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10 Steps To Social Greatness

by Lisa Laird

Don’t Know It All. When you’re out conversing socially, never pretend to know what you do not. It’s considered smart to admit what you don’t know, and even sexy when you seek to know more about what you don’t know.

Use Your Wit: Make it a practice to say what you need to say, but use your creativity. Doing so will put you among the elite in conversation.

Pay Attention. If he/she says she’s just looking for a friend, he/she isn’t being subtle.  They’re probably not interested in making a romantic connection with you.

Halt The Hunt! Stop trying to figure out where you can go and meet the man/woman of your dreams. When it’s your time or turn, it can happen anywhere…at the gas pump…train stop, or in a waiting room.  Just stay in the lookout position.  In other words, don’t go looking for love, when it’s your turn, love will find you. 

Watch What You Say. Be careful how you discard an undesirable date. You never know when you may meet again. A friend went on a blind date with a guy, who bluntly told her at the end of the evening that she wasn’t his type because he didn’t like “plump” women.  Two years later, he sat down in a restaurant where she was waiting tables, and she spilled hot soup in his lap “accidentally.”  He jumped up screaming.

Men: Never assume a woman is too liberated to appreciate chivalry in a man.  A guy with great manners indicates he’s a classy guy who knows how to treat a woman.  Example:  Most women with any semblance of savoir-faire expect for a man to get out of his car to let her in and out.  The problem is that too many women are just so happy that the guy showed up, that he isn’t required to do much else.

Focus. Be careful not to let your eyes wander from a person’s face when they are speaking directly to you. It can be considered offensive and indicate that you don’t find the person interesting enough to pay attention to.  One way to be really conscious of this is to imagine it happening to you.

Restrain Yourself. Never repeat a negative rumor about someone if you expect to be considered a class act. You really are judged by the quality of the words that come out of your mouth.  Keep this in mind no matter where you are or who you’re talking to. 

Be Considerate. I don’t care if he’s driving a Bentley, never order lobster on the first date unless you’re invited to order whatever you want.

Be Open. If you rarely receive compliments and haven’t turned any heads in a while, (and you desire to) you may need to re-work, revise, or reinvent your look. It is never too late to redo yourself, and there’s a lot of fun to be experienced in the process.  Do a mirror inspection, and make a checklist of what you need to change or modify to get the attention you want and deserve.



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