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After The Fight…

Make Up Moves

That Worked

February 11, 2019


  • Hank – “I had a guy deliver some balloons and flowers to her job and sing her favorite song to her off key.”
  • Mel – “I tore a hundred dollar bill in half and mailed it to her with a note that read, ‘Call me and get the other half.’  Of course, she called and the ice was broken.”
  • Carl – “I was standing outside when she got off from work, holding a cone of her favorite ice cream.  I didn’t say a word, I just handed it to her and she melted.”
  • Rob – “I sent her roses and signed the card with a silly pet name that she used to call me, that she knew I hated.”
  • Paul – “I had a friend call her and say she had won dinner for one at one of the most fabulous restaurants in the city and that she had to take advantage of it by the next evening.  She was told to give her name when she arrived.  Of course, when she got there, she was shown to my table.  She forgot what she was angry about.”
  • Jake – “I sent her a free ticket to the ballet, from a “secret admirer,” knowing she’d kill for a $90.00 seat.  And when she got there, it was one of the best seats in the house and I was sitting next to it.”


  • Cindy – “I showed up at his job with a bottle of his favorite champagne and two tickets to the baseball game.  I had always refused in the past to attend a game because I didn’t like baseball.  He was thrilled.”
  • Lisa – “I sent him a rubber check for $1,000,000.00 and a note that read, I’m ready to pay to see that beautiful smile of yours.”
  • Carmen – “I mailed him a beautiful miniature car with a note asking if he’d go for a ride with me to get a chocolate shake, which was one of his favorite things to do.”
  • J.J. – “I sent him a hilarious homemade “gift certificate” to one of his favorite stores with a note that read.  “I’d buy you everything in the store, if you’ll be mine again.”
  • Marcie – “I had a balloon made up in a specialty shop that read.  “I’m sorry” four times and tied it to the left side view mirror on his car while it was parked at work.  He was impressed because he knew it was hard for me to say.  “I’m sorry.”
  • Tracey – “I sent him a photograph of us playing on the beach on vacation and a note saying, “I’d rather live in a coal mine, if I had to go without ever having your arms around me again.  He called immediately.”



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