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10 Things Girls
Wish Guys Knew…

by Jan Pitts

  • Never quote on a regular basis, various comments from others are made favorably regarding your qualities.  Let us find out for ourselves.
  • We always want to hear what you find special about us.


  • Never compliment another woman about her hair, looks, etc., in our presence and you have not mentioned how great we look.
  • Never refer to your ex more than once.  It says to us that the relationship is not dead, and you’re still hooked emotionally.
  • If we are romantically involved, use another word other than “friend” when you introduce us.
  • Don’t say you love us unless you mean it.  It’s a word we take to our graves.
  • Never display disapproval of anything we do or say in a public setting.
  • Never turn and look at another woman, if you’re in our company.
  • Don’t ever mention the word marriage unless it is something you are giving serious consideration to.  Like love, it’s a word we carry in our bosom and hold onto with great hope.
  • Your “work” cannot make you a bowl of soup at midnight when you’ve got a bad cold.  Keep that in mind the next time you’re tempted to use it as an excuse to not do what we want you to do.

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