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  • “A man doesn’t usually have an appreciation for men his girlfriend may be friends with, particularly if he doesn’t know them well.  Men have a natural distrust of other men, if they don’t know them personally.”


  • “Women are harder to satisfy than men. With them, there’s always something you could be doing better.  There’s always something that annoys her and always something to talk out.”
  • “Women over-analyze everything that happens in a relationship.  They habitually read more into a situation that was there or falsely read what was meant for them to see.”
  • “The only time a man feels a woman is too aggressive or too assertive is when he doesn’t want her to come on to him and she does.”
  • “If a man is talking to a woman or vice-versa, in a getting to know you capacity and he or she mentions a boyfriend or a girlfriend, close down and move on, because the interest is not mutual. I find that many brothers have what I call the “Alexander the Great Syndrome” which means they feel that whatever is in their way, they can have.”


  • “I’ve never met a man who seemed to know the true meaning of love. It sounds better and more honest when he struggles to say it for the first time and it’s a word that should be used with caution and care.  Because if you give it to someone who wants it, they’ll treasure it like delicate crystal.”
  • “I’ve discovered that men have the same need as women do to feel attractive and a greater need to be told so.”
  • “A real man is at ease around all kinds of people because he is at ease with himself. But this only applies to 10% of the men today.”
  • “I learned that if you look and act as though you are worthy of the best treatment, you will usually receive it.”
  • “Too many women nowadays are doing what they think they have to do for the sake of companionship. But more women are learning that a little sweetness mixed with a little arrogance can keep a man seated on your couch for as long as you want him there.”
  • “Men should know that we are just as finicky about their appearance as they are about ours. We pay attention to poor posture, bulging bellies, outdated clothing, frayed collars, dull shoes, unkempt necklines, un-cared for teeth, uncoordinated colors and ill-fitting clothing.”
  • “The woman who is truly successful with men has learned to combine class, boldness, unpredictability, and smarts into a package that may or may not be physically attractive.”

The Women Say…


  • “Doesn’t smile at children.”
  • “Is separated from his wife.”
  • “Tells you in the beginning that you’re really not his type.”
  • “Mentions the pimple you were hoping he didn’t notice.”
  • “Always wants you to meet him someplace. Beware of the man who doesn’t like to extend himself.”
  • “Is always watching television. With him, if it can’t be done in front of the television, it’s not worth doing.”
  • “Argues over the check more than once. He’ll never spend a dime on you.”

The Men Say…


  • “Smiles and stares at other men. If she has a need to smile at other men, she is not satisfied with you.”
  • “Asks how much a gift cost.”
  • “Has only married girlfriends. She’ll spend every waking hour trying to figure out ways to get you to propose.”
  • “Melts when complimented by other men. No one man can satisfy her need for attention.”
  • “Appears bored in active circumstances.”
  • “Lives for thrills and excitement, while you’re content with meatloaf and football.”
  • “Offers you a TV dinner on the first visit.”
  • “Who doesn’t think you’re funny and you do.”
  • “Tells the secrets of others. You will not be the exception.”


  • “in the next few weeks…Maybe.”
  • “I’ll call, but I don’t know when.”
  • “I’m not excited, but I’m interested enough to leave the door open.”
  • “It could mean the next day or never.”


  • “He likes me and he’ll call within the week.”
  • “He’s interested and he’ll call within 2 or 3 days.”
  • “He wasn’t knocked off his feet, but he may call when he has nothing else better to do.”
  • “He’s not making any promises because he’s not sure if he’s interested.”


  • “We can be intimate, but with no strings attached.”
  • “I may not be romantically inclined. But I could enjoy her company.”
  • “We can be together as long as it’s clear that we do not have a relationship or a commitment.”
  • “I’m trying to discourage her romantic interest in me, because I can’t reciprocate.”


  • “He wants a companion who can be a friend as well.”
  • “He’s not even remotely interested.”
  • “He doesn’t like you, but doesn’t want to alienate you either.
  • “The attraction wasn’t mutual.”
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