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Who Are You Really?

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Find The Words That Describe You Best…Write down all the ones that fit you and see which adjectives make you a delightful companion.

            Gentle:  Soft-spoken, kind but firm.

            Persuasive:  Convincing others to do what you want them to do.

            Humble:  Not proud or arrogant.

            Original:  Say or do things in unconventional ways.

            Attractive:  Pleasing in the sight of others.

            Sweet:  Warm to all you come in contact with.

            Charming:  Possessing an enchanting spirit

            Open-minded:  Receptive to ideas different from your own.

            Obliging:  Willing to accommodate.

            Cheerful:  A happy spirit.

            Jovial:  Funny or playful.

            Even-tempered:  Not easily angered.

            Outgoing:  Carefree.

            Harmonious:  An agreeable spirit.

            Adaptable:  Adjust well to change.

            Contented:  Generally satisfied.

            Positive:  Possessing a bright outlook.

            Good Mixer:  Enjoy the company of others.

            Polite:  Behaves correctly.

            Companionable: Makes others feel comfortable.

            Outspoken:  Speaks openly and boldly.

            High spirited:  Strong expression of feelings and energy.

            Confident:  Liking and trusting yourself.

            Tolerant:  Accept the opinions and actions of others.

            Assertive:  Confidently forceful.

            Generous:  Not selfish.

            Animated:  Lively and dramatic

            Admirable:  Worthy of respect.

            Respectful:  Regard for others.

            Optimistic:  Looks always on the favorable side.

            Self-reliant:  Does not depend on others.

            Inspiring:  Your words leave a lasting impression.

            Adventurous:  Open to trying new things and ideas.

            Receptive:  Not close-minded.

            Cordial:  Warm and sincere.

            Decisive:  Unafraid to make decisions.

            Polished:  Displaying good manners and poise.

            Lighthearted:  Not taking things so seriously.

            Daring:   Courage to do what is not easy to do.

            Diplomatic:  Deals well with people.  Usually taking the high road

            Satisfied:  Pleased with your life.

            Extroverted:  Outgoing, vivacious.

            Amiable:  Friendly.

            Convincing:  Believable.

            Good-natured:  Easygoing spirit, laughs easily.

            Willing:  Glad to help others.

            Eager:  Excited and anxious to get involved.

Answers To Quiz: You Are Splendid Company If ...

If you wrote down these words…








  • If you checked off 18-22 of the above words, you are great to be with.
  • If you checked off 23-27 words, you are exciting to be with.
  • If you checked off 30 words, you should never be alone, unless it’s by choice.
  • If you checked off 1-17 words, you are not as much fun as you could be, but you have potential to be better.
  • If you checked off 10 or less, you are little or no fun at all.

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