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An Inside Look
At The Single Life…
A Status Report

June 11, 2019

Recent statistics released from The U.S. Census Bureau shows that the divorce rate is still climbing, and the lifestyles of single men and women are changing.  The number of single mothers as heads of households increased by 30% over the last five years.  The number of single fathers raising their children alone has increased to over 2.5 million, and more singles are “jumping the broom” after a courtship of less than three months.

  • More single men still belong to the nation’s health clubs than single women. –More singles are marrying after only two months or less of having a romantic encounter. Out of the 1100 singles polled for this survey, 12% had married someone in the past they had only known for three months or less.  All were divorced from those partners.–14% of all new brides on the West Coast met their husbands at a sporting event. –More “love hookups” are being made at oil change places, bookstores and supermarkets with cafes on premise.
  • 43% of the women admitted to not using condoms during sexual activity with their partners.
  • 32% of the men admitted being currently involved in multiple relationships.
    Pregnancy in single women over 35 in 2017 increased by 8% from the year before.
  • 16% of the men cheated in the past year.
  • 11% of the women were abstaining from sex until marriage for religious reasons.
  • 37% of men and women were involved in interracial dating.
  • 29% of the women had children and had never married. 43% of the men had a child out of wedlock.
  • 15% of the women, who were divorced, went out on a date with their ex-husband at least once last year.
  • 31% admitted to being in more than one triangle relationship in the past 5 years.
  • 12% of women asked a man out last year and had poor results.
  • 47% of the men surveyed preferred living with a woman before marriage.

Source:  The Anderson/Salem Report 2018

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