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17 Savvy Steps To Splendid Living! by Bonita Bennett

  1. For real power in your life, put God in charge, and stop shouting and directing from the sidelines.

2. Never be afraid to ask for what you want.  But remember, there’s a way to ask.  Be fearless, but ask with polite boldness and sincerity.

3. Know that the world can become your oyster if you become comfortable enough with yourself to be yourself.  Those who are transparent are revered and sought after.

4. Make the word NO a part of your vocabulary when you feel strongly about using it. Don’t lie and say you’re broke when you don’t want to loan money.  If you don’t like to loan money, say it.  If you don’t want to go, say it.  Don’t be a people pleaser. There’s no respect in it.  You’ll also feel better when you start putting your comfort first.

5. Examine your heart…for it is the corridor to your mind, and the conductor of your actions.  What’s in there?  An old childhood wound, scars from a broken heart, someone you haven’t forgiven, ugly thoughts against someone you envy, paranoid hallucinations about who doesn’t like you, ulterior motives, (things you do and say for the wrong reasons.)  Clean it out like you do your closet.  Remember yesterday is gone.  Bury it and move on.

6. Learn how to accept a compliment.  Most of us spend a lot of time getting gorgeous and then actually feel self-conscious when someone takes notice and speaks it.  Just say thank you.  Don’t be shocked that someone approves of you.  Also, learn how to give compliments.  Everyone enjoys being endorsed.

7. Never ever compare yourself to another human being.  Discover your uniqueness, and stop looking around you at others.  You’ve got to make up your mind that you are either a Ford or a Ferrari…and it’s a personal decision that no one can decide but you.

8. Stop faking it as of today.  Don’t say another thing to impress, deceive, or cover-up.  Be rare.  Few people have real integrity.  With this new posture, you’ll become a giant overnight, and in a class by yourself.

9. Seek peace in your life.  Don’t live, stay or exist with anyone for the sake of the company (which you don’t have anyway) money, or the warm body syndrome.  Remember, if it doesn’t feel good to you, it’s not good for you.

10. Watch who you share what with.  Choose your friends more carefully, and watch what you tell.  Give your most intimate thoughts to someone who’s worthy.  No one throws diamonds to the dogs.

11. Don’t tell yourself another lie regarding any relationship.  Get in the mirror and face the truth in your life.  If she really loved you, she’d treat you like it.  If you keep getting the short end of the stick, it’s not due to bad luck.  It’s due to your reach.

12. Stop the madness.  Stop doing whatever you’re doing that is causing pain, frustration, and confusion in your life.  Don’t wait for him/her to leave, or for the feeling to be gone.  Don’t accept the worst…when you want the best.  Don’t like somebody just because they like you.  If your grown child no longer respects you or your home, change the locks.  If you’re miserable on the job, get busy looking for another one.  Life is too short and is meant to be enjoyed.

13. Never again be intimidated by perception.  No one is superior to you, but God.  There are those who may know more, seen more, and done more.  But that does not make them better than you.  It only makes them more experienced.

14. Don’t try to fit in.  If it ain’t your crowd.  Go to another playground more of your style. Go where you’re comfortable, and the atmosphere is to your liking.

15. Be a bright light in a dark world.  Make your presence known.  If you are a believer, be a good representative of what you believe.  The world is always surprised to see people who are really who they say they are.

16. Watch your expectations of others.  Learn to accept people for who they are.  Expectations should be managed.  Look for nothing and be surprised when you get it.

17. Forget protocol.  Do what it takes to seek peace in your life as long as it doesn’t cause pain, injury, or God’s wrath.

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