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Dating Data: Opinions At Large
The Women: “Never Date A Man Who …”
  • “Doesn’t smile at children.”
  • “Is recently separated from his wife.”
  • “Tells you in the beginning that you’re really not his type.”
  • “Mentions the pimple you were hoping he didn’t notice.”
  • “Always wants you to meet him someplace. Beware of the man who doesn’t like to extend himself.”
  • “Is always watching television. With him, if it can’t be done in front of the television, it’s not worth doing.”
  • “Argues over the check more than once. He’ll never spend a dime on you.”
The Men…: “Never Date A Woman Who …”
  • “Smiles and stares at other men. If she has a need to smile at other men, she is not satisfied with you.”
  • “Asks how much a gift cost.”
  • “Has only married girlfriends. She’ll spend every waking hour trying to figure out ways to get you to propose.”
  • “Melts when complimented by other men. No one man can satisfy her need for attention.”
  • “Appears bored in active circumstances.”
  • “Lives for thrills and excitement, while you’re content with meatloaf and football.”
  • “Offers you a TV dinner on the first visit.”
  • “Who doesn’t think you’re funny and you do.”
  • “Tells the secrets of others. You will not be the exception.”
The Men: When A Man Says” I’ll Call You” After The First Date…He Means …
  • “in the next few weeks…Maybe.”
  • “I’ll call, but I don’t know when.”
  • “I’m not excited, but I’m interested enough to leave the door open.”
  • “It could mean the next day or never.”
The Women: “When A Man Says” I’ll Call You” After The First Date…He Means …
  • “He likes me and he’ll call within the week.”
  • “He’s interested and he’ll call within 2 or 3 days.”
  • “He wasn’t knocked off his feet, but he may call when he has nothing else better to do.”
  • “He’s not making any promises because he’s not sure if he’s interested.”
The Men: When A Man Says … “Let’s Just Be Friends” … He Means …
  • “We can be intimate, but with no strings attached.”
  • “I may not be romantically inclined. But I could enjoy her company.”
  • “We can be together as long as it’s clear that we do not have a relationship or a commitment.”
  • “I’m trying to discourage her romantic interest in me because I can’t reciprocate.”
The Women: When A Man Says … “Let’s Just Be Friends” … He Means …
  • “He wants a companion who can be a friend as well.”
  • “He’s not even remotely interested.”
  • “He doesn’t like you, but doesn’t want to alienate you either.
  • “The attraction wasn’t mutual.”

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