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The Dating Chronicles

The Showdown

Boyd was nervous.  He didn’t want to be there.  But he knew he couldn’t run any longer.  He had been planning for quite some time to tell his longtime girlfriend Sue about Sandi, but he hadn’t found the courage.  He had fallen in love with another woman and he was tired of ducking and dodging.

But this night was the night.  He had rehearsed over and over again what he would say.  He had put a new handkerchief in his pocket for the tears he knew Sue would shed.  He had chosen this restaurant because it was dark and private.  He didn’t want to chance bumping into someone who might have seen him with Sandi.

When he looked up, Sue was striding toward him with her trademark hair flowing as she walked.  When she was almost to the table, a tall official-looking guy sitting at the bar reached out and stopped her.  Boyd had seen him before.  He was some big shot with the Police Department.  He watched, as she blushed and laughed softly as the man held her hand as if coaxing her to sit with him.

By the time she reached his table, Boyd was perspiring and sullen.

 “Who was that?” he asked, trying not to sound bothered. 

“I don’t know, just a guy who wanted to know my stats,” Sue said with a laugh.  “Aren’t you glad someone else wants me?” she teased.  “What’s up and so important that you wanted to talk to me about?  You sounded disturbed on the phone?”

Suddenly, he felt flustered and confused. “Nothing, I just wanted to see you and I knew if I said it was important, you wouldn’t use work as an excuse tonight.”  He took a deep breath and stared into her face. He began to stammer uncomfortably as his thoughts ran wild. Minutes later, he pulled out the two-carat engagement ring he planned to give Sandi that very night and gave it to Sue instead. He used the same speech he’d planned for Sandi.

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