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The Triangle Wars

Is It Worth The Fight?

by Bonita Bennett

Last month for me, was a busy time for hand-holding.  One friend was about to go out of her mind when she called crying after her long abusive lover dumped her for the woman she’d been competing with for his affection.  Most in our circle felt she shouldn’t have been so diminished over his departure.  However, her problem is not an unusual one.  Though she knew the relationship wasn’t healthy for her, she was bombed out over his decision to leave her. She felt rejected and ego-scarred.

Ironically, the day before, I met two other friends for lunch, who tearfully expressed their pain and frustration over the ending of their respective relationships.  After listening, I realized that the two of them had participated in the demise of their relationships because of their blindness to their own failings.  In the case of both women, they had knowingly entered into triangle situations with the attitude of winning their guy’s singular devotion, and ended up losing big-time.   One guy ended their relationship one week and married “the other woman” the next.  The other guy confessed he had come to the realization that he really loved “the other woman” and wanted to end the relationship and become monogamous.

Every day somewhere in the world, some poor soul sits is in need of “bandaging” after falling and hitting the concrete on “love’s playground” for one reason or another.   This usually occurs when we end up landing somewhere we’re not supposed to be in the first place, and deep down we know it. When relationships go sour, some are shocked like my friends, but it’s usually due to the antenna in our heads being turned off by our illusions and our fears.

Hopefully, those who are still battling for the top position in a three ring circus, will gain the strength needed in the New Year to defeat the demon of low self esteem and emerge victorious.

Bonita Bennett, founder, publisher  Of Being Single Magazine and a former TV/radio personality, is the author of  the books “How To Catch & Keep The Man Of Your Dreams,”  and The Coming Of Dawn.  She is also a nationally recognized life coach/relationship expert, and noted motivational speaker, whose life-changing counseling techniques, classes and innovative workshops on life-skills, inter-personal relationships, conflict management, and problem solving are well-known in her field.  Bonita Bennett is also the editor-in-chief of Being Single Magazine.   Be sure to get your copy of  her two books…Meanwhile, read the  excerpts from the mystery novel…The Coming Of Dawn and How To Catch & Keep The Man Of Your Dreams

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