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10 Ways To Get What You Want

by Terri Smith

I finally learned the secret to getting true romance the way I want it.  It took some bangs and scratches along the way, which involved crying my heart over many, a “star-studded jerk.”  But I finally got it. 

Here are the best ways to captivate the interest and heart of the guy of your choosing.  In other words, strategize instead of dramatize. 

  1. Never show anger – When you feel wronged – perfect an impassive look – When you don’t telegraph your emotions, it throws the guilty party off balance into a state of bewilderment.

2. Don’t complain – when things feel shaky No calls, no texting for a week.  Disappearing works well to help your partner get a clear picture of what you will accept and what you won’t.

3. If he doesn’t listen to your issues – give the relationship a break…move away until you can get his attention.

Never call him, but always be receptive when he calls.

Have other things in your life you enjoy other than him.

Let him know what you like and never accept less than that.  This includes behavior, attention, gifts, commitments, etc.

Holler when it hurts.  Spank his ego with soft words and kisses, and again do short disappearing acts as you deem necessary.

Always keep him guessing to some extent.  Don’t tell him everything or let him see everything.  Keep at least one door in your life closed.

Accept no excuses from him about anything.

Never put his wants and desires above yours, especially if they’re in conflict.

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