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The Dating Chronicles



March 16, 2018

Cathy met Tony at a health conference in another city, and they both were surprised to learn they were from the same town.  She was immediately impressed because he was a doctor, good-looking, and charming, and seemed equally enchanted with her.  They clicked and spent the whole weekend together.  Cathy hoped it was a fling and looked forward to seeing him again. MORE

And The

Winner Is…

March 13, 2018

Sam was in his usual state of boredom.  He was in the mood for female company, but couldn’t make up his mind on he wanted to be with.  He was currently dating three women and he felt confusion.  His phone rang intermittently through the jazz sounds in the background, but he didn’t answer it.  Sheryl and Anna had been calling off and on for the last hour, but he had grown tired of them.   He thought about calling Stacy, but changed his mind.     MORE



March 7, 2018

Amy sat in the dark of her bedroom and contemplated her choices.  After careful deliberation she realized she had none.  Hank had put the cards on the table.  She could either go on without him or continue to see him at his leisure.  The wedding was Sunday, and she knew without thinking that she would ease into the back of the church to finally get a glimpse of the woman she’d envied for the past two years.   MORE



March 3, 2018

When Terry proposed to Jackie, he was sincere at the time.  They had been dating for three years and she had borne him three children.  Terry was a wealthy man who had amassed a fortune in various real estate ventures.  At thirty-nine, he was finally ready to play the role of husband to a woman who had proven to be faithful and dedicated to him.   MORE

The Talk

February 27, 2018

Kay had chosen the lively bar because she needed an up-beat noise backdrop to soften the news she had for her friend, Carla.  She also had a personal need to experience a lively atmosphere.  For the last few weeks, she had been experiencing an unsettling anxiousness that was inexplicable.   As she waited on Carla to appear, she reflected on the length of their friendship.  She had always thought of her as a fool.


The Switch

February 22, 2018

Teri had never met a guy who matched her willingness to love and she was excited.  She was really enjoying dating Dave.  They enjoyed the same things and he seemed to get pleasure from pleasing her.  Then suddenly Dave changed.  He became distant and mysteriously unavailable.  “Have I messed up again?” she asked herself.



February 18, 2018

Hank was a guy who saw people who skirted the truth as weak and spineless.  He didn’t approve of soft-pedaling language.  To him, the truth could stand on its own and therefore should be expressed regardless of the consequences.  For Hank, truth had a certain shock value and he enjoyed watching its impact on others.  He would get excited at the prospect of blowing someone away with his unexpected bluntness.  MORE




February 14, 2018

Gloria stared at her phone.  Her mind drifted slowly to the previous evening and the man she had met at the party.  He had been quiet and unassuming when he approached her in the crowd.  He was gorgeous and self-assured, as he spoke tenderly in her ear, mixing wit with disarming observations.  She was fascinated by his scent and his mustache.  He name fit him well…Kent.   The noise at the party had been deafening.  But she heard every word he spoke clearly.  They had exchanged numbers with promises to call, but she didn’t want to leave him.  MORE


February 10, 2018

Larry put down the phone slowly as he sighed in relief.  He had just broken another date with Mary and he felt awful.  This was not the first time he pretended to be ill.  He flinched with guilt as he recalled the disappointment in Mary’s voice.  He regretted having to wait until the last minute to cancel his date with her, but Susan’s schedule prevented her from planning much in advance.  She had phoned only two hours before to say that she could see him tonight and his stomach fluttered wild with excitement as he imagined the way she would walk through his door.      MORE




February 7, 2018

This was their second date, and Alicia was trying her best to like Mike.  She had almost given up on men altogether after the last guy she’d gone out with.  She liked him, but he had promised to call the next day and she never heard from him again.  On her first date with Mike, she had not been impressed after he got in the car first, and left her standing in the cold, while he reached over and unlocked her door.  Then later, she was outdone when he put on his coat first and didn’t help her with hers.  But though he seemed awkward and cumbersome, he seemed to genuinely like her and for her, that was refreshing.  He was also kind of cute, and he had rugged arms.  She loved a man who appeared strong physically.    MORE

