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Can You Make Him

Love You Again?

by Karen Miller

Today, with advertised statistics and stiff competition, male confusion is at an all time high.  Few men know what they want and most run Olympic-style, when help is offered to assist them in the decision process.  There seems to be far more cases where men are abandoning relationships where the women are still enthralled.  When this happens, some let go and move on with their lives.  Others become creative in reeling him back in.  Here are some success stories:

DONNA:  “When my boyfriend of two years stopped calling and became suddenly unavailable, I stopped calling trying to understand what was wrong.  Two months went by and I didn’t hear from him.  But when I heard that a gossipy mutual friend was having a party, I went hoping he would be there and took a male cousin (who is very handsome as my date.  He didn’t show up.  But as I suspected he heard about it and called the next day apologizing and asked if we could talk over dinner.  We’ve been back together ever since.”

MARIE:  “When I learned my guy was seeing another woman from a reliable source, I didn’t confront him with tears and whys.  I called him and told him I was no longer happy with the relationship, and that I wanted to start seeing other people.  I never mentioned the other woman, or his fading interest which had been apparent lately.  I was cordial and very controlled.  When I told him, I hoped my decision wouldn’t affect our “friendship” he became hostile and slammed the phone down.  An hour later, he called back, apologized and asked if we could meet that evening to talk.  When we met, his major concern was if I were already seeing someone else.  But I was evasive.  The evening ended with him doing something I had always wanted him to do.  He proposed.  But I held him off a week, before I told him yes…but with conditions.  Later I heard from my reliable source that he had abruptly stopped seeing the other woman.”

CARLA: “When my honey man informed me after a year that he needed a break from “a serious relationship,” and that he just wanted to feel free, I got busy.  I let him go, though my heart was broken.  I knew he had gotten bored in the relationship and that I had to make some changes.  I started dieting and working out six days a week and lost forty pounds.  After four months, I just happened to be in the lobby of his office building at the time I knew he’d be leaving work.  When he saw me, he was all over me like I was a shiny new car.  He just couldn’t get over the new me.  I smiled, thanked him and scurried away, as if I had another agenda. He called that same night and asked me out.  I put him off for two weeks, and when we finally met up, he claimed he missed me, he’d been thinking about me and he wanted us to be together.”

IRIS:  “When thieves broke into my home and stole my TV and stereo, the only person I wanted to comfort me was my ex-boyfriend, who was a policeman and the man I still loved.  We had been engaged the year before. But he had broken the engagement after two months by saying he wasn’t ready to get married.  I knew he would come and be guided by his compassion and his official capacity.  He rushed over to be of assistance.  And though in my most upset state, I still managed to look beautiful, helpless, and muster up some wine and dinner.  Two months later, we were back together, and were married four months later.  He often says, he married me because I needed someone to take care of me.”

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