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Beauty And The Bra

How Well Do

You Wear Yours?

by Gloria Gibson

I was at a cousin’s wedding shower several years ago (before I became a fashion consultant) when one of my least favorite relatives pointed out to me in a lowered voice that I desperately needed to adjust my bra straps because “my breasts were hanging too low.”  She also mentioned in an even lower voice that my “un-adjusted look” was very unbecoming.  That night when I got home, I readjusted my bra straps and it seemed as if the front of my body took on a whole new look as my bra was lifted to its correct position.

As I stood in the mirror admiring my new look, my resentment for my aunt’s bluntness slowly dissipated, as I thought about how much I didn’t know about wearing a bra.

The following weekend I ventured into the lingerie section in one of our major department stores and discovered that I was also wearing the wrong bra size.  I was a 36C and I was wearing a 34C.  Since that time, I have noticed that there are larger numbers of women who are wearing ill-fitting bras, who don’t seem to have a clue like I did.

One summer evening, not long ago when I got stuck sitting in an airport because of a flight delay, I decided to pass the time by counting the number of women who passed me by wearing bras that appeared to be in dire need of adjusting.  Out of the 227 women I counted, 122 needed bra adjustments.  I also took a poll among my social circle and discovered that only two out of the fifteen women I talked to had ever been fitted professionally for a bra.

Here are some facts every woman should know about bras…

  • Seven out of 10 women are in the wrong bra size because they have never been fitted professionally for a bra.
  • A bra should make you feel beautiful as well as enhance your wardrobe.
  • A properly fitted bra should contain, support, lift and shape your bust as well as be comfortable all day long.
  • You should be professionally fitted for a bra at least once a year.  This can be done at any major department store.
  • Just like a pair of shoes, you should always try on a bra before purchasing it.
  • Always wash bras and panties before wearing them the first time.
Questions Women Should Ask Themselves When Purchasing A Bra
  • Is your bra uncomfortable?
  • Do the straps fall off your shoulders?
  • Do the underwires poke you?
  • Does the back of your bra ride up?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are probably in the wrong size bra or the wrong garment for your figure type.

You Should Change Your Bra Size When You:

  • Gain or lose 5-7 pounds.
  • Start or stop an exercise program.
  • Become pregnant or have just given birth.

How To Care For Your Bra:

  • A bra should be washed after each time it is worn to remove body oils that can break down the fabric.
  • When time permits, hand wash undergarments with a mild detergent.  Proper care for a bra will lengthen its life.
  • Otherwise, invest in a mesh lingerie wash bag.  Fasten the hooks and fold the bra in half, nestling the cups and placing the straps inside the cups.  Place the bra inside the wash bag and place in washing machine with mild detergent.
  • Always line dry bras.  Never place them in the dryer, as the extreme heat will deteriorate the fabric and the wires.
  • Never use bleach or fabric softener when washing bras as they can break down the fabric.

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