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The First Date:
6 Do’s & Don’ts

by Jovan Tahale

Don’t: When you’re conversing socially, never pretend to know what you do not.  It’s considered smart to admit what you don’t know, and even sexier when you seek to know more about what you don’t know..

Don’t: Listen well.  If he/she says they’re just looking for a friend, they probably mean it.  Never try to force a romantic connection when there are no grounds for it.

Do: Stop worrying about where you can go and meet the man/woman of your dreams.  When it’s your time or turn, it can happen anywhere…at the gas pump…train stop, or in a waiting room.  Just stay in the position to be chosen.  Meanwhile,  don’t waste time in social settings having lengthy conversations with someone who doesn’t fit what you want.  However, it’s important to excuse yourself politely.

Do: Be careful how you discard an undesirable date.  You never know when you may meet again.  A friend went out on a blind date once with a guy, who bluntly told her at the end of the evening that she just wasn’t his type.  Two years later, he sat before her applying for a high-paying job, and when he left, she threw his resume in the trash.  It is very important to always make others feel valuable.

Don’t: Be careful not to let your eyes wander from a person’s face when they’re talking directly to you.  It can be considered a snub and offensive.  It’s also an indicator that you don’t find the person interesting enough to pay attention to.  One way to be really conscious of this is to imagine it happening to you.

Don’t: Never repeat a negative comment about someone if you expect to be held in high regard.  You really are judged by the quality of the words that come out of your mouth.  Keep this in mind no matter where you are and who you’re talking to.

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