A Matter

Of Choice

February 5, 2018

Brent was having a hard time.  He was entangled with two women whom he was very fond of, and both women were pressing for more time and more commitment. He was ready to get married, but he was having a problem choosing between the two.  He was drawn to Lauren’s strong will, but they argued a lot.  He hated what she liked and she found what excited him to be boring.  Yet, he could talk to her about anything.  She was also smart and he needed someone who could help him think.  His family adored her, and his friends liked her.  MORE



Terry was annoyed as usual.  He had been waiting forty-five minutes, and he wished for the power to drive off, but he couldn’t.  He was mesmerized, hooked, and all the other things his buddies said he was.  He had never known a woman like Tara, and no one had ever affected him the way she did.


A Change

Of Mind

January 26, 2018

The room was dark, but Tess could tell from his profile that he was not her type. Though he was standing, he appeared slouched and his glasses were thick.  However,  she wasn’t disappointed, because she knew before coming that her friend Maggie’s taste in men had not improved. But, she hoped for the best and decided to give her another try.  The party was crowded and she had already begun to size up the other men in the room as Maggie maneuvered her over for introductions.    MORE



January 22, 2018

Marcie ended the call in disgust.  This was the second time in a week Hank had stood her up and the fourth time in a month.  He wasn’t answering his phone, but she knew he was there.  He hadn’t called all evening and he was supposed to pick her up at 8:00 to take her to dinner.  She thought about what he would say when he called.  He would call around 7:00 a.m. and give the excuse that he got caught up in a business meeting and got in too late to call.  Though he denied it, she knew he was seeing another woman, but she couldn’t prove it.      MORE

Caught In

The Act

January 18, 2018

It was loud and noisy as they pushed through the crowd.  Val held tight to Don’s hand as they looked for a table.  She didn’t see Johnny until she sat down.  And then, there he was, out on the dance floor oblivious to her and his surroundings – enjoying himself as only Johnny could…happy, carefree and at peace with the world.  At first, she was embarrassed, because she was out with another guy and had canceled their date.  But as she watched him dance in his usual awkward style, she suddenly felt relieved.


Guts And


January 11, 2018

Jan had experienced another lovely evening with a man she’d met a few weeks before.  They were riding home and Jan was silent as the music provided a soothing background to her thoughts.  She liked him, and she was sure he liked her.  But she hoped he wasn’t seeing anyone.  Her last “romance” had ended because the guy was also dating someone else, and she didn’t want to go through that again.  Prior to this date, she had been too afraid to ask.



The Search

January 7, 2018

Kurt got in the car and just sat there.  He put the key in the ignition, but didn’t turn it on.  He was suddenly exhausted.  This was his third date in three days with three different women, and he was losing his will to go on in his search.  He had been waiting to meet the woman of his dreams, for so long, he had almost given up. His friends called him a perfectionist and his sisters called him ridiculous. But in his mind, he knew exactly what he was looking for and he wasn’t going to settle for less    MORE



January 2, 2018

Tom pretended to be deeply engrossed in a contract on his desk.  He heard the voices coming down the corridor…the usual group who passed his door with admiring glances and girlish chatter, and he want to be disturbed.  He knew he was the talk of the office because he was single, attractive and aloof.  He had purposely distanced himself from his male colleagues due to the expected exchange of “company conquer” stories, which held no interest for him.  He refused to mix business with the “office fun.”    MORE

The Best Laid Plan

December 28, 2017

Pam knew the odds were against her.  But she had made up her mind to go through with her idea anyway.  She knew women her size were not in demand, but she also knew she could compete with any woman in the brains and personality departments.  She had been bowling next to this guy for the last four months and he had never looked her way.  From what little information she could gather, he was single, employed and available.  She was so attracted to him that she had begun to dream about him and look forward to bowling night with more zeal than ever.   MORE

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