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The Dating Chronicles

Bad Timing…

January 10, 2019

It was 8:00 and Marie had not heard a word.  Grant was two hours late and she was furious.  This was only their second date and he was late again.  The first time he had been an hour late with no apologies and completely unfazed by its effect on her.  She had mildly voiced her irritation at that time, but now she knew she had to take serious measures to teach him how to treat her.

She had been dressed and ready since 9:00 in anticipation of the date and had been pinching herself for the last week, in excitement over going out with him again.  But she would not be taken lightly.  She knew Grant was overly impressed with himself and the attention he received from women.  However, she worked hard to be respected, and not viewed as just another pretty face.  She knew after the first date, that he would be a tough catch, because he was so self-assured and spoiled by female attention.

She glanced out of the window again for what seemed like the hundredth time and made her decision.  Grant was nice, but obviously needed training.  She had to teach him a lesson and there was no time like now, before the relationship went any further.

She undressed slowly as she removed her glitter for the evening.  She turned out the lights and sat in the dark waiting on the chance to put him in his place.

At 9:00, the doorbell sounded and she didn’t move.  She smiled in sweet satisfaction as the bell began ringing incessantly, it was clear that he had become frantic and her anger ceased in triumph.

She looked forward to the next day, when she would tell him that she had grown tired of waiting and opted to do something else.  Her phone rang all night, but she didn’t answer it until the next morning.  He was never late again.

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