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The Portrait Of
A “Lazy Lover”

by Jovan Tahale

“Lazy Lovers” are people who settle for lackluster romance and have never really experienced the excitement of real love because they lack the energy or stamina to keep looking until they find it.  What we enjoy helps define who we are.  Common pleasures are essential to any healthy relationship.  When the fun stops, regardless of the commitment, the relationship is usually over, whether there’s an actual severance of ties or not.

Unfortunately, many people continue to hang on for dear life in affairs when the flame has petered out.  And often, for reasons they couldn’t possibly explain in intelligible language.  Good times should be the motivating factor in keeping someone’s company.  However, today many people exist in relationships where the joy has disappeared and the fun has rolled over and died.

As statistics continue to explode in the media regarding the shortage of men, for many women, decisions are silently made across the country to “stay put.”  However, fear of not finding a good replacement should not reign among women.  If one is unhappy, one should seek a greener pasture by seeing one’s self in a better place.

Breaking up with the object of serious affection can be devastating for some and motivating for others.  Life really is too short to deny one’s self the joys of giving and receiving love, just because of a few misfires.  In most cases, practice makes perfect!  Records show that many people literally give up on life and love when they don’t get or keep what they wanted. This is an unfortunate attitude.  The man/woman who keeps searching for “the blessed affair” will eventually find it, if they don’t give up.  I know a guy who’s been married and divorced five times and his philosophy is…”I will keep doing it until I get it right.”  And when he married for the fifth time, he got it right.  He claims it’s the first time he’s ever been in love.

Marriages take place yearly between people who are not really sure that they’re with the right person for them, but they’re tired of looking and waiting for the stomach to quiver, so they opt for what’s available.  An act, which ultimately assists in boosting the divorce statistics.

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