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Night Movesblack woman in dress

 Going Alone

Can Be Fun…

by Coco Diong

The one thing I’ve never liked about being single was not having a built-in escort, like my married friends..  Everywhere I went last year, I was either accompanied by my sisters or my girlfriends.  This was all due to the fact that my boyfriend calendar was empty, and had been for awhile.  The problem with always going out a bunch of women is that the competition is muted but present, and inadvertently puts up an invisible fence that most guys don’t wish to cross to get to you.

By August last year, I hadn’t met anyone who held the distinction of having romance or escort potential.  Every guy I met seemed to be a homebody, who was either a TV sports fanatic or a gourmet cook, who preferred his television over the great outdoors. Therefore, my excitement level was at an all-time high when I met a handsome school teacher who was outgoing and on the go.  We had been dating about three weeks, and having a great time, when I was invited to my co-worker’s birthday party, which was a spectacular annual black-tie event.

It was a coveted invitation and I was especially excited about finally being able to show up with a guy on my arm instead of another female, who wanted to leave before I was ready.  Plus, it was the kind of party where you either took a date or you stayed home.

When I invited him, he seemed excited about the invitation.   However, on the day of the event, he was a no-show.  As I sat waiting for the phone to ring, I was overwhelmed with disappointment, because I had bought the most beautiful dress and I was dying to wear it.  I decided to go alone, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.  I ended up having a ball, though I turned my car around three times on the way there, to head back home.

When I arrived at the party, I felt conspicuous about being alone, because I was so accustomed to being a part of a group.  I quickly found an obscure seat by the dance floor and watched forlornly watching the coupled ones dance the night away in their designer gowns and tailored tuxedos.

However, my misery didn’t last long, as I was soon discovered by the very handsome cousin of a co-worker’s husband who had just moved to the city…and was there without a date.  He had a gorgeous smile, a wonderful personality and was very interested in me.

I ended up having an unforgettable evening, as we danced the night away.   Though, I was equally intrigued when he asked for my number, I took his instead.  I was tired of being in an expectant state of waiting on the phone to ring and I felt this was as good a time as any to change my routine.

As I drove home that night, I felt bold and and no longer date-dependent to enjoy the single life.  I felt in control of my social life and free and adventurous.   I made the decision to wait a week to call him and relished the thought of having a guy waiting on me to call for a change.

When I did call, he couldn’t hide his excitement.  He wanted to make a date that same night.  I agreed to meet him, and when I got off the phone, I was proud again of my decision to go alone to the party.  It seemed that it not only brought me independence, but it also brought promise.  By the way, it turned out that the schoolteacher didn’t want to bear  the expense of renting a tux and “didn’t know how to tell me.”

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