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6 Ponder Points To Live By…

by Bonita Bennett

6 Ponder Points To Live By

Never Burn A Bridge:  You never know who you may need, or whose pardon you may have to beg.  I’ve learned to close the door gently on those relationships that needed it, but to never slam it. The person you cursed out this morning in traffic may be the nurse you meet up with in the emergency room.

Heed That Voice From Within:  Each of us has an inner voice that guides us into truth. Some call it their “first mind, while others call it intuition. I call it God. I learned through serious trial and error to pay more attention to that voice, while I strive to not let ego, fear or desire keep me from heeding its wisdom. If it doesn’t feel right, I don’t go near it. This includes people, places, and potential thrills.

Seize The Moment!  I have a tendency to procrastinate and I’ve learned the hard way that tomorrow’s choices aren’t promised. Therefore, I try to pile as much duty and fun as I can in 24 hours and pray that I get the chance to finish what I didn’t.

Leave The Past Behind.  Whatever happens today that I consider less than memorable, I let it go at midnight.  I greet each day as a new beginning with anticipation of new joy and peace.

Consider The Futility Of Worry.  I greet each day with anticipation for good and with gratitude, regardless of its challenges.  I believe firmly that I’m covered by God’s protection and I relax comfortably in that thought.  I realize that there’s no profit or peace if I allow worry in.

Accept Others As They Are.  I have a friend who is so stingy, that it boggles my mind.   However, when I focus on the good she brings into my life, it outshines her bad and I’m able to value her good and her presence in my world.  So it is with others. You can change no one but yourself. You either move on or fit them in.



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