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Point Of View

Not Married

Yet?…So What!

by Margot Haller

At thirty-seven, I’ve never been married and I use to hate to admit that fact.  I’ve never been engaged either and I’ve always felt a certain emptiness inside about not ever being asked.  To me, to be married meant you had achieved the greatest fulfillment in life by becoming a part of someone legally.   I used to walk around feeling as if I had failed at something, but I was never quite sure at what.   MORE

Explore Vulnerability

In Dating…

When Worth It!

 by Latasha Ford

April 24, 2018

 It’s worth being vulnerable,.. you just have to trust it. Sometimes that person is worth you letting your guards down and trusting them to lead the way. It isn’t an easy task to take on nor is it ever a guarantee that things will play out perfectly. But, when you cross paths with that person who seems to be worth changing things up a bit for…just do it. Put your trust not in the person… but, into the mere notion of things playing out as they are meant to be.  Past heartaches, pains and disappointments will hinder you from having something special with a great person if you allow for that hurt to have power over you.


Smart & Sassy:

His Kinda


by S. Pinchard

April 13, 2018

Not too long ago, I walked into the office of a very prominent bank president who happened to be single and gorgeous (I was on a fund-raising mission for a local charity) and we were instantly attracted to one another.  One flirtation led to another and before I knew it, he invited me out to dinner that same evening.  When the phone rang, I was thrilled and impressed with his eagerness.  However, my euphoria was short-lived, when he asked me to meet him at the restaurant, which was quite a distance away.    MORE


He Cheats

by Candace Rogers

March 23, 2018

Be clear!  If he cheats with you, he will cheat on you!  It took me awhile to understand this poignant fact.  I used to think that a woman’s beauty or lack thereof had something to do with whether or not a guy would cheat on her.  I assumed that beautiful women stood less a chance of a man being unfaithful, than a woman who was not so physically endowed.  But I learned the hard way that though men have a deep appreciation for a woman’s beauty, if he has a cheating heart, it doesn’t matter how pretty she is, he will soon become bored.      MORE

Not Every Single

Wants To

Be Married…

Who Wants To Be A Husband?

by John Mazen

March 15, 2018

When a friend of mine recently got married, I actually felt sorry for him.  I know he didn’t know what he was doing, because it was his first time.  But I had been there and done that…and had vowed to never do it again.   In my opinion, it takes a certain kind of man to be married, to put up with all the stuff that goes with sharing a house with a woman.   MORE

Navigating Dating

With A Disability

by Frechena Russ

February 22, 2018

As a 24 year old, you want to go on dates and be single… right?  Well, when you have a disability, there is a bit more to it. I have cerebral palsy, so I’m more dependent than most cases.   As a girl from the South, the unwritten rule is that a woman has to be able to take care of her man.   However, my situation is the exact opposite.  I’m intentionally dating to find someone who can handle not only me, but my disability as well.  MORE

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