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presentsThe 2019 Singles Status Report

What Singles Are Saying,

Thinking And Doing…

by Vern Anderson & Isaac Salem

This annual survey is conducted to learn more about the current attitudes and lifestyles of single men and women across the country.  Over 1300 singles responded to this independent study.

41% of the women over 35 had never married.  18% had married and divorced twice.  7% had been married at least three times.  47% had one or more children out of wedlock, and had not married.  31% had lived with a mate without being married.  43% of the women were not receiving child support from the father of their children.  23% of the single mothers reported that their children’s fathers were actively involved in the rearing of the child.  37% had been engaged at least once, but had never married.  53% had been reared in a single parent home.  39% of the women preferred not to date men with children.  45% of the men didn’t care if a woman had children.  61% of the women had never felt cherished in a relationship.  56% of the women did not enjoy living alone.  82% of the women go to the movies alone often.  59% of the women were not currently involved romantically.  11% still dated ex-husbands or ex-wives.  19% had vacationed alone.  47% of the group felt that sporting events and supermarkets were the best places to meet other singles.  31% of both men and women felt the term single connotes a status of not being in a relationship.  32% of the men were involved in a relationship.  14% of the women admitted to being currently involved in a triangle relationship.  43% of the women would not date a man who made less money.  29% were abstaining from sex for various reasons. (Religion, absence of a mate, fear of STD’S. 7% of the men admitted to having experimented with bi-sexuality.  44% of the men preferred living with a woman before marriage.  4% of the divorced men still loved their ex-wives.  27% of the women claimed to be in unsatisfying relationships.  4% of the men claimed the same.  39% of the men had dated interracially.  12% of the men were currently involved in interracial relationships.

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