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The Dating


Two Sides Of A Story…

Her Side:

Sharon shifted her body uncomfortably in the passenger seat of the car.  The ride back to her place was long and the conversation had dwindled to polite grunts.  She glanced over at the driver without turning her head to gauge the potential for closeness…but she saw none.  This was their first date, and she was thrilled to be out with him.  She wondered what he was thinking.  They worked in the same office and she had finally got enough nerve to approach him and invite him out to eat.

He had been the perfect gentleman, but somewhat aloof all evening.  She wondered if she had revealed too much when they exchanged “getting to know talk” over dinner.  She had made up her mind to ask him out again before she got out the car, but she was having second thoughts.  Maybe I should wait…

She had been admiring him for a long time.  He was the best looking guy in the office, but seemed to ignore the never ending female attention that followed his every move.  She would often catch him staring at her and therefore viewed him as shy, but interested.  When she asked him out, she felt certain that he accepted out of mutual interest.

Now, she wasn’t so sure.  She looked at the passing streets and realized her time was running short.  Soon, she would be home and forced to say goodnight before she was ready to.  It had been awhile since a word had been spoken.

Over dinner, she had shared her views on sex and religion, while he sat quietly and listened.  She spoke candidly of her penchant for nudist camps and her disdain for organized religion.  She believed strongly in being straightforward, but not to the point of alienation.  She glanced at him again and this time their eyes met.  She shuddered when she saw disgust in his eyes, and knew somehow she had blown it.  She wondered again if it was something she’d said.

His Side: 

Carl stared straight ahead as he drove along.  He was still trying to comprehend how he ended up on a date with a woman who was definitely not his type.  This had been his first date since the divorce and he psyched himself up for a fun evening.  He worked with Sharon and knew she liked him.  He was flattered when she invited him out, because she was very attractive and admired by many of the guys at the office.

At work, her personality was bright and easy, but as the evening wore on, she became a drastic disappointment.   She had tried to impress him with stories of famous admirers and weird fetishes.  He couldn’t recall the last time he had been so bored.  As he drove her home, he stifled a chuckle, as he watched her struggle to gauge his mood.  He felt compassion for her, as he sensed her need to be touched, for he had the same need.  Yet, he didn’t want to give any false hope.  He breathed a sigh of relief when he reached her home, and saw the resigned look on her face.  He knew she knew this would be their last ride together.

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