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Your Best Life This Year

How Did You Do?

Your Lifestyle Report

by Jan Pitts

December 8, 2017

Take a look at this year and a close look at your journey.  Compare it to the year before.  Was it better or worse?  This is a great way to examine your life’s activity over the past eleven months and measure your progress and/or growth.  See what applies to you as you reflect over the year.  Hopefully, this will allow you the opportunity to evaluate what you need to do different (if anything) in the upcoming year.  Check out the points given next to each selection. Calculate your score and let us know how you add up.

made more: 10
wasted more:  -10
spent more: -10

had one: 20
had more than one: 20
didn’t have one: -10

experienced a lot of new things: 50
did nothing different: -20
had a lot of fun: 100
had little or no fun: -50

had a meaningful one with the opposite sex: 50
did not have one with the opposite sex: -10
made new friends: 100
did not make any new friends: -50
severed relationships for the best: 100
held onto relationships, which should have been severed: -100

more good than bad: 200
more bad than good:  -100

dropped old ones: 200
acquired good ones: 200
made no change for the better: -200

no improvement: -100
vast improvement: 300
minimal improvement: -50

Personal Growth
some improvement: 80
vast improvement: 200
little or no change: -120

Social Stats
socialized frequently: 100
dated regularly: 100
dated irregularly: 50

changed jobs for the better: 400
enjoyed current job: 500
didn’t enjoy work: -50
made strides at work: 150

Spiritual Stats
attended church regularly: 500
didn’t attend church: -100
attended church sporadically: 100

the good, the bad and the ugly: -200
vast improvement: 400
little or no improvement: -100
reached desired weight: 800
gained weight: -200
lost weight as planned: 300

none: -100
some: 50
many: 400
Name one                

Delightful Experiences
some: 50
few: 100
many: 200
Name one                  

found it: 300

lost it: 300
regained it: 500
didn’t find it: 100

Major Mistakes
none: 500
few: 200
too many: -800

better: 300
worse: -300
greatly improved: 200


few: 200
many: 400

Name one _____

some: 400
many: 800

Name one

Summary Of Year
progressive                                                      stagnant                      
prosperous                                                       inspiring                     

Share your score with us  and your comments about your year.  Could it have been better?

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