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Kills Doctor

At Hospital

by Cheryl Lakes

Tragedy At Chicago Hospital:  A 28 year old Chicago police officer, a emergency room doctor and a 25 year old pharmacist resident were killed in an attack at Mercy Hospital and Medical Center Monday afternoon that sent medical personnel and police scrambling through halls, stairwells and even the nursery in search of victims and the shooter before he was found dead.  Police were called to the hospital after Juan Lopez, 32, confronted emergency room doctor Tamara O’Neal, 38, apparently over a “broken engagement,” sources said. By the time Officer Samuel Jimenez and his partner arrived on the scene, Lopez had shot O’Neal repeatedly, standing over her as he fired the last shots, according to witnesses.  At a press conference late Monday night, Emergency Department director Patrick Connor grew emotional as he described O’Neal as dedicated to her church and patients. The 38-year-old physician graduated from the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago in 2016 and had worked as a resident at Mercy for two years. She had planned to marry Lopez in October, but broke the engagement off in September.  Steven Mixon, a co-worker said, “Before all this, she was looking forward to getting married,” he said. “Talking about dresses, all of that. But then something happened and it was called off.”   The shooter had threatened to shoot up the Chicago Fire Academy nearly five years ago after he was fired for “improper conduct” toward women there, a Fire Department official said.  Juan Lopez, (pictured above) made the threats to fellow classmates, according to department spokesman Larry Langford.

Miguel Is About To Marry His High School Sweetheart:  BOSSIP reports…Miguel and Nazanin Mandi are on their way to becoming husband and wife.   According to TMZ, the couple went to a Los Angeles courthouse on Monday to obtain a marriage license. It is reported that they were surrounded by jubilant family and friends as they signed the necessary documents required for their union to be recognized.   For those who don’t know, Miguel and Nazanin went on their first date back in 2005 as teenagers, they were engaged in 2016 and are now on the precipice of “I do”.

Blac Chyna Launches Bleaching Cream In Nigeria:  What will girlfriend do next?  BOSSIP reports…Blac Chyna is staying booked and busy, especially now that she’ll have to foot most of the expenses for her babies without the help of Rob Kardashian’s $20,000 child support payments. She is now adding “bleach cream endorser” to her list of jobs. According to a flyer posted on Instagram, Blac Chyna will be hosting a skin bleaching cream event in Nigeria very soon to sell “Whitenicious X Blac Chyna Diamond Illuminating & Lightening Cream.”  Each cream jar features a Swarovski crystal stud design and goes for $250 a pop. Blac Chyna’s reps told TMZ that she’s been using Whitenicious dark spot corrector for a few years to “deal with her hyperpigmentation.”  Now she has her own line of products to sell to women…and she’ll be personally handing them out in Lagos.   Previously, Chyna gloated about her expensive cars and house she purchased with her own money after child support activist Matt Barnes tried to insinuate she’d be going broke without the assistance of Rob’s money.


My boyfriend invited me to go away for a weekend if I’m willing to pay half the expenses. I say no.  What do you say?

by Sarah Smart

Q:  I have been dating a guy for two months, who last week invited me away for a weekend in the country, but explained that I would have to half the expenses.  I was insulted and declined the invite, but my friends say I’m over-reacting.  .This is a real good looking guy who hasn’t spent a hundred dollars on me yet.  We’ve been out for pizza, wine and four movies and each time, he asked me to share the cost.  He makes more money than I do, but basically I think he’s a cheap jerk.  What do you think?  MORE

The Dating Chronicles

The Date

Laila was tense and nervous.  It was her first time in a fancy restaurant and she was thrilled to be with Tom.  He was so handsome and so very nice.  As she sat there, she mused over the events of the day.  She knew that her co-workers were just as surprised as she was, when he asked her out to one of the most exclusive restaurants in the city.  She had overheard them talking in the ladies room.  They felt she was too unpolished to merit such an honor.    MORE

Dating Data

A 8 Step Holiday

Guide To Finding Romance

An  Investigative Report

by Coco Diong

Several months ago, I read a magazine article on “The Fun Guide To Finding The One, and it listed the following places or activities for all those bold enough to venture out in search of the “dream connection.”  Since I had yet to make that hook-up, and was determined not to spend another holiday alone, I decided to try them all and here are my results.





Timid Or Tough?

by Cheryl Lakes

What’s your style when you’re dating?  Do you go along for the ride or do you set the standard for the best scenario for you?  It all begins with good self-esteem.  Here are some smart examples of women with dating styles that fit the “tough” category!


Strange Endings…

Ever Happened

To You?

by Jovan Tahale

Just when you thought this was it…it ended suddenly and abruptly.  This is the relationship you bragged about endlessly to your family and friends.  This is the guy you thought you knew…the one who seemed sincere and then WHAM!!!!  Out of the blue, something happens that you never saw coming and you’re shaken to the core. Check out these stories…


Single Scenarios…

What Do You

Talk About?

by Kay Mendel

Sharnie ended the call and let out a long sigh.  Don was attractive, but boring.  She had lied to get off the phone, but she decided to tell him the truth…one day soon.  She was lonely, but not enough to date a guy whose conversation was so trite.   MORE

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