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10 Tips To
Dating Smarter

by Lisa Laird

After a lengthy debate about dating smart with a friend whose brain excels in books, and vanishes at the sight of a handsome male, I decided to share my formula list for men and women on how to take some of the anguish out of dating, and make a favorable, indelible mark in the minds of all they encounter.

  • You must know what you want! Never trade your preference for a little company.
  • Don’t give in to his/her game plan if it’s not comfortable for you. Have your own with your own set of rules.
  • Look closely with piercing scrutiny for the qualities you want. Don’t be blinded by looks, words or things.
  • Search for his/her capacity to be your friend. This trait is important because ultimately the best relationship is with your friend.
  • Don’t accept handouts for attention or affection.  Learn to negotiate for you want.  Don’t be too quick to accept whatever is offered for a little companionshipDon’t invent a life or fake your credentials. You are who you are…one of a kind.  Stand proud.
  • Don’t go against what’s comfortable for you, to do something you don’t want to do. Never stretch yourself to impress or gain approval.  It usually produces the reverse effect.  If he/she is a wolf, and you want a dove, don’t try to make them a dove.  Leave him/her be and hold out for what you want.
  • If your family doesn’t like him/her, tear up the number … i.e., If your mother doesn’t like her…run.  Women can always see through other women.
  • If your dog growls at your date, keep your eyes and ears open.
  • Don’t spend time selling yourself.  The person will either like you or they won’t.


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