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 10 Ways To Make A Great Impression

 by Lisa Laird

It is well-known that a person’s manners, speech, and conversation are important components of what makes them attractive.  It can distract from the prettiest pair of eyes or the most handsome face.  Here are some tips on how to keep others mesmerized…or have your presence felt when you enter a room.

  1. Never say what you think a person wants to hear to impress them. Be natural and say only what you really mean.  Don’t be afraid to be yourself.
  1. Look others directly in the eye when you talk to them. It exhibits confidence.
  1. There is nothing more attractive than a man/woman with a sense of humor and a great smile.  If you’re not already witty…work on it by trying to look at things from the funny side and express them uninhibitedly.
  1. Don’t be too shy or too rambunctious in public. Don’t say things just to get a laugh or attention.  Fun comments should come as a way to lighten up a conversation or enhance one’s overall presentation.  Don’t poke fun at others for the sake of a laugh.  Never laugh at a joke you didn’t get.  In other words, if you don’t agree with what supposed to be funny, be true to yourself.
  1. Don’t talk about you and how well you’re doing or how much others admire you or…your latest achievements. No one really cares.  Let others speak for you.  What makes a person really interesting is how much they leave out when talking about themselves, and how interested they are in others.
  1. Don’t be one who has to showcase his/her intelligence at every intake of breath by the listener. When you’re smart, it comes off natural in normal dialogue.  The use of big words in a social setting can come off as pompous.  When in conversation with others, keep your words simple, but stimulating.
  1. Try to focus and listen when another person is talking. Look them in the eye.  Be interested, or better still, look and act like you want them to when you’re talking.  Never look away as if you could be doing something better.  It could be offensive to the other party.
  1. Refrain from making critical comments in public about anyone or anything. You never know who’s listening, and your words can come back to haunt you.  Critical remarks in foreign territory can fall on the wrong ears and leave a negative indelible impression of you.
  1. Consider your speech and your words will follow suit. Strive to think before you speak, to ensure that whatever comes out of your mouth will be interesting, entertaining, or significant.  Don’t just talk to be seen or heard.
  1. Wear something that will distinguish you from the crowd.

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