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13 Ways To
Improve Your
Life Instantly!

by Jane Chancellor

  • Redo Your Bed. Throw out all of your bed sheets that are 350 Count and below.  Buy 400 ct. and above and enjoy a new sleep experience..
  • Break Your Routine. You must visit another town or city, at least overnight or sometime before this year is out.  Don’t wait for the right time or the right amount of money.  Just go.  You cannot grow as a person without fresh and new scenery.  Get out and discover something you’ve never seen or done before.
  • Get Naked. Take off all of your clothes and look at yourself closely in the mirror. (Don’t pass out).  If you don’t like what you see, begin immediately eating half of your regular intake of food and walk or run everywhere you go.
  • Cleanse Your Credit – (this means making arrangements to pay your outstanding debts and not making any new debts until all old debts are resolved). Don’t confuse this with paying John’s brother-in-law $400 to “clean up your credit.”
  • Save Smarter. Use the Internet to discover the difference between a stock, bond, or mutual fund.  Make a commitment to invest at least $50.00 a month, and watch your money grow.  Strive to save at least $200 a month in a savings account for backup money.
  • Smile More. If you need to, get your teeth fixed…do it! Your teeth can either make or break you in the beauty department.
  • Think Healthy. Get a new attitude in the kitchen. Remember, you really are what you eat.  Toss out the white bread and the pork bacon.  Resolve to eat healthier and stick to it.  Your body will feel better in the long run.
  • Revamp!. If you need a hairstyle/haircut change and you know it, splurge on a stylist who understands and practices the uses of shape, form, texture, and color to create a new hair design just for you.
  • Discover New Meet-Up Places? If you’re a woman, change the places you now frequent and go where the guys are!  Get tickets to the NBA and NFL games.  Get a book on golf (this is important so that you will have a general idea of the game and know the terminology), then schedule one day of play at any course in town.  Don’t wait for your girlfriend.  Get some courage.  Go alone if you have to.  Check out the dates for the special automotive shows in your city.  Arrange your schedule to attend at least two days of the event.  If you’re a guy, go where the girls are.
  • Health Clubs
  • Premiere fashion shows
  • Weddings
  • Sunday Brunches
  • Tennis Courts.
  • Try Food Planning: Don’t go to the supermarket hungry.  Eat a sandwich first.  Then go shopping, and take time to look for all the fat-free foods that taste good.

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