectedly and as I stood at the door, I overheard her telling a friend on the phone all about our relationship.  Some of the things she mentioned were very personal and private to me, and I resented her for it.  I broke up with her because I felt betrayed, but all my buddies say that I’ve overreacting to a common occurrence. Do women tell their girlfriends everything?  What do you say?     MORE

The Dating Chronicles



Cathy met Tony at a health conference in another city, and they both were surprised to learn they were from the same town.  She was immediately impressed because he was a doctor, good-looking, and charming, and seemed equally enchanted with her.  They clicked and spent the whole weekend together.  Cathy hoped it was a fling and looked forward to seeing him again.   MORE



Love In

An Instant!

It Can Happen! 

by Jovan Tahale

Never get discouraged Ladies!  Though sometimes the date prospects may look slim,  believe it or not, there are a lot of interesting guys out there looking to make a real match.  You’ve just got to be in the right place at the right time…and you never know where that place may be.  I met my honey pumping my own gas, and he offered to do it for me.  He spoke to me and said, “a woman as pretty as you shouldn’t be pumping her own gas.”   And he’s been pumping mine ever since.  I talked to several women who described how they met the man of their dreams.     MORE

Point Of View

Not Every Single

Wants To

Be Married…

Who Wants To Be A Husband?

by John Mazen

When a friend of mine recently got married, I actually felt sorry for him.  I know he didn’t know what he was doing, because it was his first time.  But I had been there and done that…and had vowed to never do it again.   In my opinion, it takes a certain kind of man to be married, to put up with all the stuff that goes with sharing a house with a woman.   MORE

Dating Data



by Jan Pitts

Do you believe in Fate?  Have you ever had a strange feeling that something was about to happen and it did?  Or have you ever felt drawn by some strange force to do something out of the ordinary that was difficult to explain?  Has anyone ever predicted that something would happen to you and it did?   Well, for some, these occurrences have been very real and there are those who believe that Fate has its way of fulfilling its purpose by letting “a chosen few” in on it before it happens.    MORE




And Fun

To Be With?

You are if you have…

  • A sincere desire to please others. A faked, hypocritical interest in others, on the other hand, sounds sycophantic and insincere.
  • A good sense of humor. This quality is a saving grace in any conversation, and people who can laugh at themselves without putting themselves down are real winners.  MORE


The Triangle

Of Terror 

7 Ways To Balance

Sleep, School And Social Life

by Abigail Dye

There are three things one must balance in college that make up the triangle of terror. Sleep, school and social life. Legend has it that there is only time for two of the three. So, if you want to have a social life and good grades, you’ll get no sleep. If you want a social life and sleep, your grades will fall, etc. There is some truth to this, after all there are only so many hours in a day and college classes are extremely demanding. But, if you’re very efficient and productive with your time you can find a balance between the three – here is how.   MORE

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