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The Dating Chronicles
Beyond Words

Joe wasn’t good with words or women.  When he did speak, he usually said yes, when he should have said no.  In his world, women held the power and it was common for him to do whatever was required to gain favor for the moment.  For every woman he had ever known, he was there when no one was there and he cared when no one else cared.  He knew that his time only came with them when there was no one else around to compete for their affection.

Then he met Julie. They worked in the same office, and he watched her as she treated all who vied for her affection with genuine kindness and gratitude. Though she was the prettiest girl in the building, she always seemed in awe of the attention she received.

With each passing day,  Joe fell deeper and deeper in love, but he said nothing.  For him, it was the first time he wanted nothing from a woman, but her love. Whenever he saw her, his stomach churned and his heart fluttered wildly, but his words were held prisoner by the pain of his past. In frustration, he made the decision to scrap his desire, but his eyes continued to portray vividly what was etched on his heart. Meanwhile, Julie became intrigued by the expression in Joe’s eyes and the mystery of his silence.

She began thinking about him and the looks he gave her when he thought she wasn’t looking.  Out of all the men in the office, he was the most attractive and the least aware of it. He spoke only when she spoke to him, but she could feel him watching her as she exchanged office chatter with her co-workers.

One day, she bumped into him in the cafeteria and when she looked up into his eyes she saw the love, and she knew instantly that it was for her and only her.  She grabbed his hand and while staring into his eyes, spoke in a whisper, “You like me don’t you, but you’re too shy to say.  Don’t be afraid.  I won’t bite.  I’m shy too.”  Tears sprang to Joe’s eyes as he began to sputter and blurt.  It was the first time she’d seen him smile. The words that had always escaped him, suddenly stood at attention in his head, waiting for instruction.

The kind face before him urged him to speak and he did…and he spoke the words he had never spoken to a woman, and Julie fell in love at that moment.  They began dating and a year later they were married in the same cafeteria to the cheers of their co-workers.

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