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What To Do

When You See Him

And Want Him…

by Lisa Laird

August 20, 2018

I once saw a guy in the supermarket, who took my breath away because he was absolutely gorgeous.  I was in real estate and I quickly came up with a way to introduce myself.  I walked up to him, handed him my business card and told him that he looked like the type of guy who could use a mansion, and I had some for sale.  He laughed and we began a conversation that lasted over an hour in the cereal aisle.

He called two days later, and we began an affair that was short-lived, but fun.  He was a player, but the few trips I took on his “merry-go-round” were memorable.  To this day, I’m glad I took the initiative and experienced the encounter, because he could have been my future husband.

In these times, many things have changed.  Old ways have slowly evolved into new and contemporary ones.  But one tradition still remains semi-unscratched by the social evolution.  Most women are still resigned to allow the guy to “notice” them or make the first move.  However, I’m not one of them.

When the average woman sees a guy who appeals to her first, she is most likely to become numb with fear of rejection.  Instead of reaching deep for a charming wit, (which every woman has the capacity for), she usually becomes flustered, shy and bewildered.  The risk of being rejected, for many, is too high a price to pay in the pursuit of potential happiness.

The great philosopher Socrates once said, “…no man can resist the mind of a determined woman if she sets her heart to it.”  When a woman sees a guy who could possibly interest her, she should set her mind to making it happen between them, if possible.  I know for a fact that creative thinking can be the key to romantic success

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