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Your Vision Board:
20 Exciting Things You Must Do!

by Jovan Tahale

  1. Ride a motorcycle through the countryside.
  2. Spend an entire day at a spa with a pool, getting a manicure, pedicure, massage, and facial. Polish the day off with a swim and a fabulous dinner at your favorite restaurant.
  3. Go on a sightseeing helicopter ride on a bright sunny day.
  4. Go camping in the woods with friends.
  5. Book a trip to Paris, Venice, or New Orleans.
  6. Rent a hotel suite with a pool and swim in the nude.
  7. Read the engrossing novel, “The Master of The Game” by Sidney Shelton.
  8. Visit Singapore – the prettiest city on earth. (see photo below)


  1. Go on a hayride on a summer night in the country.
  2. Ride barefoot in an open jeep.
  3. Take a cruise in a cabin with a terrace overlooking the sea.
  4. Visit Yellowstone Park in Wyoming.
  5. Go zip-lining in Whitefish, Montana.
  6. Watch the sunset in Negril, Jamaica.
  7. Sleep outdoors under the stars even if means in a tent in your backyard.
  8. Visit the National African-American Museum of History And Culture in Washington, D.C.
  9. Visit the beautiful city of San Francisco
  10. Go white water rafting in Wisconsin
  11. Take a ferry ride under The Golden Gate Bridge.
  12. Watch the sunrise over the Grand Canyon.





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