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Who Are You Really?

Take A Look

by Jan Pitts

Today many of us are failing to experience meaningful relationships with friends, love interests, and family, for various reasons.  Some are easier to comprehend than others. Studies show that our opinion of ourselves determines our success rate as a person, and how we relate to others.  We can never find out too much about ourselves as we walk the road to self-improvement.

Take this short quiz to help you analyze areas in your life that may or may not need revamping.  Be honest with yourself.  Here are a few things to think about. 

First, write down 5 things you like about yourself. Then write down 5 things you don’t like.  This should include physical and characteristic traits. Write down what you feel you can change and how you can change it.   What are your weak points?:  What are your strengths? 

  • Do you walk in truth? – Or do you…
  • Lie easily
  • Lie sometimes
  • Speak your true thoughts
  • Never lie


  • Are self-conscious about some things.
  • Are self-conscious about a lot of things.
  • See yourself as special.
  • See yourself as average.            

Your fashion style is:

  • Snazzy
  • Conservative/snazzy
  • Average
  • Creative and imaginative

Overall you:        

  • Are responsible and viewed as responsible by others.
  • Have a tendency to shirk responsibility
  • Lack ambition
  • Are basically non-productive outside of work

You usually:

  • Get others “straight” when offended.
  • Criticize the actions of others.
  • Comment on the lives of others.
  • Mind your own business.


  • Are highly principled
  • Have some principles, but are flexible concerning them.
  • Have a few principles, but rarely adhere to them.
  • Have no principles as such. You just wing your way through your life and go with the flow.


  • Know what it is like to be loved.
  • Know what it is like to love.
  • Have never had your love returned by the opposite sex.
  • Have never been in love.        


  • Have no friends.
  • Have few friends.
  • Have a good number of friends.


  • Have had an easy life thus far.
  • Have had a hard time of it.
  • Considered yourself blessed, despite your challenges.

You are:

  • Envious
  • Self-absorbed
  • Paranoid
  • Non-caring
  • Inflexible
  • Loving, by nature
  • Selfish
  • Gregarious
  • Compassionate
  • Enthusiastic
  • Moody

You have:

  • Bitterness in your heart because of wrongs suffered by you.
  • An inferiority complex.
  • An outlook on life that is positive.
  • An outlook on life that is basically negative.

 Analysis Of  Your Answers

  • If you were able to write down five things you like about yourself, you are exceptional. Studies show that most of us find it difficult to look at ourselves in an admirable light.  Remember, whatever you dislike about yourself can be adjusted and changed for the better.  As long as you make a commitment to change whatever needs to be changed and follow through.


  • To admit weakness is a giant step to overcoming it. It takes strength of character to recognize a weakness.  Most people can’t. Understanding your strong points is a healthy road to good self-esteem.  Now that you’ve identified your strong points, capitalize on them.


  • If you lie easily you have a great fear of being seen for who you are. People who lie easily usually have low self-esteem, an inferiority complex, and are afraid of being themselves. They are ruled by the perception or opinions of others.


  • If you speak your thoughts, you are rare. Few people really see themselves as special in this world, because this attitude requires high self-esteem.  Studies show that most people see themselves as average, even those who are highly accomplished.


  • How a person dresses and feels in his/her clothes has a lot to do with good self-esteem. Your personality is always reflected in your style.  Having a creative and imaginative style is a good answer because this style reflects variance and versatility, but it is also fun and exciting to be conservative/snazzy because it can reflect unpredictability and uniqueness.


  • Being a responsible person and being viewed as such is the highest mark of maturity.  If you’re only going to work and back home to watch TV, please make this the year you acquire a hobby or activity that will be rewarding to you personally outside of the job.


  • Strong principles are the mark of good self-discipline and an independent spirit.  If you don’t have principles you need to adopt some, because they help you in assisting others on what you consider to be the proper way to treat you, as well as give you standards to govern your actions.


  • Whether or not we’ve had love in our lives has a great deal to do with how we respond to life and all its challenges. Your attitude in general toward others speaks candidly about the love you’ve experienced or the sadness in your life.  In order to receive love, you must be willing to give it anywhere…anyhow…and wherever you see the need.  There are those who have never known love, so they can’t show love.


  • If you are still holding onto the past, you must forget the past and endeavor to make the future shine. Focus hard on making a better life for yourself and you will.  Remember, the world owes you nothing.  Don’t expect anything from anyone but yourself. If you haven’t already, you must release past hurts and pain and relish the gift of life. The beauty of living is that you never know what glorious new things each day may bring.  Whatever happened in the past should be left there to die.  You must believe that you can overcome the past.


  •  One of life’s most beautiful experiences is …peace of mind. There can be no true happiness without it and there is no substitute for it.


  • If you have an inferiority complex, it dictates what you will accept. When you feel inferior, you usually feel undeserving and it shows plainly in your personal relationships and your daily interaction with others.  People with inferiority complexes are often out to prove themselves equal to others, (based on their perception) and seek approval constantly to be validated. 


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