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13 Dating Rules
For “The Road”

Read Before Your Next Date

by Jan Pitts

After a lengthy debate about dating with a friend whose brain excels in books, and vanishes at the sight of a handsome male when it comes to dating, I decided to compile a list of common sense “rules” for men and women. It is designed to take some of the anguish out of dating, and make a favorable, indelible mark in the minds of all they encounter.

  1. You must know what you want! Never trade your preference for an expensive meal or sought-after ticket.
  2. Don’t adapt to his/her game plan. Have your own, with your own set of rules.
  3. Look closely with piercing scrutiny for the qualities you want. Don’t be blinded by looks, words, or things.
  4. Search for his/her capacity to be your friend. This trait is important because ultimately the best relationship is with your friend.
  5. Don’t accept handouts for attention or affection.  Learn to negotiate for your needs and wants.  Don’t be too quick to accept whatever is offered for a little companionship
  6. .Don’t react to everything that is not to your liking unless it crosses your line of principles.
  7. Observe his/her friends carefully. Like minds usually band together
  8. Don’t invent a life or fake your credentials. You are who you are…one of a kind.  Be proud of it.
  9. Don’t go against what’s comfortable for you, to do something you don’t want to do. Never stretch yourself to impress or gain approval.  It usually produces the reverse effect.
  10. If he/she is a wolf, and you want a dove, don’t try to make them a dove.  Leave him/her be and hold out for what you want.
  11. If your dad doesn’t like him, tear up the number.  Men can usually see through other men.  If your mother doesn’t like her…run.  Women can always see through other women.
  12. If your dog doesn’t like your date…be on the lookout for character flaws
  13. Be sure to listen well and pay close attention.  Don’t spend time selling yourself.  The person will either like you or they won’t.

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