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8 Ways To Be

Your Beauty Best

by Gloria Gibson

1. Never leave your mirror to be seen by the world, without being thoroughly well-pleased with its appearance. 

2. If you don’t feel good about your body and the way you look in your clothes, then adopting a new personal discipline in your life is an essential goal.  Self-discipline can be challenging and fun which guarantees good results.  A healthy diet, organized exercise, and body-shaping videos can take your self-esteem to new heights.

3. Good-looking hands that are soft, smooth, and manicured, are an important part of one’s sex appeal. However, some of us must work harder to ensure our softness.  Rough hands can distract you severely from your appeal.  I have shaken hands with too many women whose hands felt like sandpaper.  Table salt and water are great home remedies to soften hands quickly if used regularly.

4. Since your skin is the largest organ of your body, it pays to baby it.  The better you are at it, the better it’ll represent you for years to come.  Shower gels, body oils, pumice stones, skin brushing, moisturizers, and petroleum jelly help you to discover what smooth and silky skin really is.  Always check your body before you go out for ashy skin spots, such as knees, feet, back, and elbows.

5. When you feel good about the way you dress, you can wear anything.  You can be stylish, a fad follower, or an eccentric dresser.  The important thing is that you feel good about your fashion presentation, whatever it is.  However, if you feel self-conscious about what you wear, start buying what you admire from others (style-wise).  If you feel you can’t wear it, then change your body and mind to fit your desires.  Remember, you can look any way you set your mind to be.

6.  Your teeth are the first and foremost representative of your whole physical self.  The condition of your teeth makes a total statement about the rest of you.  They should be white and in good condition.  Tooth discoloration and/or remaining food particles can trash the most expensive outfit or the most handsome face.  Visit a dentist regularly, and be sure to floss.  Flossing is also an important aid to having fresh breath.

7.  If you seldom receive compliments and haven’t turned any heads in a while, (and it’s a fervent desire of your heart) then you need to rework, revise or reinvent your look.  It is never too late, and there’s a lot of fun to be experienced in the process.  Start today by reviewing your hairstyle, your body carriage, your attire, and the condition of your body.  Confidence is sexy, and feeling good about yourself has much to do with your interpretation of how you look.

8.  Wear a scent that you can smell as well.  Don’t be loud…just strive to be fragrant.  Remember…your scent is a vital part of your packaging, your signature, and your presentation.

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