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28 Ways To A Better You In ’22.

by M.K. Allison

Restrict bragging to things that do not involve you personally. It’s a sure way to be classified as boring and force others to avoid being in your company.

  1. Work hard to keep things in their proper perspective, particularly when you “give.” Don’t give with expectations or a motive.  Give because it feels good, and you care about the person you’ve given to.
  2. Become less hung up on exposing yourself emotionally to someone you really care about, and less flattering or accommodating to someone you don’t.
  3. Find the courage to go outside of what you know. Venture off into the unknown in search of an adventure.
  4. Be authentic. Believe you are who you say you are first, and then strive to convince others.
  5. Submit yourself and your decisions to a Higher Power.
  6. Don’t socialize regularly with people who reflect an image or value system different than your own.
  7. In relationships, don’t go along for the ride and then complain all while you’re riding.
  8. Don’t tell anyone something that you really didn’t want them to know. If you can’t think of an answer, ignore the question.
  9. Don’t cry more than once over the same problem.
  10. Don’t spend money you don’t have, for a lifestyle you don’t have, to impress people who really don’t care.
  11. Only give your trust to one who has proven to be trustworthy.
  12. Be A smarter spender.   Use only one credit card and pay attention to the interest rate.
  13. Never tolerate disrespect, and don’t put yourself in a position to experience it.
  14. Read your Bible daily. It’s a blueprint for life. 
  15. Don’t “exist” in another relationship where you don’t feel loved, valued or protected.
  16. Mend a friendship fence in need of repair.
  17. Give more love and accept less drama.
  18. Use your time as if you thought the end was near.
  19. Make a serious commitment to go out of your way to help someone…often.
  20. Invest your money.
  21. Learn to apologize, when feelings are hurt, whether you were right or wrong.
  22. Discover the language of kindness. It has great reward.
  23. Replace fear with courage, ambivalence with love, ignorance with common sense, and strains of sadness with laughter.
  24. Trust your instincts. Don’t second-guess yourself.  If it doesn’t feel right…don’t do it.
  25. Ask for what you want and expect to get it.
  26. Don’t compare yourself with others.
  27. Make your body a top priority.
  28. Eliminate, fix and strengthen all that isn’t comfortable in your life.

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