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A 12 Step Guide
To Being A Dull Date

by Jan Pitts

I’ve heard a number of singles complain about how their phones often don’t ring anymore after the first or second date and they seem perplexed as to why.  If this applies to you, perhaps, this may help.  If you want your phone to stop ringing after meeting someone with potential, be sure to do the following: 

  1. Be critical to the extreme. Look carefully at everyone and everything, so you don’t miss anything and then speak about it.
  2. Don’t listen or show interest when he/she is talking. Make it quite evident that your opinion and your life is the only one that counts.
  3. Be sure to point out who’s jealous of you every chance you get.
  4. Be certain to discuss indiscriminately and indiscreetly your sexual exploits and all the secrets you know on others..
  5. Air all of your personal problems and blame others for them.
  6. Be sure to point out continuously how you’ve been wronged and taken advantage of by others.
  7. Make sure all your attempts at humor are put-downs of other people.
  8. Complain openly about all the little things that bother or irritate you in life.
  9. Take the lead on the date…Demand the best seat in the restaurant and push him to be more assertive in dealing with the public.
  10. Be thin-skinned and easily irritated by poor service.
  11. Brag, brag, brag. Make sure your date understands how important you are because you know all the right people..
  12. Be sure to answer your phone every time it rings when you’re on a date.

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