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I overheard my girlfriend telling one of her friends things about us that I consider private.

by Sarah Smart

March 16, 2018

Q.  Recently, I stopped by my girlfriend’s house unexpectedly and as I stood at the door, I overheard her telling a friend on the phone all about our relationship.  Some of the things she mentioned were very personal and private to me, and I resented her for it.  I broke up with her because I felt betrayed, but all my buddies say that I’ve overreacting to a common occurrence. Do women tell their girlfriends everything?  What do you say?     MORE

My best friend’s fiance`gave me a lift home one night and tried to rape me.  Should I tell her?

by Sarah Smart

March 13, 2018

Q.  My best friend asked her fiancé to give me a lift home from her house, and when we got to my door he tried to rape me.  I fell getting out of his car, but I was able to escape.  As I ran, he shouted threats at me, and told me that if I told anyone, he would hurt me.  I have been scared ever since.  I don’t know what to do.  It’s obvious that he’s crazy and my friend is about to marry him.  I already know that if I tell her, she won’t believe me.  What can I do?    MORE

I’m set to marry my long-time fiancee next month, but I’ve changed my mind, and I don’t know how to tell her.

by Sarah Smart

March 7, 2018

Q.   I’m set to marry next month, and I’ve changed my mind.  There is no one I can talk to about this, and I don’t know what to do.  I realize now that I’m really not in love, and I don’t want to break my fiancé’s heart.  She has waited for me a long time, but I can’t go through with the wedding.  I’ve been thinking about just not showing up at the altar because I can’t bear to tell her.  Got any suggestions?


My friend’s new boyfriend is a guy I used to date and I know him to be violent.  Should I tell her?

by Sarah Smart

March 3, 2018

Q.  I’ve got a serious problem. My close friend has been crazy in love for the past four months with a guy she talked about constantly.  She had never mentioned his full name and I didn’t ask.  Therefore, when she brought him to my birthday party recently, I was shocked to see that he was the same guy I dated four years ago.  Unfortunately, he was an experience I would never forget.  He had a split personality, where he could be charming and sweet one minute and violent the next.  The problem is, I don’t know if I should tell my friend about my former affiliation with him and his quirky personality


After a wonderful first date, I declined my date’s attempt to be invited in and I haven’t heard from him since.

by Sarah Smart

February 27, 2018

Q.  I just had the weirdest experience. I went on a second date with a prototype of Mr. Right who showed up with flowers and my favorite candy.  We had a wonderful evening at an expensive restaurant, where he stared into my eyes like he was experiencing love at first sight.  After dinner, he took me on a romantic carriage ride around the city.  When he brought me home, I declined his attempt to come in for a drink, because my place was in shambles.  He seemed disturbed by my response.  That was three weeks ago.  Since that time, I haven’t heard a word from him.  When I called him, he told me he would call me back, and never did.  Do you think I should try to contact him again?  I think I may have offended him.


After my date let me leave his home at 2 in the morning alone, I dumped him and everyone thinks I’m over-reacting. 

by Sarah Smart

February 22, 2018

Q.  Recently, I was at the home of a guy I really like who had cooked dinner for me. The evening was wonderful until the end.  It was 2:00 in the morning, and he had fallen asleep on the couch.  When I woke him to tell him I was leaving, he simply waved goodbye, without getting up and escorting me to the door or to my car.  I was angry over his behavior and expressed it the next day when he called.   MORE

I plan to attend the wedding of my ex-fiance to rattle him after he dumped me the night before our wedding.

by Sarah Smart

February 17, 2018

Q.  Six months ago, my fiancé phoned at 3:00 in the morning and called our wedding off, which was the next day, because he “wasn’t ready to be married.” Three weeks ago, I heard he was planning to marry the ex-girlfriend he dumped me for next month.  I have not heard from him since that night and I have a need to show up at the wedding for the sole purpose of watching him squirm.  He hates any form of confrontation and I know my presence there would succeed in ruining his day.  As I think about the pleasure I would receive from watching him sweat, it helps to heal the gaping hole that he left in my heart.   MORE

Should I wear an engagement ring from my boyfriend who is in the middle of a divorce?

by Sarah Smart

February 14, 2018

Q.  I have been dating a married man for the last five years, who was separated and now after years of promising to divorce his wife, he’s in the process.  My problem is that he has given me an engagement ring to wear and all my friends think I’m crazy to wear a ring from a man who’s not divorced yet.  What do you think?



just found out accidentally that my co-worker is dating my ex-husband.

by Sarah Smart

February 10, 2018

Q.  I just found out that my ex-husband is dating my co-worker and I hate going to work and encountering her.  I found out about them accidentally and I’ve been upset ever since.  I can’t stand knowing who he’s with because of the way he treated me.  I’m thinking about quitting my job so I don’t have to reminded of him.  My friends think I’m over-reacting.  What do you think?      MORE

If you caught your teenage daughter in bed with your boyfriend…what would you do?

by Sarah Smart

February 7, 2018

Q.  If you came home from work early and caught your underage teenage daughter in bed with your boyfriend, what would you do?

