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10 Ways To Feel

Beautiful All Over

by Gloria Gibson

Neat Knees: For pretty knees:  For two weeks straight, try rubbing wet table salt on your knees before you retire every evening.  Finish with your favorite moisturizer or Vaseline.  You will see a noticeable difference.  Note:  Unattractive knees can distract from the most gorgeous legs.

Sparkling Smile: If you want beautiful white teeth:  Use whitening toothpaste daily.  I’ve found Crest Toothpaste with Extra Whitening to be the best.  Remember, your teeth are a part of your beauty look.  Note:  Expensive lipstick does not wear well with unsightly teeth.

Face Magic: If you get “bags” or dark circles under your eyes, don’t go to bed without applying baby oil under your eyes every night.

Luscious Lips: For beautiful lips, put your lip gloss on first and then line your lips with your favorite lip color.

Body Badness: For a slimmer and more contoured look, be sure to wear a body slimmer under all form-fitting attire. 

Pretty Hands: For softer hands:  Rub your hands with wet table salt for two minutes and rinse.  Apply Vaseline every night to your hands until your hands feel soft.  Do the same for your feet.  Pretty fingernails and rough hands are not a good combination.

Eyelash Envy: For a more natural look. You can make your eyelashes look thicker and longer by applying three coats of mascara just to the ends of the lashes.  Let dry for a minute.  Then brush the fourth coat over the entire lash – and see the difference.

Fancy Feet: Submit your feet to a  pedicure all year round.  Don’t just wait for the summer.  Pretty toes are a part of a woman’s appeal and you never know when your feet may be on display unexpectedly.

Shower Secret:: After your shower, do this for softer skin. Spray your body with baby oil when it’s wet, and then dry off with your bath towel.  The water mixed with the oil will make your skin baby soft and smooth.  Be sure to use a body polisher once a week to get rid of dead skin cells.

Makeup Magic: If you wear makeup daily, you should give yourself a weekly facial to thoroughly cleanse your face and pores. 

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