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12 Things That Make You A Class Act

by Lisa Laird

“Class is that quality of heart that overlooks the broken gate and calls attention to the flowers in the yard beyond the gate.”  –Henry Clay Risner

  • If you’re planning to marry, and you’re over 40, don’t put Wishing Well on your invitation.  Chances are, if you only invite those who are really special to you and don’t register at a store, people will usually respond accordingly.
  • Never accept an offer of gas money from a passenger when you’re driving your own car unless you’re broke and you need it.  Also, never accept a ride in someone’s car without offering to buy gas.
  • Never invalidate another person’s feelings, no matter how crazy you think they are.  If it is brought to your attention that you’ve offended someone, apologize quickly.  Don’t defend yourself with accusatory language like, “You’re too sensitive.”  Humble yourself and ask for forgiveness.
  • Always return a phone call.  If you don’t wish to…have someone else do it.  To not return a phone call is rudeness at its peak.
  • Always, always send a thank you note when someone goes out of their way to do you a kindness.
  • Never accept an invitation to someone’s home, and show up without a gift.
  • Never attend a birthday party at someone’s home and show up without a gift.  This act always guarantees that your presence there will be remembered in a negative way.
  • Either send a thank you card or phone the host after you’ve attended a great party and express gratitude for the invitation.
  • If you see or hear something you shouldn’t have…pretend you didn’t…especially if you know it would embarrass the person(s) involved.
  • When visiting someone’s home, always, always ask for permission to use their bathroom.  And the real no-no is to never go in someone’s refrigerator without asking.
  • Never tell someone else’s secret regardless of the affiliation.
  • If you offered to treat someone to lunch or dinner…pay for everything, which includes the tip.

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