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The Dating Chronicles


March 12, 2019

Hank, who was 35, and never married, was hard to impress and prided himself on being upfront.  He viewed people who skirted the truth as weak and spineless. He also didn’t approve of soft-pedaling language.  To him, the truth could stand on its own and therefore should be expressed regardless of the consequences.  For Hank, truth had a certain shock value and he enjoyed watching its impact on others.  He would get excited at the prospect of blowing someone away with his bluntness.

If he went out with a new female encounter and at the end of the evening nothing had clicked between them, he would not be subtle or fake a future possibility of seeing her again.  He would, in what he termed “a frank manner,” tell her why there was no potential for romance and give explicit details as to what she did to fail his “compatibility test.”  He once told a date that the roughness of her hands didn’t go well with her elaborate fingernail polish.  He’d often bragged about giving women information that would  improve them for the next guy.

Then he met Sara and overnight he became a changed man. On their first date, he corrected her in the middle of a sentence, when she mispronounced a word.  She immediately lashed out and told him she thought it was rude and ill-mannered to correct people while they were speaking.  She told him that it was usually done by very insecure people who needed to feel superior to others in order to feel equal.

Hank was outdone, but undaunted.  When he later pointed out that she was using her dessert spoon to eat her soup, her retort was quick and blunt.  She told him that a real man would be more concerned with her character than her knowledge of the proper eating utensils.  She accused him of having stupid values and suggested he focus on things of substance if he wanted to see her again..  She warned him that if he uttered another critical remark, she would leave him sitting alone in the restaurant.

Hank was enchanted.  He had never met a woman with such spunk.  He was spellbound by her boldness.  Gradually, he replaced his zeal for bluntness with a passion for her.  Six months after meeting her, he asked her to be his wife.

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