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5 Big Mistakes

Job Seekers Make

by Bill Dueease

Most people spend approximately 25% to 67% of their waking hours working.  Eventually, almost everyone will want to work in a career that they enjoy doing and are paid well enough to live a prosperous life.  Yet, far too many people end up being miserable in their jobs and find themselves stuck in a career that they didn’t choose and don’t like.  Falling into an unhappy work rut does not have to happen and can be corrected.  By avoiding the following mistakes, you will make your next career move the one you’ve always wanted.

  1. Many people follow the same trial-and-error path to work. You take a job that appears to be the best opportunity and try it out.  You adjust to what your bosses and the company wants in hopes of advancement.  You eventually discover that you are stuck in a job or career that you really don’t like.  If you are lucky, you might find another job and try it out and eventually end up in the same unhappy position.  Unhappy people rarely do well at their job or position and lose income, favor, or both. Unfortunately, many people then get down on themselves and think they are not that good.  When in truth, only their selection process is flawed and they will eventually excel at the position that is right for them.

  2. Most people are passionate about doing certain things but have suppressed their feelings because of a number of reasons. Your passions are still with you and you probably don’t recognize or understand them.  As time goes by, you feel that what you are doing conflicts with you and you cannot develop a genuine passion for your work, no matter how hard you or others try.  You will know you are passionate about doing something when you become naturally excited even about the thought of doing it and more excited about doing it.  You want to be passionate about what you do in your career.

  3. Most people do not take the time to discover what their desires and priorities are in life. They seem to just go with the flow and hope that they are heading in the right direction.  People tend to suppress their desires for the sake of others.  Yet, the one big reason people feel so frustrated while working is because it conflicts with their true desires and priorities.  An example of a desire is: wanting to work outdoors with people.  An example of a priority is: placing your family first.  Developing your ideal career around your desires and priorities will relieve you of much of the stress you feel today.

  4. Far too many people determine it is necessary to incur pain and suffering to earn a living. Yet, the most productive and enjoyable work positions are ones that come naturally and are easier to do because they fit your talent and skill levels.  You will enjoy working, be much more productive, and generate more quality results when you maximize the use of your talents at work.  Your increased productivity and higher-quality results will attract greater rewards for you.  Matching your natural talents to your income position will create greater enjoyment and attract increased rewards at the same time.

  5. Unfortunately, many people who know what their ideal income position really is-choose not to pursue it. Either they feel guilty pursuing it, or they feel that it is unattainable, or more frequently they do not know how to get it.  You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to be happy in your work.  You want to find or create a position that will allow you to fulfill your passions, desires, values, and talents.  Believe it or not, the more you know about yourself, the easier it will be to create or find your ideal position. You will also be very surprised about how easy it is to actually get the position you love.  Bosses prefer people who are enthusiastic about a job because they love it, and customers are easily attracted to professionals or business owners who love their work.  Now you can create the position to suit you, instead of taking a position and adjusting to it.

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