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Chris Admits

Cheating On

His Wife

by Sierra Silverspoon

Nelly Is Accused Again:  Apparently, the woman was serving in the U.S. military at the time of the incident and Nelly Is Being Accused Again:  More details are now being discovered about the second woman who Nelly’s initial accuser’s lawyer discovered who also accused Nelly of an earlier sexual assaulthad took the night off to see Nelly in concert back in June of 2016, according to The Blast.  The new accuser says she felt manipulated into being alone with the star after he directed her from a “fan” area to a “VIP” room. She says she used her military force to remove his hand from under her dress and move out of there quickly.  Jane Doe said she realized Nelly expected to have sex with her, which left her feeling “disappointed in him and disgusted.”  She also claims Nelly tried to prevent her from opening the door and leaving the room, but was able to escape when security came to check on them.  She says although Nelly “didn’t get the chance to violate her further, his actions were reprehensible.”

 Jill Scott’s Husband Granted Restraining Order: Jill’s estranged husband snagged a victory in divorce court this week. A judge granted Mike Dobson’s request for a restraining order against Scott that bars her from trash talking him to her friends, the press and on social media.  Dobson filed a motion for a restraining order against the “Golden” singer last month after accusing her of airing their dirty laundry on social media and outright lying to family members and others about his sexual orientation and being a a con artist.

Jamie Foxx Outfoxes “Fox:” Jamie Foxx walked off an interview with ESPN after the sly host asked the Academy Award-winning actor about his rumored relationship with actress Katie Holmes.   Foxx, 50, was speaking with “SportsCenter” host Michael Smith on Friday before the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game in which the actor was playing, E! News reported.  Smith asked Foxx about being prepared for the game before he tried to transition the conversation to the actor’s private relationship with Holmes, 39.  “And I know you’ve prepared and I saw pictures,” Smith asked. “Did you and Katie Holmes play basketball for Valentine’s Day? Like some real ‘Love and Basketball’?”  Foxx, who is known as a stickler for his privacy, did not answer, but instead took off his earphones and attempted to take the microphone off before an assistant helped him, as Foxx looked puzzled into the camera.  The actor then walked off camera and back to the basketball court where he began to do exercises.

Woman Dies After Kissing Boyfriend:  :  A Canadian woman out on a first date with her boyfriend died shortly after kissing her boyfriend goodnight.  Her boyfriend had eaten a peanut butter sandwich before taking her home, and unbeknownst to him, Myriam had a peanut allergy. His kiss quickly sent her into anaphylactic shock, and she didn’t have her EpiPen with her…The couple called emergency services and tried to use her asthma inhaler to open up her throat. Sadly,  it did nothing to help her, and she died en route to the hospital.

                     Be Sure To Go See The Black Panther This Week.  See Trailer Below.


I plan to attend the wedding of my ex-fiance to rattle him after he dumped me the night before our wedding.

by Sarah Smart

Q.  Six months ago, my fiancé phoned at 3:00 in the morning and called our wedding off, which was the next day, because he “wasn’t ready to be married.” Three weeks ago, I heard he was planning to marry the ex-girlfriend he dumped me for next month.  I have not heard from him since that night and I have a need to show up at the wedding for the sole purpose of watching him squirm.  He hates any form of confrontation and I know my presence there would succeed in ruining his day.  As I think about the pleasure I would receive from watching him sweat, it helps to heal the gaping hole that he left in my heart.   MORE

The Dating Chronicles


February 18, 2018

Hank was a guy who saw people who skirted the truth as weak and spineless.  He didn’t approve of soft-pedaling language.  To him, the truth could stand on its own and therefore should be expressed regardless of the consequences.  For Hank, truth had a certain shock value and he enjoyed watching its impact on others.  He would get excited at the prospect of blowing someone away with his unexpected bluntness.  MORE


Rate Your


Should You Be In Or Out?

by M.K. Allison

If your relationship is not satisfying and you are not where you really want to be, don’t be afraid to change the scenery.  Don’t hang on like this is the only man or woman in the world you could love.  It is not so.  Picture your current relationship.  Is it 70% of what you’d want it to be.  No relationship is 100%.  But it is reasonable for one to expect 2/3 of what is desired to be present when the heart is given free rein over the head.   Are you happy or complacent?  Is he/she meeting those needs that are necessary to your spiritual well-being?  Can you talk?  Does he listen?  Does she really care?


Dating Data

The Bachelor – Week 7

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

by Jakub Dulak

The Good

  • Tuscany is a lovely location. Production caught some fantastic footage.
  • A lot of the girls are being very realistic about whether or not they’re actually falling for Arie. Jacquie says it well: “I don’t know if I’m falling in love….or falling in love with the idea of falling in love”.  Jacqueline essentially dumped Arie. That’s incredibly satisfying to watch, seeing The Bachelor himself robbed of his power and brought down a notch.        MORE

Ending It…

Can The

Truth Be Told?

by Cheryl Lakes

A couple of years ago, my boyfriend of eight months told me he had to step away from the relationship because he wanted to concentrate on his career (he was an architect) and “frankly”  just didn’t wish to be in a committed situation at that time.  A month later,  I saw a photo of him hugged up and grinning with a  woman in the newspaper announcing their engagement.  I stayed in bed for two days.   MORE


“The Worst Advice

I Ever Took”


  • “I walked up to a handsome guy at a party and asked him to dance, after being urged on by my girlfriends, and he told me in a very condescending tone that he didn’t dance with women.”
  • “After discovering my husband in an indiscreet position with my best friend, my mother and sister advised me to hang on for dear life, because I would lose too much if I divorced him.  I forgave him and hung on and nine months later, he divorced me and married her.”


18 Ways

To Tell

He’s In Love

by M.K. Allison

We are constantly in a pickle when we’re emotionally attached to the opposite sex.  We spend our nights, days and weekends wondering if he cares…feels what we feel…feel what we want him to feel, etc.  We spend breathless moments interpreting, misinterpreting, rationalizing, guessing and hoping the love we want so badly is finally here.  But is it?  MORE

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