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What’s It Like happy couple 2

Being With You?

 Take Our Personality Quiz

 by Coco Diong

When a friend got home from a date recently, she called to discuss the evening. She’d had a good time…well sort of.  The night ended with her feeling that this first date would probably be the last date, because the guy ended the evening rather abruptly.  Her date had been a handsome co-worker in hot pursuit of her prior to the date.    However, by the end of the night, his enthusiasm had petered out, and she was perplexed as to what changed his mood.

As she dissected the evening, she seemed aware of her strengths and weaknesses on a date.  She spoke of how he told several jokes that she didn’t get and the disappointment on his face when she mentioned she had a basic distrust of men.  She figured she’d blown it when she talked about her college days and her two degrees back to back.   Whatever it was, she was right because she never heard from him again.

It’s true that everyone wants to be accepted, admired and desired, but few people take the time to review their good qualities as well as their not so good ones.  Here’s your chance to reflect on what sort of date you are and your chances of being asked out a second or third time.  Here’s hoping you score higher than I did.

Make note of each statement that applies to you.

  1.  Your Sense of Humor
    a.  You are good at making others laugh.   b.  You don’t laugh easily (you seldom get the joke).       c.  You can laugh at yourself (you are very comfortable with yourself).
  2.  Your Odd Factor
    a.  You are fastidious (all things must be in place and in order).  b. You are paranoid and cynical (you are quick to think someone is against you or you don’t expect things to go right). c.  You have ego issues, (you are best validated by the opinion of the opposite sex.)  d.  You are suspicious (your trust factor is 0). You often expect the worst to happen.  e. You are hyper-sensitive (your feelings are easily trampled on, and you are quick to feel disregarded).  f. You are inhibited (you restrain yourself from free expression or activity,) because you’re overly concerned about how you’ll be perceived.  g.  You talk a lot about who you are and what you’ve done.
  3. Your Attitude  a. You are open-minded (you are not judgmental) b. You are possessive (you want to be all your lover needs).  c.  You are bitter (you are scarred from past experiences and you do little to hide it).   d.  You are savvy (you know what to do, when to do it and how to do it)
  4. Your Skills   a. You are a good listener (you have an interested ear.  b.  Your words are complimentary, soothing, inspiring and intelligent).  c.  Your conversation is stimulating. (you are interesting to talk to because of your opinion, philosophy or sense of humor)
  5. Your Excitement Factor   a.  You are uninhibited (you are unrestrained as it relates to expression and activity.  b.  You use your imagination (you speak your own language of ideas and thoughts.   c.  You are unpredictable (your ways and actions cannot pigeonholed) d. You are funny (it’s fun being with you), because you look for the humor in things.

The Answers

Your Sense of Humor

a– 25 points

b.    0 points

c.   25 points

Your Odd Factor

a.– 20 points

b – 0 points

c–  0 points

d – 0 points

e – 0 points

f – 0 points

g –  0 points

Your Attitude    

a– 30 points

b.– 0 points

c– 0 points

d – 50 points

Your Skills 

a– 50 points

b– 60 points

c.– 75 points

Your Excitement Factor  

a– 50 points

b– 50 points

c – 50 points

d– 75 points

If you got 500 points or more, you make great company.

If you got 350 – 400, you are most likely not to be asked on a third date.

If you got less than 350, you probably won’t get asked out a second time.

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