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The 8 Secrets
To That Spectacular Look!
by Darcy McCloud

March 12, 2019

Despite the parade of fashion lookalikes who are commonly seen on every American street, there are those of us who loathe being seen in anything similar to someone else’s attire.   We’re easy to spot.  We have a distinctive look that is unique, classic and becoming.  We enjoy looks and comments of admiration and we work hard to get them.  Here are some facts about us.

  1. We do not wait until the last minute to buy a dress/outfit for that special occasion. We plan ahead.  We are always looking, always searching for that special something that distinguishes us in a classic way.  We buy for that special occasion when there is no specific one in mind.  We know one will be coming up and we want to be prepared when it does.
  2. We rehearse what we’re going to wear before we wear it. We play with all kinds of accessories and looks before we finally face the crowd.  We know that practice makes perfect and in our homes, our mirrors see a lot of practice before we’re pleased with how we look.  We are masters at covering our physical flaws with camouflage attire.
  3. We never wear solid dresses or suits without wearing shoes of the same color and whatever color our shoes are, the same color can be found in our attire.
  4. What’s important to us is what we like, not what everyone else likes or approves of.
  5. Regardless of our sizes, whatever we wear must flatter our figures, not just cover them.
  6. We are not afraid to use our imagination and dare to wear something that was designed for other purposes.
  7. We dress to make a fashion statement.
  8. We understand the seduction of simplicity and that the faintest glimpse of something tasteful is better than a wide view of something overdone.
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