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When Friends Become Lovers

The Tale Of Two Couples

by Jan Pitts

Tom & Barbara

Tom and Barbara had been close friends since high school, and Barbara had always had a secret crush on him.  However, she disguised her feelings as platonic and they went all the way thru college as best buddies.  He would tell her about other girls, and she would pretend to listen, but deep down she kept her real feelings a secret.

When Tom got ready to marry, he confided all pre-jitters to her and she listened, though her heart ached with envy. When his marriage began to crumble two years later, he again leaned on her shoulder for support, but this time she couldn’t hide her feelings any longer.  She decided to confess to him about how her feelings had grown over the years into love, and how she felt maybe his marriage had dissolved because they were destined to be together.  She confessed to him that deep down in her heart, she believed she was his real soulmate.

Tom was shocked at first by her confession and his face registered his confusion.  She had been his confidante and his best friend for so many years that her words made no sense to him.  As he stared at her, he knew his love for her was platonic and held no attraction with it.  No words came forth as he sat stunned on the couch next to her.  He turned his eyes away from Barbara, as her eyelids drooped in regret. 

She had done what she had said she would never do…and now their friendship hung in the balance.  She pulled on her coat to leave.  She was embarrassed.   She had not gotten the response she hoped for.  He nodded a weak goodbye, as sorrow and loss engulfed his mind simultaneously.  He knew they could no longer be friends with the exposure of her true feelings and the knowledge that he couldn’t return her love. They never spoke again.

Gina & Tony

Gina and Tony’s friendship came about after they met on the tennis court one summer.  They both loved tennis and became fast friends. During the four years they were friends, both of them introduced each other to friends with potential, where some clicked and some didn’t.  One of Gina’s friends, Angela, really liked Tony, and they dated on and off for a while.  But Angela would often complain to Gina about how aloof Tony was.  However, as Angela and Tony continued to date, and Angela continued to complain, Gina decided to gauge Tony’s real interest by asking him about Angela. 

They were coming home from a party, and Tony was a little intoxicated.  He stopped the car and looked Gina dead in the eye, as he confessed to her that he was only dating Angela because she reminded him of her and that she was really who he wanted.  He went on to explain that he hadn’t always felt that way, but that he had grown to love her as he got to know her.  As Gina sat and listened quietly, he told her how he loved her eyes, her hair…and the way she talked to people.  The more he spoke, the closer he moved toward her in the car. 

He stared straight into her eyes, as she stared back.  Suddenly, out of the blue, Gina began to feel an attraction to him that she had never felt before.  Before she knew it, he kissed her, and she found herself responding to the kiss.  An intense passion rose between them, and they began to embrace each other feverishly.  When they finally pulled apart from each other, they both felt embarrassed.  Tony restarted the car and they rode home in silence.

That night, Gina couldn’t sleep, and neither could Tony.  At 4:00 a.m., Gina called Tony and told him that after much thought, she had come to realize that she loved him too.  Two months later, they secretly eloped to Mexico and shocked everyone upon their return with the news that they had gotten married.

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