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Point Of View

Dating The Hard

To Please Woman

by Ethan Kyles

For the last three months, I have been dating a woman, who I must admit, chose me on a day when I felt like being chosen.  I had just broken up with a longtime girlfriend and was ready for a new encounter.   I was sitting in a club nursing a drink, when this beautiful woman with long flowing hair, came over and asked me to dance.  After the dance, she went back to her seat without a word. 

By this time, I was impressed and intrigued, because it would have been in keeping with what I was used to if she had sat down next to me without an invitation.  Therefore, with my curiosity aroused, I went in hot pursuit and ended up taking her home.  Two nights later, we met for dinner and she paid the tab.  She invited me, so again I was impressed.  Three nights later, she invited me over for a seven-course meal and we had a great evening.

The following week, I invited her out to dinner at a local Italian restaurant and picked up the tab.  Shortly thereafter, I took her to a Beyonce concert and ended the evening with an expensive meal.  The dates became more frequent.  Three or four times a week, with money being spent pretty fairly on both of our parts.  I was becoming somewhat delighted at finding a woman who seemed to be into bringing her wealth to the table in an effort to pull her social weight.

Then the worst happened.  She had a birthday and I sent her a dozen roses.  She stopped accepting my calls and texted me a message calling me a “cheapskate.”  After finally getting her on the phone, she said she thought I would have at least bought her a more expensive gift like a piece of jewelry or a pair of expensive shoes.

She hung up when I told her that I thought it was a little too soon for such gifts and that I found her attitude to be a little demanding for someone I’d just met.  Just as I was about to become connected to this “unique” woman, she kicked over the bucket of my blossoming feelings with some off the wall demand.  After a small poll among my buddies, I realize that some women are fast becoming more and more difficult with the demands they put on a guy to behave in accordance with their ridiculous standards.

I say that “the men” who women claim don’t have it together are perhaps challenged because of their lack of encounters with women who do.

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