A.  I’d call the police and then I’d ascertain whether or not, it was consensual.  If it was consensual, I’d put her on “house arrest” for a year.  She couldn’t even go to the bathroom without permission, and I would also put her into counseling.    MORE

I just found out that the guy I’ve been dating lied about being a married man.

by Sarah Smart

February 3, 2018

Q.  I am dating a guy who told me initially that he was living with his sister. After I fell in love with him, I found out he was married.  He treats me well, but I know it’s wrong.  However, I don’t know how to get out, because I’m afraid I can’t live without him.  He treats me better than any man I’ve ever known.  How do I end this?  MORE

At a party recently, my boyfriend left me to dance with an ex-girlfriend who has harassed me in the past over him.

by Sarah Smart

January 30, 2018

Q.  My boyfriend and I had the biggest falling out at a party recently, because he left my side to dance with an ex-girlfriend who used to harass me over him.  I was so angry that I left the party.  I have not seen him since and he has been calling to say that I over-reacted and that I was being childish.  I think what he did was rude and disrespectful, and I never want to see him again.  My friends all agree with him.  What do you think?      MORE

I am secretly dating a white guy and I’m concerned about letting my friends know.

by Sarah Smart

January 25, 2018

Q.  I met a guy online who seems to be everything I was looking for, but he’s white.  I feel good that his lifestyle has been so cultivated that my race doesn’t matter. However, I’ve been secretly dating him though I’m sure my family would probably be supportive, but I’m concerned about consulting my friends, and what kind of sign would I send to my impressionable daughter?   I don’t want to send signals that black men are not important to me.  I just have not met one who comes close to having the same ideals, goals and religious beliefs that this man and I have so far.  What do you think?    MORE 

I made a serious mistake with a co-worker that I deeply regret.

by Sarah Smart

January 21, 2018

Q.  How do you get away from a crazy woman after making a serious mistake?   Two months ago, I drank too much at a party and ended up sleeping with a co-worker I was not romantically inclined toward.  Immediately, after it happened, I regretted it, because I realized she really liked me and the feeling was not mutual.  Since that time, she has been asking for a repeat evening and won’t take no for an answer.  She has accosted me at work and on the street about “playing” her, and that was not the case.   MORE 

My boyfriend refuses to introduce me as his girlfriend when we’re in public.

by Sarah Smart

January 17, 2018

Q.  I love my boyfriend, but he insists on introducing me as his friend, and I resent it.  When we argue about it, he says he’s too old. (He’s 37) to be referring to someone as his girlfriend.  To him, that’s a term for teenagers.  When I suggested that he refer to me as his woman, he said that word wasn’t his style.  (He’s a well-respected attorney who is very image-conscious). What would you do?  I feel reduced and embarrassed every time he says it and he refuses to compromise.    MORE 

My boyfriend never introduces me to his friends when we’re out at parties. Do you think he’s being rude?

by Sarah Smart

January 12, 2018

Q.  I have been dating a guy who is very attractive, smart and nice.  But he has the worst manners.  He burps out loud after he eats.  He always gets in the car first, and never opens the door for me.  He takes me to parties where all his friends are all gathered and won’t introduce me to anyone.  His behavior borders on rude, but I hesitate to say that, because I don’t think he means to be.  Is there any way I can tell him how I feel without hurting his feelings?  I really want this relationship to work, but he has no class and it’s driving me crazy..   MORE 

I have confused feelings about a woman I broke up with.  I want her, but not the relationship.

by Sarah Smart

January 7, 2018

Q.  I was dating this woman several months ago who I really liked. But we had two different agendas.  I wanted to do casual dating and she wanted monogamy and commitment.  I had just got out of a marriage and I wanted to enjoy my freedom.  When I explained this to her, she said she didn’t want a casual relationship and she was moving on.  We parted amicably, but I can’t stop thinking about her.  I saw her out the other night with another guy and I’ve been disoriented ever since.  The thing that disturbed me was that she seemed okay without me.  I want to be with her, but I don’t know how, since I can’t give her what she wants.  What should I do?    MORE 

My fiance’s brother is pressuring me to sleep with him before the wedding.  Should I tell my fiance?

by Sarah Smart

January 2, 2018

Q.  I’m scheduled to get married next month and my fiance’s brother is pressuring me to sleep with him before the wedding. He says he won’t leave me alone until I do.  I am very attracted to him and confused about my own feelings.  I love my fiancé, but I’m intrigued by his brother. I don’t know what to do. Should I call the wedding off, because I feel deceitful or should I tell my fiance about his brother’s actions?  MORE 

If a guy is involved with someone else, but not married, is he still considered single and fair game?

by Sarah Smart

December 29, 2017

Q.  I am 26 years old and not dating at the moment. There is this guy I really like, who wants to date me, but he is involved with someone else. He claims he can’t break up with her, because he doesn’t want to hurt her. She’s in love, but he isn’t. My friends feel that I should go ahead and date him because he’s not married to the girl. They say there’s always the possibility that I might win him away from her. But I feel deep down that I’m setting myself up for serious problems, if I date this guy. MORE 

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