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Single Scenarios

Those Bizarre Encounters

by Cheryl Lakes

Whenever we meet someone, who appears to have potential, we are generally excited about all the many possibilities.  We acquire a new pep in our step and a lilt in our spirits because we’re hoping that against all odds, this one is the one.  Unfortunately, sometimes we get carried away with our feelings and emotions before we have good reason to do so, and end up immersed on a journey with someone who turns out to be the opposite of what we thought.  For example…

Lynn was on a first date with a guy who she felt had some serious potential.  All evening she was ecstatic about her good luck.  From the outside, he had it all.  He was striking, well-dressed, polished, and generous.  He had brought her roses and had taken her to an expensive restaurant.  However, when they left the restaurant, the police were outside waiting to arrest him for robbery and murder.

Tony was involved with a woman who he thought was a pharmacist and he found out later, that she was a drug dealer when they were shot at one night while driving down a busy street.  He escaped unharmed but is still shaken from the incident.

Kelly was on a first date when he invited her to a party at a friend’s home.  Upon entering the home, she discovered there was no party.  After she was lured into the basement, he and four of his friends raped her.  She escaped when someone yelled fire from upstairs and everybody ran.  She never reported the incident to the police, because she was too embarrassed. 

Joi was seriously injured by a man she had stopped seeing after dating him for only a month.  According to her friends, she began to fear him and stopped answering his calls because of his weird behavior.  He would stand out in front of her job and stare at her angrily when she came out of the building, without saying a word.  One day, he ran her down in front of her co-workers, as she was crossing the street to get into another man’s car. She survived and he went to jail.

Kara: “I once dated a guy (when I was younger and dumber) who asked for sex on the first date, and we were still staring into each other’s eyes over drinks.  I refused and rationalized that he just found me sexy.  But I went out with him again, because he was triple fine, and my brain cells weren’t working.  On the second date, he drove to the park and tried to rape me when I refused his rough advances.  However, I was saved when a police car just happened by, heard my screams, and rescued me.”

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