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Story Of The Week

Lady In Waiting

Sound Familiar?

by Lisa Laird

You’re at home staring out the window. It’s 10:00 at night and you haven’t heard a word from your Honey Man.  He was due there at 8:00.  You wonder where on earth could he be?   You keep a steady watch at the window and you take another sip of the wine you poured earlier.  You are drinking wine (your second glass) to soothe your nerves and every time the phone rings, you jump and you’re disappointed when it’s not him.

It’s now 10:30 and you’re spent with exhaustion.  You pace the floor in anger as you imagine him somewhere flirting or having fun with no thought of the time or you. You’ve been here before with him.  You become angrier.  How could he do this to you?  It’s so inconsiderate…you think to yourself.  He could at least call.  He knows you’re waiting for him.  You speculate wildly…maybe he doesn’t love you anymore…maybe he’s found someone new. 

At 11:00 pm, the phone rings and it’s him on the other end. AT LAST!!  Hearing his voice dissolves your anger and you’re suddenly filled with joy and relief.  He explains that he’s been in a car accident and that he’s not hurt, but he’s on his way to you. Though you’ve heard a similar excuse before, you hang up the phone and breathe deeply.  You take a seat and wait contentedly for the doorbell to ring…and you relax…until the next time.

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