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We asked the question…

What Would

You Do?

You are standing talking with friends, when suddenly you feel a pinch on your backside.  You turn around in anger and come face to face with the most handsome man you’ve ever seen, who is apologizing profusely for mistaking you for someone else.”

!         “I’d smile and slap his face.”

!         “I wouldn’t smile. I’d probably be too angry to notice his looks.”

!         “I would accept the apology and admonish him by telling him that gentlemen don’t grab women in such an impolite way and suggest he take some night courses on public greeting techniques.”

!         “If I thought he was sincere, I’d forgive him.  But he would have to react to my looks, not vice versa.”

You go out on a first date, with a woman who insists on going to a restaurant of her choice and orders the most expensive items on the menu.

!         “I’d pay the bill.  But I’d never see her again.”

!         “It would depend on how impressed I was.”

!         “When it came time to pay, I would give her the bill and allow her to assume the responsibility for her actions.”

!         “I wouldn’t pay the bill.  And I would explain to her the difference between a woman with class and one without.”

!         “I would negate her order in front of the waiter, and order what I wanted her to have.”

You’re at a party and a woman walks up and introduces herself as your fiance’s girlfriend.

!         “I wouldn’t listen.”

!         “I would show her my ring and ask for hers.”

!         “I would get all the details and then set him up on the phone with her.”

!         “Girlfriends have no status to me, I would keep walking.”


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