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12 More Things Guys Wish Girls Knew

by Hank Anglar

1.  After the first date and it’s been a while since you heard from us…never call and ask why we haven’t called you.  You might not want to hear the answer.

2.  We don’t always want to do what you want to do.  It has nothing to do with how we feel about you.  There are just times when we prefer to be in our own little world. Sometimes, we’re not thinking about you.  Live with it.  We cannot behave, feel, think, or talk the way you think we should.  Believe it or not, we are not the same.  Allow for our differences, and give us breathing room.

3. Don’t ask what we’re thinking about.  When we want to tell you something, we’ll tell you.  Don’t badger us about what’s going on in our heads, when we’re not talking or telling you what you want to hear.  Quiet moments could mean a lot of things.  We’re savoring the moment…we’re enjoying you, or… we wish we were someplace else.

 4. Compliment us some time on how we look, what we said, or on our qualities. We like to be stroked too, and sometimes we need it more than you!

 5. Face it, we don’t always understand female code language, and we don’t always speak in the same tongue.  If you need to know something, tell us.  Don’t hold us to some vague standard that you acquired from your grandmother.  Remember, we didn’t go to the same school of thought.

 6. The smell of your hair and the makeup on your clothes tells us a lot about your hygiene habits.  Pretty nails are fine, but we also like for your hands to be softer than ours.

7.  Believe it or not, we are capable of having female friends who we’re not sleeping with, and we wish you really understood that.  We’re also smart enough to know when you’re pretending that you understand, and you don’t or wish to.

8.  We don’t always say what we really mean.  We’re just not as free in expressing our feelings the way you are.  We don’t always feel like talking. It’s not personal. Most of us have unexplained mood swings.  It’s a male thing.

9. Learn to accept the fact that we are going to look at other women.  Men are very visual, and we were made to admire beauty, but it takes nothing away from how we feel about you.

10. Do not invade our privacy.  When you visit us, behave like a guest.  Don’t snoop, or look for evidence of other women, or interrogate us about things you may see.  Remember, relationships have their boundaries.

 11.  Offer to share the cost sometimes, it shows us that you care and that you’re not selfish.  Dating can be expensive, and sometimes the expense should be shared, just like the fun.

 12.  Unless we have confessed our commitment to one another in the relationship, keep in mind that we are both single and free to do as we please.  Remember this when things don’t go your way.  Swap that attitude for a reality check.  You’re just as free…you can also exercise your options.

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