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The Dating Chronicles

The Showdown

Heather had made up her mind that the only way to solve this problem was to confront it.  She had been seeing Gordon for eight months now and he had still not severed his relationship with Jill.  He claimed they had been high school sweethearts, and that he felt compelled by their friendship and “family connections to take his time in ending the relationship”

Heather had known about Jill from the beginning, but had chosen to meet the challenge.  She was convinced that no woman could compete with her for the affections of a man and she had set out to prove it.  She had done everything in her power to sway his attention from Jill, but she had failed.  She felt that with Jill out of the way, Gordon would be free to marry her.

She was satisfied that he was seeing Jill out of some sentimental obligation, but she was tired of sharing.  She was driven to stay in the relationship because she believed Gordon loved her and only her.  She knew that when he returned from his family reunion in Alabama, he would be angry when he found out, but he would thank her later for relieving his burden.

Confidently, she rehearsed her speech again before dialing the number.  Her hands shook as she waited to inform Jill of her existence and Gordon’s true feelings.  She held the phone tightly as Jill answered and she poured forth the speech she had been rehearsing for weeks.  She identified herself and spoke candidly of Gordon’s kindness and sensitivity as it related to Jill and his feeling of obligation.  She asked that she step aside and release Gordon from this web of deceit.  Finally, after not leaving room for interruption, she paused in finality with a quivering voice,.   “Are you still there?”  “Yes!” Jill answered… “and so is Gordon.  Hold on please.”  Heather hung up in shock when she heard Gordon’s voice on the other end.

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